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The Mirror Quick Crossword

Got stuck with today’s The Mirror Quick Crossword? Ease the process of solving today’s Mirror Quick Crossword puzzle for April 12, 2024, by getting the correct answer here.

Mirror Quick Crossword

People all over the world enjoy solving crossword puzzles because they’re a great way to exercise your brain and have some fun at the same time. The Mirror Quick Crossword is one of the famous crosswords that is played by many people all over the world. You can spend your free time on Crossword puzzles which are available on daily newspapers and online platforms. If you find some clues are hard, then you can tackle this crossword with the help of our guide, as we have provided all the answers for the clues here:

Shade of red (7)


The clue “Shade of red” indicates that we are looking for a color that falls within the red spectrum. “CARMINE” is a specific shade of red, often described as a deep red or crimson color.

Inebriated (6)

Answer: STONED

The clue “Inebriated” suggests that the answer is a term commonly used to describe someone who is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. “STONED” fits this description, as it is often used colloquially to refer to being high on drugs, particularly marijuana.

Type of number (7)

Answer: ORDINA

The clue “Type of number” hints that we are looking for a specific category or classification of numbers. “ORDINAL” is the answer, as it refers to numbers that denote the position or order of something in a sequence, such as first, second, third, etc.

Mast (4)

Answer: POST

The clue “Mast” suggests that we are looking for a term related to sailing or nautical terminology. “POST” fits this description, as it can refer to a vertical pole or support structure on a ship, often used to hoist sails or support rigging.

Grotto (4)

Answer: SIAM

The clue “Grotto” suggests a location, possibly a cave or a natural chamber. “SIAM” is the answer, referring to a country located in Southeast Asia. The connection might be that “Siam” sounds similar to “cave” or “grotto” in pronunciation.

Pass out (5)

Answer: FAINT

The clue “Pass out” indicates a situation where someone loses consciousness or faints. “FAINT” fits this description perfectly as it means to lose consciousness momentarily.

Mythology (4)

Answer: LORE

The clue “Mythology” refers to stories, traditions, or beliefs passed down through generations. “LORE” is the answer, as it encompasses myths, legends, and traditional knowledge, often associated with a particular culture or community.

Listening organs (4)

Answer: EARS

The clue “Listening organs” directs us to body parts that are used for hearing. “EARS” is the answer, as they are the organs primarily responsible for detecting sound waves and transmitting them to the brain for interpretation.

Art form (5)

Answer: MUSIC

The clue “Art form” suggests we’re looking for a type of creative expression or cultural activity. “MUSIC” fits this description as it is an art form that involves organized sounds and rhythms, often produced by instruments or voices.

Be concerned (4)

Answer: MIND

The clue “Be concerned” implies focusing attention or caring about something. “MIND” fits this description as it refers to the cognitive faculties involved in awareness, thought, perception, and understanding.

Ingots (4)

Answer: RODS

The clue “Ingots” indicates we’re searching for objects often used in metalworking or manufacturing. “RODS” fit this description as they can be made from metal and used in various industrial processes.

Reside (7)

Answer: BUNK OUT

The clue “Reside” suggests living or staying in a place. “BUNK OUT” fits this description colloquially, meaning to stay or sleep somewhere temporarily, often in informal or improvised accommodations.

Boarder (6)

Answer: LEASOR

The clue “Boarder” indicates a person who resides in someone else’s property in exchange for payment. “LEASOR” is the answer, referring to someone who leases or rents property to others, including boarders or tenants

Sparkle (7)


The clue “Sparkle” suggests something shining or glittering with light. “SHAKING” could be interpreted as a verb meaning to shimmer or emit light, although it’s worth noting that it’s an unconventional interpretation of the word “sparkle.”

Competent (4)

Answer: GOOD

The clue “Competent” indicates someone or something that is capable, skilled, or proficient. “GOOD” fits this description, as it can mean having the necessary qualities, skills, or abilities to perform a task effectively.

Liken (7)


The clue “Liken” implies comparing or equating something to another. “BALANCE” could fit this description if interpreted as comparing or equating two sides or aspects to achieve a state of equilibrium or fairness.

Took unlawfully (5)

Answer: STOLE

The clue “Took unlawfully” suggests an action involving theft or unlawfully taking something that doesn’t belong to you. “STOLE” fits this description perfectly as it is the past tense of “steal,” meaning to take something without permission or legal right.

Centre (4)

Answer: CRUX

The clue “Centre” implies a focal point or the central aspect of something. “CRUX” fits this description as it can mean the most important or pivotal point of an issue or matter.

Waterproof garments (8)


The clue “Waterproof garments” suggests clothing specifically designed to protect against rain or moisture. “RAINWEAR” fits this description perfectly as it refers to clothing items like raincoats or rain jackets that are made from waterproof materials.

Claws (6)

Answer: HOOKES

The clue “Claws” implies sharp, curved nails or talons typically found on animals. “HOOKES” might be a variation or misspelling of “HOOKS,” which are similar in shape to claws and can be used for grasping or gripping.

Cloudy (8)


The clue “Cloudy” suggests a condition where the sky is covered with clouds, obscuring sunlight. “NOT LIGHT” is a phrase that can describe a lack of illumination, often due to cloud cover, which fits the description of “cloudy.” However, it’s worth noting that “NOT LIGHT” is not a common phrase used to describe cloudy weather; it’s more typical to say “overcast” or “cloudy.”

Policeman (3)

Answer: COP

The clue “Policeman” suggests a law enforcement officer. “COP” is a colloquial term often used to refer to a police officer.

Rower (7)


The clue “Rower” implies someone who operates a boat using oars. “BOATMAN” fits this description as it refers to a person who rows or controls a boat, typically a small one like a rowboat.

Mineral (3)

Answer: ORE

The clue “Mineral” suggests a naturally occurring substance with economic value, often mined for its useful properties. “ORE” is the answer, as it refers to a rock or mineral substance that contains valuable minerals, metals, or elements

Misplacing (6)

Answer: MOVING

The clue “Misplacing” suggests the action of relocating or shifting something from its original position. “MOVING” fits this description as it implies the act of changing the location of objects or belongings, which can sometimes result in misplacement

Cook for an event (5)

Answer: CATER

The clue “Cook for an event” implies providing food and beverage services for a specific occasion or gathering. “CATER” is the answer, as it means to prepare and serve food for events such as parties, weddings, or meetings.

Chew (4)

Answer: GULP

The clue “Chew” suggests the action of masticating food with the teeth. However, “GULP” is a bit of a misdirect. It typically means to swallow food or drink hastily and audibly without chewing it thoroughly. So, while it’s related to consuming food, it doesn’t precisely match the clue.

Chum (4)

Answer: PEER

The clue “Chum” implies a close friend or companion. “PEER” fits this description as it can mean someone who is equal or similar to oneself, often used to refer to friends or associates of similar age or status.

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