7 Little Words Crossword Clues and Answers for April 11, 2024

7 Little Words Crossword Clues

Discover April 11, 2024’s 7 Little Words crossword clues and answers, solve puzzles with clever hints. Fun for all ages. Enjoy wordplay and boost your vocabulary skills today.

Welcome to the world of puzzles! Ready to solve the 7 Little Words Crossword Puzzle today? Here are the ideas to solve the puzzle.

“7 Little Words” is a fun puzzle game for everyone. It has letters in a grid. Each puzzle has seven clues and letter tiles. You use these tiles to make words for the clues. The game is special because the clues are easy and sometimes tricky. It makes you think and have fun. You need to know words and how to solve problems. Then, you can finish the puzzle by finding the right words. “7 Little Words” has different levels, so everyone can enjoy it. It’s a cool game for people who like puzzles.

Here are the answers and explanations to today’s 7 Little Words Crossword:

Getting a baby to sleep say

Answer:  ROCKING


Rocking is a gentle back-and-forth movement that helps calm babies and put them to sleep. It’s like creating a cozy feeling similar to being in the womb, which helps the baby feel safe and relaxed enough to drift off into slumber.

Belonging to me

Answer:  MINE


The word “belonging to me” indicates possession, which can be expressed with the word “MINE.” In this context, “mine” refers to something that is owned or possessed by the speaker.

Ran after

Answer: CHASED


“Ran after” means to chase someone or something. “Chased” is just the past tense of “chase,” which means to run after something or someone in order to catch them or reach them. So, “chased” simply means running after something or someone to catch them.




The answer “endowment” fits the clue “bequest” because an endowment is a sum of money or property given as a gift or inheritance, typically to provide income for an organization or institution. So, in simpler terms, a bequest is like giving something valuable to support a cause or organization, which is exactly what an endowment does.

Tend the fields



The word “cultivate” fits because it means to tend or care for fields, which matches the clue “tend the fields.” Cultivating involves activities like planting, watering, and nurturing crops to help them grow. So, “cultivate” is the right answer because it captures the idea of caring for and nurturing fields.




The word “fragrant” is the answer because it means having a pleasant, sweet smell. So, when something is described as “sweet-smelling,” it’s synonymous with being fragrant.

De Bergerac of Rostand play

Answer: CYRANO


The answer is “Cyrano.” The clue refers to the main character of the play “Cyrano de Bergerac” by Edmond Rostand. Cyrano is known for his large nose, wit, and skill with words, particularly in poetry and dueling.

7 Little Words BONUS 1 Puzzle for April 11, 2024

The answers for Little Words Daily Bonus 1 puzzles are below:

Roadside advertisements



Roadside advertisements are often large signs placed along highways or roads to promote products, services, or events. These signs are commonly referred to as billboards.

Rainbow-colored treat



The rainbow-colored treat is “sherbet.” Sherbet is a frozen dessert made with fruit juice or puree, sugar, and sometimes milk or cream. It often comes in a variety of bright colors, giving it a rainbow-like appearance.

Pet welfare group

Answer: ASPCA


The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) is a well-known pet welfare group in the United States. They work to prevent animal cruelty, rescue animals in need, provide veterinary care, and promote humane education.

Comes to



The answer “AWAKENS” means to wake up or become aware of something. The clue “comes to” suggests the idea of waking up or realizing something, which fits with the answer.

Frighteningly aggressive



The word “menacing” fits the clue “frighteningly aggressive” because it describes something that is threatening or intimidating in a way that inspires fear or unease.

Have an argument



The simple explanation for “DISAGREE” is that the answer does not align with the statement or proposition presented. In this case, the argument would involve conflicting views or opinions. The clue provided suggests that there is a difference in perspective or interpretation between the parties involved.

It recedes as you go bald



The answer is “hairline” because it refers to the line where your hair starts on your forehead. As you go bald, this line moves back, or “recedes.”

7 Little Words BONUS 2 Puzzle for April 11, 2024

The answers for Little Words Daily Bonus 2 puzzles are below

Causing harm


Explanation: The word “deleterious” means causing harm or damage. So, the simple explanation for the answer is that it describes something harmful. In this case, the clue “Causing harm” is pointing to something that has a negative effect or is damaging in some way, which fits the definition of “deleterious”.

Astronaut’s outfit



A spacesuit is an outfit worn by astronauts in space. It’s designed to protect them from the extreme conditions of space, including vacuum, radiation, and temperature fluctuations. The clue hints at an outfit worn in space, directing you to the word “spacesuit” as the answer

Has a nosh



The word “nosh” is a casual term for a light meal or snack, often enjoyed between regular meals. “NIBBLES” is the answer because it means small bites or snacks, which fits the idea of having a “nosh.” So, “NIBBLES” is what you might have when you’re having a casual snack or meal.

Rideshare service

Answer: UBER


UBER is a popular rideshare service where users can request rides through a mobile app. It provides convenient transportation options by connecting passengers with drivers using their vehicles.

More on the soft side



This word describes something softer or more sentimental than usual. It’s like saying “more soft” or “more sentimental.” So, when the clue says “More on the soft side,” it’s hinting at something even softer than expected, leading to the answer “MUSHIER.”




The answer is a synonym for “genteel,” which means refined, elegant, or exhibiting good manners. The clue suggests a word that describes a woman who embodies these qualities, which is “ladylike.”

Suggested slightly

Answer: HINTED


“Suggested slightly” means giving a small clue or idea without directly saying it. So, “HINTED” is the answer because when you hint at something, you’re subtly suggesting it without outright saying it.

7 Little Words BONUS 3 Puzzle for April 11, 2024

The answers for Little Words Daily Bonus 3 puzzles are below

Kind of tiger

Answer: BENGAL


The answer is “BENGAL.” Bengal is a type of tiger that comes from the Bengal region in India and Bangladesh. These tigers are easily recognizable by their orange fur with black stripes. They’re one of the most well-known and beautiful types of tigers in the world!




Resolute means being determined and firm in your decisions or actions. So, “purposeful” fits as an answer because it also means having a clear purpose or goal and acting decisively towards it. Think of it like this: when you’re resolute, you’re like a person with a strong purpose, someone who knows what they want and sticks to it no matter what.

Long-armed primate

Answer: GIBBON


A long-armed primate that swings through trees and makes loud calls. What is it? Gibbon! Gibbons are like monkeys with long arms, perfect for swinging from branch to branch in the forest. Their loud calls help them communicate with each other.

Gradually changes

Answer: MORPHS


The word “morphs” means gradually changes, which fits the clue provided. “Morphs” is a verb that describes the process of something transforming or evolving over time. In the context of the clue, it suggests a gradual alteration or transition from one state to another.

Capital of Nepal



The capital of Nepal is Kathmandu. It’s a bustling city located in the Kathmandu Valley, surrounded by the Himalayas. The city is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning architecture, including ancient temples and palaces.

Controlling power



The answer “DOMINATION” fits because it means having control or authority over others. The clue “Controlling power” hints at the idea of someone or something exerting influence and dominance over others.

Walking in another’s shoes



Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. The clue “Walking in another’s shoes” suggests putting oneself in someone else’s position to understand their perspective and emotions, which is what empathy entails

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