Answers for Otago Daily Times Quick Revealed April 6, 2024

Otago Daily Times Quick Revealed

Find the answers to this puzzle which provide a satisfying mental challenge. Check the solution below to see if you have cracked it.

Today’s crossword clues are ready for you. Some of them might be easy, while others could be a bit tricky to solve. The answers could be single words, so think carefully about words related to the clues. Don’t worry if it is challenging, we have provided all the answers here to help you solve the puzzle quickly.

Grassy field (6)


A meadow is a grassy field, often found in rural or countryside areas. It typically contains a variety of grasses and wildflowers and is often used for grazing animals or recreational activities.

Lasso (6)


To “rope in” means to lasso or capture with a rope. It’s often used metaphorically to describe bringing someone or something into a situation or group.

University grounds (6)


A campus refers to the grounds and buildings of a university or college. It includes academic buildings, dormitories, recreational facilities, and other structures associated with the institution.

Not level (6)


“Choppy” describes a surface, such as water or terrain, that is rough and uneven, not level or smooth. It can also be used metaphorically to describe something that is irregular or not consistent.

Tramp (4)


In this context, “tramp” likely refers to a messy or untidy person. The word “mess” can be used to describe someone who is unkempt or disheveled.

Transforming (8)


“Mutating” refers to the process of undergoing a mutation or change. In this context, it suggests a transformation or change in form or nature.

Fleet (6)


Fleet” can refer to a group of ships or vehicles, but in this context, it likely means quick or nimble, which is a characteristic of something “snappy.”

Most recent (6)


“Newest” simply means the most recent or latest in a series of things. It indicates something that has been introduced or occurred most recently.

Conventional (8)


“Bondable” could suggest something that is able to form a bond, either literally (like a material) or figuratively (like a person who is able to form strong relationships). It’s an unusual choice for describing something conventional, so it may be a bit of a stretch or have a specific context in the puzzle or language it comes from.

Become joined (4)


“Knit” can mean to become joined together, especially in the context of fabrics or materials. When yarn is knitted, it forms a cohesive fabric.

Amusing, unexpected turn of events (6)


A “twist” in a story or situation is an unexpected or surprising development that adds interest or excitement. It can also be amusing if the twist is humorous.

Confesses (4,2)


To “own up” means to confess or admit to something, especially something that one might be reluctant to admit.

Hurry (6)


“Fire up” can mean to hurry or move quickly, often with a sense of urgency or excitement.

Saturated (6)


“Dipped” could refer to something being saturated or immersed in a liquid. When an object is dipped into a liquid, it becomes saturated with that liquid.

Beguile (7)


To “delight” someone is to beguile or charm them, often by providing enjoyment or pleasure. It can also mean to captivate or enchant someone with something enjoyable.

Certificate (7)


A receipt is a written acknowledgment that something has been received, often used as a certificate of purchase or payment.

Barren area (9)


A wasteland is a barren or uncultivated area of land, often devoid of vegetation and considered unsuitable for agriculture or habitation.

Declare invalid (5)


To annul something is to declare it invalid or void, often used in the context of legal or formal declarations.

Bill (7)


A leaflet is a small printed sheet containing information or advertising, often used as a bill or advertisement.

This evening (7)


Tonight refers to the evening of the current day, indicating the time between sunset and bedtime on that day.

Objectionable (9)


Something that is offensive is objectionable or unpleasant, often causing displeasure or discomfort.

Get rid of (7)


This is a bit of a tricky one. “Protest” usually means to express strong objection, rather than getting rid of something. It could be interpreted as protesting against something in order to remove or eliminate it, but it’s not a direct synonym for “get rid of.”

Shooting stars (7)


Meteors are often referred to as shooting stars. They are small rocks or particles that enter Earth’s atmosphere and burn up, creating a streak of light in the sky.

Aroused (7)


While “aroused” can have a variety of meanings, in this context, it likely refers to becoming warm or heated, possibly in a figurative sense related to excitement or passion.

Fit (7)


This one is a bit abstract. “Fit” can mean to be suitable or appropriate, and “respond” can imply fitting or adapting to a situation or stimulus.

Relating to sheep (5)


Ovine is an adjective relating to sheep. It’s often used in scientific or technical contexts to describe things related to or characteristic of sheep.

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