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The post highlights the Alejandra ICO Chub Fotos and finds out whether the crime pictures are available online.

Have you heard of the latest brutal murder case of Alejandra? The murder occurred a few years ago, but it has come into LimeLight again because of social media. The news has spread like a storm Worldwide, and people are more interested to know the details of the incident back then.

The post discusses Alejandra ICO Chub Fotos and lets the readers know what happened with the woman named Ms Pacman.

Disclaimer- the news provided here does not intend to hurt the feelings and sentiments of people associated with the information. The report is solely for informational purposes.

Photos of Ms Pacman online

After a discussion on the Internet about the horrific incident committed in 2018, several pictures of the woman are spread on the Internet with her face cut in half. The images available are incredibly horrible, and we cannot provide those pictures in our post due to the sensitivity it carries along.

The murder took place in a village in San Miguel, Guatemala which caught the attention of people residing near their house.

Historia de Alejandra ICO Chub

The horrific incident raised a series of questions about why Alejandra was killed brutally by her own husband. The photos and videos are being circulted on TwitteR because she was killed only as a means of misunderstanding that was created in her husband’s mind.

The young woman died in pain and agony, and her life could not be saved due to fewer resources. Her husband split her face in half with a machete, and he ran away, but after 4 days, he was caught by the villagers and handed over to the police officers.

Video de Alejandra ICO Agonizando

The video of Miss Pacman is circulated on the Internet, and it is said that her husband confessed to the crime and justified the murder by blaming her as she said that she was going to watch television at her sister’s house. Still, he found her getting out of a truck which made him angry and doubted her.

He thought she was having an affair with another man, and due to that anger, he killed her out of jealousy. The man is sentenced to 50 years of imprisonment after the horrific incident.

Availability of pictures and videos on the Internet

The Alejandra ICO Chub Fotos and videos are available on the Internet, and it was also uploaded on Twitter and the credit platform. Still, those videos and photos are removed as they violate the terms and conditions of using the social media platform.

Currently, we do not have any links showcasing the video, but other websites promise to provide the complete link and uncensored images of Alejandra.

Social media links




Alejandra lost her life due to a misunderstanding that her husband had, and no one knew the complete truth. Unfortunately, people will not see the truth behind her leaving the truck. People eager to find her photos can visit various websites where they came to provide the pictures, but we advise them to use their discretion



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Alejandra ICO Chub Fotos-FAQs

Q1. What is Alejandra’s husband’s name?

Mario Tut Ical.

Q2. Was her husband drunk when he committed the crime?


Q3. Did Mario confess the crime in front of the officials?


Q4. Are the photos and videos of the murder available on the social media platform?

No, we have not come across any such information.

Q5. Why did Alejandra lose her life?

Due to her husband’s jealousy.

Q6. Are her face split pictures available on the Internet?

The pictures are not available publicly.

Q7. Did the couple have any kids?

We have no details about their family.

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