April 5th, 2024: Irish Daily Mail Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Solution

Hey crossword lovers are you ready to solve another Irish Daily Mail Cryptic Crossword Puzzle, then we have brought it to you for today’s date.

The Irish Daily Mail Cryptic is based on a Crossword type puzzle game that includes words, clues, and empty boxes in which you solve the puzzle. You can play crossword puzzles when you wake up, or get free time from your daily chores, job, or even during your college break. Crossword games are so accessible that, you can play it any place and any location. The Irish Daily Mail Cryptic Crossword Puzzle is a type of word game in the Irish Daily Mail newspaper. If you like solving clues and getting answers from them, then this is for you.

Support noticed for cutting tool (7)


Support refers to the structural backing of a saw, while noticed hints at the observation or perception of something. Combining these, we get backsaw, which is a type of cutting tool used in woodworking known for its reinforced spine or back.

Protects area beset by awful drugs (6)

Answer: GUARDS

Protects implies safeguarding or defending, and awful drugs suggests harmful substances or narcotics. Putting these together gives us guards, which are individuals or entities tasked with ensuring security or safety, often within an area or perimeter.

Demoralise athlete heading off by empty velodrome (7)


Demoralise signifies undermining confidence or morale, and athlete heading off hints at removing the initial letter from athlete. Considering empty velodrome, we combine these to form unnerve, indicating the act of unsettling or disconcerting, akin to the effect of an abandoned cycling arena.


Recall excellent plan to face a sort of deficiency? (7)


Recall suggests remembering or bringing something to mind, and excellent plan indicates a well-thought-out strategy. When we face a sort of deficiency, we encounter a lack or insufficiency. Altogether, this clue leads to anaemia, a condition characterized by a deficiency in red blood cells or hemoglobin.

Old coin kept in the cupboard (3)

Answer: ECU

Old coin refers to an ancient currency unit, and cupboard suggests a storage space. Combining the two gives us ecu, a former European currency denomination. This short, three-letter word fits the context of an old coin typically stored away in a cupboard or container.

Loss in sale broadcast around end of May, period for trivial news? (5,6)


Loss in sale broadcast around end of May hints at a time when sales are low, which often happens around the end of May. Period for trivial news signifies the time when media outlets often report light-hearted or inconsequential stories. The term silly season refers to this period of slow news, typically occurring during the summer months when more significant events are scarce.

Equipment with toy, nothing less, requires fund of money (5)

Answer: KITTY

Equipment with toy suggests something related to playful items. Requires fund of money alludes to a stash of cash typically used for a specific purpose. In this context, kitty refers to a pooled amount of money collected for communal use, often seen in informal gatherings or among friends for specific purposes like buying drinks or snacks.

Sort stripped in silence possibly getting final result? (9)


Sort stripped in silence implies the removal of certain elements, possibly referring to removing letters from a word. Possibly getting final result suggests reaching a conclusion or outcome. A scoreline is the final result or outcome of a sports match, often represented by a numerical figure indicating the scores of both teams or players.

Agreement with Conservative about rocky road in court (9)


Agreement with Conservative indicates a pact or understanding, possibly involving a political context. Rocky road in court hints at legal proceedings or negotiations. A concordat is a formal agreement or treaty, often between a government and the Vatican, but can also refer to agreements between governments or institutions on various matters.

Fielders near the wicket making minor mistakes (5)

Answer: SLIPS

Fielders near the wicket suggests a cricketing context, where fielders are positioned around the wicket. Making minor mistakes hints at errors or slip-ups. In cricket terminology, slips refer to fielding positions close to the wicketkeeper, often prone to catching any edges or mistakes made by the batsman.

Headache when receiving varied post for Caribbean capital (4,2,5)


Headache when receiving varied post for Caribbean capital (4,2,5) suggests a puzzle where different elements come together to form the answer. In this case, varied post hints at rearranging letters, resulting in PORT OF SPAIN, the capital of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean.

Perform masquerade? (3)

Answer: ACT

Perform masquerade? invites readers to think about an action associated with disguises or acting. ACT is the succinct answer, fittingly encapsulating the concept of performing, whether in theater or any other context where one takes on a role or guise.

Greens protest against this Italian writer given a lot of drink? (7)


Greens protest against this Italian writer given a lot of drink? intertwines elements of literature and activism with a subtle wordplay. ECOCIDE emerges as the answer, reflecting an Italian writer who might have portrayed ecological destruction prominently and thus could be protested against, akin to an environmental cause.

House attended by women in wealthy Lancashire town (7)


House attended by women in wealthy Lancashire town melds geographical and societal elements, hinting at a specific location. HORWICH is revealed as the answer, portraying a wealthy Lancashire town where women might attend to household matters, resonating with the concept of a house attended by them.

Teachers missing original plants (6)

Answer: ASTERS

Teachers missing original plants combines educational and botanical themes, suggesting a situation where instructors lack something pertaining to original flora. ASTERS emerges as the solution, indicating plants that could be missing, while also reflecting a wordplay on masters as teachers.

Token number given money in a league (7)


Token number hints at something symbolic or small, often associated with money. Given money in a league points to a term implying a standard or fixed amount within an organization. The answer is NOMINAL, as it denotes a small amount, often fixed or symbolic, within a group or system, fitting both the currency and league aspects.

Jazz pianist Dave has problem stopping stream? (7)


Jazz pianist Dave directs attention to a specific individual, likely renowned in the world of jazz. Stopping stream could be interpreted as interrupting or halting a flow. The answer is BRUBECK, referring to Dave Brubeck, a notable jazz pianist, with stopping stream hinting at the interruption of a continuous flow, which could relate to his music.

Clot in sun badly prepares places to see patients? (10,5)


Prepares places to see patients points towards a setting where medical consultations occur. The answer is CONSULTING ROOMS, where the hidden word clot rearranges to form the solution, indicating locations where patients meet with healthcare professionals for examinations and advice.

Titled figure in southern Ireland (3)

Answer: SIR

Titled figure suggests someone with a formal title or honorific. In southern Ireland narrows down the geographic context. The answer is SIR, a title of honor, and southern Ireland directs attention to the geographic area where such a title might commonly be used.

Go round red mark, reportedly (5)

Answer: WHEEL

Red mark, reportedly hints at a sound-alike for a visual identifier. The answer is WHEEL, which sounds like we’ll, meaning we will, and the notion of going around suggests circular motion, fitting both the auditory and visual elements of the clue.

It carries brown accompaniment to fuel? (5,4)


GRAVY BOAT, hints at a vessel often used to serve gravy, typically a brown accompaniment to dishes like roast meat. The question cleverly suggests the vessel’s purpose in carrying the brown accompaniment (gravy) and the word fuel adds a layer of misdirection, making it a playful clue.

Motto in commercial period (5)

Answer: ADAGE

ADAGE is the answer, which refers to a short, pithy statement expressing a general truth or rule of conduct. The question subtly hints at the meaning of motto and associates it with the concept of a commercial period, implying a phrase often used in advertisements or business contexts.

Identify a sitcom that’s complex needing explanatory process? (15)


DEMYSTIFICATION, points to the act of making something complex easier to understand. The question cleverly hints at the need for explanatory process when dealing with a complex sitcom, suggesting that the answer involves unraveling complexity to reveal clarity.

Remain excited to see Hitchcock film (6)

Answer: MARNIE

MARNIE, refers to one of Alfred Hitchcock’s films. The question plays on the idea of remaining excited or enthused about seeing a particular film, specifically one directed by Hitchcock, known for his suspenseful and thrilling works.

Authority, perhaps, linked to leaders of special organisation (3,2)

Answer: SAY SO

SAY SO, indicates giving authorization or permission, often associated with an authority figure. The question cleverly suggests the concept of authority (Authority, perhaps) and hints at the phrase say so, which implies the power to make decisions, especially when linked to the leaders (leaders of special organisation).

Dodges set of players with British dance-pop group (9)


Dodges with set of players to suggest a synonym for Dodges. The term British dance-pop group hints at a specific band that fits the letters provided. By merging these elements, the answer SIDESTEPS emerges, indicating the act of avoiding something.

Central element barring Anglican church in German city (5)

Answer: ESSEN

Central element points towards a letter or part of a word that’s central, while Anglican church in German city hints at the city’s name. Putting them together, we find ESSEN, a German city where an Anglican church might not be commonly found, and S represents the central element.

Surpassed or given national recognition? (6)

Answer: CAPPED

capped can mean either surpassing a limit or being given recognition, such as being awarded a cap in sports. The question cleverly plays with the two meanings of the word capped to create a cryptic clue.

Terrible cheat’s left bag for a student? (7)


Terrible cheat’s left suggests rearranging or removing letters, resulting in SACHE which could mean bag in German. For a student then indicates that this word, along with the omitted letters, forms a common school item, hence leading to the answer SATCHEL, a type of bag used by students.

Oscar brought up hideous source of oil? (5)

Answer: OLIVE

Oscar (O) and hideous (an anagram indicator) to rearrange source of oil and arrive at OLIVE. The word brought up acts as the reversal indicator, indicating that the letters should be reversed, resulting in the solution.

Pallid like farmyard creature (5)

Answer: ASHEN

Pallid suggests a color associated with paleness or lightness. Considering the context of a farmyard, the most common pale-colored creature would be a chicken. Pallid like indicates a similarity to this creature. The answer is ASHEN, which describes a pale gray color, akin to the color of ashes, often associated with farmyard dust and dirt.

Border is gloomy with no end of fog (3)

Answer: RIM

Fog is a type of atmospheric phenomenon associated with low visibility. Removing the last letter (end) of fog leaves us with fo, and combining it with rim, which can mean the edge or border of something, gives us the answer RIM. This solution conveys the idea of a boundary that’s characterized by darkness or obscurity, as suggested by gloomy.

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