10th April 24 Crossword Puzzle Scottish Daily Mail General Knowledge Clue Solution

Crossword Puzzle Scottish Daily Mail General Knowledge Clue

We are back again, to guide you to solve the crossword puzzle named Scottish Daily Mail General Knowledge with this article.

We all know how stressful lives get at times, and in those times we all wish to get some free time in between the chaos. So, with this article, we have got you a game to play called crossword puzzle. Crossword puzzles are those games where you play with words and learn new facts with the game. Here in this game, you will be given many clues for which answers need to be found. So, if you are ready then we will start playing the game.

____ at the bit, expression meaning ‘restlessly impatient to start things’ (8)


This expression refers to the action of a horse biting or champing at the bit, which is a metal mouthpiece attached to the bridle, indicating eagerness or impatience to begin moving. The word “champing” fits the description, as it means to chew or bite noisily and eagerly. Thus, the answer is: CHAMPING.

Chris, footballer who partnered Glenn Hoddle in 1987 song Diamond Lights (6)

Answer: WADDLE

The clue references a footballer named Chris who collaborated with Glenn Hoddle on the song “Diamond Lights” in 1987. The name of the footballer fitting this description is “Waddle,” as Chris Waddle, a former English footballer, partnered with Glenn Hoddle in the release of the song

A young hare in its first year (7)


This clue describes a term for a young hare within its initial year of life. Such a term is “leveret,” which specifically refers to a young hare, especially in its first year. Hence, the answer is: LEVERET.

City in which the only Dutch Pope, Adrian VI, was born (7)


The clue directs to the birthplace of the only Dutch Pope, Adrian VI. This Pope was born in “Utrecht,” which is a city in the Netherlands. Therefore, the answer is: UTRECHT.

If ____ be the food of love, ‘play on’, first line in the play Twelfth Night (5)

Answer: MUSIC

This clue refers to the opening line of William Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night. The missing word is “MUSIC,” as the full line is “If music be the food of love, play on.” This quote suggests that music can inspire or fuel love, and the speaker urges for more of it.

To bring back something that is inactive, disused or forgotten (9)


The word that fits this description is “RESURRECT.” To resurrect something means to revive or bring it back to life or use after it has been inactive or forgotten.

A byproduct from radioactive reactors and fuel processing plants (7,5)


The answer here is “NUCLEAR WASTE.” Nuclear waste refers to the radioactive byproducts generated from nuclear reactors and fuel processing plants. It is hazardous and requires careful handling and disposal due to its potential environmental and health risks.

Those who sell or are skilled in the use of beauty products (12)


The term for people who sell or are skilled in the use of beauty products is “COSMETICIANS.” Cosmeticians are professionals who specialize in cosmetics and beauty treatments, offering advice and services related to skincare, makeup, and personal grooming.

A timepiece traditionally used in athletics races (9)


The timepiece traditionally used in athletics races is a “STOPWATCH.” A stopwatch is a handheld timekeeping device used to measure elapsed time with precision, commonly employed in sports events to record athletes’ performance and determine race results.

Robert, physicist born in 1635 who discovered the law of elasticity (5)

Answer: HOOKE

Robert Hooke, an English physicist, was indeed born in 1635. He formulated Hooke’s law, which describes the relationship between the force applied to a spring and its resulting extension. This law is fundamental in the study of elasticity.

Month in which Columbus Day is celebrated in the U.S. (7)


Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October in the United States. It commemorates Christopher Columbus’s landing in the Americas on October 12, 1492.

Italian city in Umbria noted for its white wine (7)


Orvieto is indeed a city in the Umbria region of Italy. It’s renowned for its production of Orvieto Classico, a well-known white wine with a long history of winemaking dating back to the Etruscans

Sea ducks whose feathers are used as filling for pillows and quilts (6)

Answer: EIDERS

Eiders are a species of sea duck known for their soft and insulating down feathers. These feathers are highly prized and frequently used in bedding products like pillows and quilts due to their exceptional warmth and lightness

____ Malick, U.S. filmmaker noted for his 1999 war film The Thin Red Line (8)


he filmmaker in question is Terrence Malick. He is acclaimed for his distinctive cinematic style and has directed several highly regarded films, including “The Thin Red Line”, which explores philosophical themes amidst the backdrop of World War II.

Word meaning a pillar as a monument and a vertical division of text (6)

Answer: COLUMN

The term “column” indeed serves both purposes. It can denote a structural element often found in architecture, standing as a monument or support. Additionally, in writing or publishing contexts, a column refers to a vertical arrangement of content, such as in newspapers or magazines.

To give guidance (6)

Answer: ADVISE

The word “advise” fits the description. It means to provide recommendations or counsel to someone, guiding them in making decisions or taking actions.

____ payment, sum of money given to a sports club relegated from a league (9)


The term used here is “parachute payment”. In the context of sports leagues, particularly in football (soccer), parachute payments are funds allocated to clubs that have been relegated from a higher division to a lower one. These payments help mitigate the financial impact of relegation by providing a financial cushion to support the club’s operations in the lower league.

____ Museum, scientific institution featuring the gallery Hintze Hall (7,7)


The “____ Museum” refers to the Natural History Museum, a renowned scientific institution located in London, England. Hintze Hall is one of its main galleries, showcasing various exhibits related to natural history, including impressive dinosaur skeletons and other biological specimens

A frame or stand for drying clothes (5)

Answer: AIRER

An “airer” is indeed a frame or stand specifically designed for drying clothes. It provides a place for garments to be hung, allowing air to circulate around them and facilitate drying.

____ potatoes, those mashed then piped in shapes and baked until light brown (8)


“Duchesse potatoes” fit the description provided. They are a classic French dish made by mixing mashed potatoes with egg yolks, butter, and seasonings, then piping them into various shapes before baking until golden brown

Behaving as if having special privileges (8)


The word “entitled” accurately captures this behavior. When someone behaves in this manner, they often act as if they inherently deserve or have a right to certain privileges or benefits, regardless of whether they have earned them.

From ____, 1963 James Bond film featuring villain Rosa Klebb (6,4,4)


“From Russia with Love” is the title of the 1963 James Bond film in question. It is the second installment in the James Bond film series and features the character Rosa Klebb, a member of the criminal organization SPECTRE, as one of its antagonists.

Another name for a kestrel (9)


“Windhover” is indeed another name for a kestrel. Kestrels are often observed hovering in the wind while hunting for prey, hence the name “windhover”.

A rare crystalline mineral also known as cryolite that was an early source of aluminium (8)


“Icestones”, also known as cryolite, is a mineral primarily composed of sodium, aluminum, and fluoride. It was historically mined as a source of aluminum, particularly before the development of more efficient extraction methods.

Various or sundry (8)


“Assorted” accurately describes a collection of various or sundry items. It implies a variety or mixture of different types or kinds.

The Other ____ Girl, 2001 historical novel by Philippa Gregory (6)

Answer: BOLEYN

The Other Boleyn Girl” is indeed a historical novel by Philippa Gregory. It tells the story of Mary Boleyn, sister of Anne Boleyn, who catches the eye of King Henry VIII of England.

To remove from office suddenly and forcefully (6)

Answer: DEPOSE

“Depose” accurately captures this action. It means to overthrow or forcibly remove someone, especially from a position of power or authority, often without their consent.

Max, German sociologist and historian born in 1864 (5)

Answer: WEBER

Max Weber was indeed a German sociologist and historian, born in 1864. He is well-known for his contributions to sociology, particularly his work on bureaucracy, rationalization, and the Protestant work ethic, which have had a profound impact on sociological theory and research.

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