All Otago Daily Times Quick Answers Revealed for April 9, 2024

All Otago Daily Times Quick Answers

Get better at puzzle solving by cracking the clues provided below, if you need any help, scroll down for answers and explanations.

Hey everyone, Do you want to find out how clever you are? Try solving today’s Otago Daily Times Quick crossword puzzle. We will give you clues, and you have to figure out the answers, which might be tricky. If you get stuck, you can find the answers here. Also, we have included explanations to help you.

Writer (6)

Answer: EDITOR

An “editor” is a fitting answer for this clue. While traditionally associated with editing and revising written content, an editor is indeed a type of writer, as they often contribute to the creation of written material by refining, organizing, and polishing the work of authors or contributors.

Move slowly (6)

Answer: PUTOFF

“Put off” can be interpreted as a phrase describing the action of delaying or postponing something. When someone “puts off” a task or activity, they move slowly or procrastinate, often causing a delay in progress.

Berate (7)


“Upbraid” is a suitable answer for this clue. To upbraid someone means to scold or criticize them severely, typically in a harsh or reproachful manner. It implies a strong and often angry rebuke directed towards the person being berated.

Bitter or pungent (5)

Answer: ACRID

“Acrid” is an appropriate answer for this clue. It describes a sharp, bitter, or pungent smell or taste, often associated with burning or chemical substances. When something is described as acrid, it typically evokes a strong and unpleasant sensation on the senses.

Not any (4)

Answer: NARY

“Nary” is a word that means “not any” or “none.” It is often used in expressions like “nary a soul” to indicate the absence of something or someone.

Trap (5)

Answer: SHILL

“Shill” is a term that can refer to a person who pretends to be a genuine customer to entice others into participating in a scam or scheme. In this context, a “trap” could metaphorically refer to the deceptive nature of a shill’s actions, luring unsuspecting individuals into a situation where they may be exploited.

Reluctant (5)

Answer: SORRY

“Sorry” can sometimes be used to describe someone who is reluctant or hesitant about something. While “sorry” typically denotes regret or apology, it can also imply a sense of unwillingness or reservation in certain contexts.

Circle of light (4)

Answer: AURA

An “aura” is often described as a circle or field of light that surrounds a person or object. In various spiritual or metaphysical beliefs, an aura is thought to represent the energy or essence of an individual, often depicted as a luminous halo or glow.

Happen (5)

Answer: SHAKE

“Shake” can be interpreted as a verb meaning to occur or happen. When something shakes, it experiences a sudden and rapid movement or vibration, which can metaphorically represent an event or occurrence taking place.

Bullfighter (7)


A “matador” is a fitting answer for this clue. A matador is a bullfighter who typically performs the final, fatal sword thrust in a bullfighting event. Matadors are skilled performers who engage in the traditional Spanish spectacle of bullfighting.

Irritable (6)

Answer: BITCHY

“Bitchy” is an informal term that can describe someone who is irritable or prone to moodiness or snappiness. While it carries a negative connotation, it is often used colloquially to describe someone who is easily irritated or behaves in a spiteful or catty manner.

Pillar (6)

Answer: GUIDER

“Guider” is a term that can refer to a pillar or column in certain contexts. While less common than other terms for pillars, such as “column” or “post,” “guider” can still denote a structural support or upright element, especially in architectural or symbolic contexts.

Failing to reach a target (7,5)


“Falling short” is a phrase that perfectly describes the situation of not reaching a target or goal. When someone or something falls short, it means they have not met the expected standard or have failed to achieve the desired outcome.

Staying power (7)


“Stamina” refers to the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort over time. It represents endurance, resilience, and the capacity to persist in demanding tasks or activities without getting exhausted or giving up easily.

Dependable (5)

Answer: CLEAR

“Clear” can be interpreted as a synonym for dependable in certain contexts. When something is clear, it is easily understood, reliable, or free from ambiguity. Therefore, “clear” can describe someone or something that can be depended upon or relied upon with confidence.

Grisly (7)


“Ghastly” is an apt answer for this clue. It describes something that is extremely unpleasant, horrifying, or gruesome in nature. When an event or scene is described as ghastly, it evokes feelings of horror, shock, or revulsion due to its grisly or macabre characteristics.

Decorate (5)

Answer: PRINK

“Prink” is a suitable answer for this clue. To prink means to dress or adorn oneself in a smart or elaborate manner, often with attention to small details. It can also refer to the act of decorating or embellishing something, such as a room or object, with decorative elements.

Attempting (12)


“Guaranteeing” is an appropriate answer for this clue. While the word typically conveys the idea of providing assurance or certainty, in the context of attempting, it implies a strong commitment or assurance to accomplish something, albeit with no absolute certainty of success.

Previously (2,3,4)


“In the past” is a straightforward phrase that refers to events or occurrences that took place before the present moment. It denotes a period of time that has already elapsed or happened before the current time frame.

Quarters (7)


“Bullpen” is a term that can refer to quarters in various contexts. In baseball, a bullpen is the area where relief pitchers warm up before entering a game. In a broader sense, quarters can also refer to living accommodations or designated areas for specific groups of people, such as military personnel or workers.

Tough guy (4,3)

Answer: IRON MAN

“Iron man” is a fitting answer for this clue. It refers to a tough or resilient individual, often characterized by physical strength, endurance, or determination. The term “iron” implies toughness and durability, while “man” denotes a male person, resulting in a phrase that describes someone who is tough or unyielding

Severe (5)

Answer: HEFTY

“Hefty” is an appropriate answer for this clue. When something is described as hefty, it means it is large, substantial, or significant in size, weight, or amount. In the context of describing a person’s demeanor or behavior, “hefty” can imply severity or seriousness.

Wooden seat (5)

Answer: STOOL

A “stool” is a type of wooden seat that typically consists of a single, solid piece of wood or several pieces assembled together. Stools are often simple in design and used for seating at tables, bars, or counters, providing a convenient and versatile seating option.

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