10th April 2024 Know the Answer to the Crossword Puzzle Guardian Quick from here

the Crossword Puzzle Guardian Quick

With this content below, we will be able to understand more about the Guardian Quick Crossword Puzzle for today.

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Gibberish (6,5)


Gibberish hints at something nonsensical or confusing, often involving language. When we rearrange the letters, we find DOUBLE DUTCH, which refers to a form of language that is difficult to understand, fitting the clue perfectly.

Ensnare (4)

Answer: TRAP

Ensnare suggests the act of trapping or capturing something. With just four letters, TRAP neatly fits the bill, succinctly capturing the essence of ensnaring or trapping something or someone.

Sticky substance – prison time (8)


Sticky substance suggests a type of adhesive, while prison time hints at confinement. When rearranging the letters, we get BIRDLIME, which is a sticky substance used to catch birds, and it also metaphorically relates to the concept of confinement.

Frost up (3,4)


Frost up suggests the formation of frost on a surface. When rearranging the letters, we find ICEOVER, which perfectly encapsulates the idea of a surface becoming covered in ice due to freezing temperatures.

Secret store (5)

Answer: STASH

Secret store implies a hidden place where items are kept away from public view. The answer, STASH, aligns with this notion, as it denotes a hidden supply or cache of items, often kept secret from others.

Farewell (5)

Answer: ADIEU

Farewell is a common expression used when bidding someone goodbye. In the context of a crossword, it hints at a French term that means goodbye or farewell, which is ADIEU.

Surgeon’s pincers (7)


Surgeons often use a tool called forceps during surgical procedures to grasp and hold objects. In this clue, Surgeon’s pincers is a figurative description for forceps, which accurately fits the given letter count.

From the start (2,6)


From the start implies the beginning or the initial point of something. In crossword terms, it suggests a Latin phrase meaning from the beginning, which is AB INITIO, fitting the given structure.

Pay attention to (4)

Answer: HEED

Pay attention to is a directive to focus or heed something. In four letters, the word HEED succinctly captures this idea, serving as the answer to this crossword clue.

Strong desire to eat – unhitches me (anag.) (3,8)


Strong desire to eat – unhitches me, when rearranged, forms the munchies, a colloquial term often associated with an intense craving for food, especially after consuming marijuana. This playful anagram captures the essence of experiencing insatiable hunger or appetite stimulation.

Eructate (4)

Answer: BURP

When one feels the need to expel gas from the stomach through the mouth in a rather audible manner, it’s commonly referred to as a burp. This word succinctly encapsulates the action of such a bodily function, offering a direct and fitting solution to the crossword clue.

Cetacean insulation (7)


Cetaceans are marine mammals such as whales, known for their thick layer of fat beneath the skin which helps in insulation. This layer of fat is called blubber, hence the answer is BLUBBER.

Worship (5)

Answer: ADORE

Worship is an act of reverence and adoration towards a deity or divine being. Synonymous with worship, ADORE is the appropriate answer for this crossword clue.

Sporty (8)


Describing someone as sporty implies that they are athletic and inclined towards physical activity and sports. Hence, the answer ATHLETIC fits this clue.

Payment system (6,5)


DIRECT DEBIT is a type of payment system where funds are automatically withdrawn from the payer’s bank account to pay bills or make recurring payments, making it the correct answer.

Us (4,7)


Us suggests a reference to humanity, which leads us to think of the species Homo sapiens. The answer HOMOSAPIENS is derived by combining Homo (meaning human) with sapiens (which means wise or discerning), fitting the length of 4 and 7 letters specified in the clue.

Ornamental shrub (8)


Ornamental shrub directs our attention to a plant known for its beauty. The rearranged letters reveal OLEANDER, a flowering shrub appreciated for its attractive blooms, though it’s important to note that all parts of this plant are toxic if ingested.

Kind of leather (7)


Kind of leather hints at a specific type of material derived from animal hides. Upon rearranging the letters, we find MOROCCO, which refers to a type of leather traditionally produced in Morocco known for its softness and quality.

Corpulent – kind of ale (5)

Answer: STOUT

Corpulent – kind of ale combines descriptors for a large size and a type of beer. The rearranged letters form STOUT, a term that aptly describes a heavy or robust beer, often dark in color and rich in flavor.

Greet enthusiastically (4)

Answer: HAIL

Greet enthusiastically suggests a cheerful and hearty welcome. By rearranging the letters, we uncover HAIL, a word often used to express enthusiastic greetings or salutations, particularly in a formal or respectful manner.

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