Big Girls Don’t Cry Season 1 Episode 7 Ending Explained, Everything You Need to Know

Big Girls Don’t Cry

Let’s explore ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’drama ends, what ending the young girls faced, what issues they had, and also let’s know where you can watch this drama.

Big Girls Don’t Cry Season 1, Episode 7 Ending Explained

Vidushi returns to school after her suspension while the Big Girls Don’t Cry Drama is going towards the end. After she returns to the school her first and foremost action is to speak with Ludo as she is confident that what she and Ludo did was not wrong and also wants to make Ludo convince her of the same. Vidiushi again got punished for seeing her with Ludo by locking her in an isolated room. But, this time Manjoree decides that she will stand up for her friend, and also she seeks help from Noor but instead of helping her she tries to stop Manjoree from helping her.

At last, all the students of Vandana Valley Girls School decided to stand up and show their support for Vidushi. This was an eye-opening moment for Noor, and she thought about what she did and her decision. When the student council meeting was going on Vidushi, Noor’s mind was not there they were thinking about the words said by her father and sister. Therefore, in the speech, she once again reminded every why Aunt Vidhi’s Statue was placed at the school. And at last, she criticizes the school for making others follow their rules forcefully and not allowing them to be themselves not accepting other identities.

On the contrary, Dia started to feel guilty about Aliya being fired as she was responsible for that. Dia searched for Aliya as she wanted to apologize, but couldn’t find her at the school at last she found her at the railway station. Aliya told Dia that her point of view was not wrong, but the timing was. She also jogs Dia’s memory about how lucky and prestigious for them to study at Vandana Valley Girls School, and they apologize to each other. As for Kavya, she wrote a letter confessing that she lost herself and will work on it, to her mother. Eventually, she found out that she was not going to change school as her mother paid the next semester’s fees and they two reconciled.

Anita Verma’s dream is to build a science lab in memory of her daughter who passed away because of some illness. She was searching for funds everywhere to build the science lab but was not able to get them at last she got the funds through a cheque given by Mittal Industries. Where her dream came true at the end. Mr. Mittal the owner of Mittal Industries is not as caring or polite as he shows himself to others. Rather he is very cruel and worse, and even he was looking for another principal to replace Anita.





Avantika Vandanapu Leah Joseph, Ludo
Raima Sen Uma Ahuja
Dalai Pluggy
Tanya Abrol Pt. Amrit
Mukul Chadda Vipin Ahuja
Zoya Hussain Aliya Lamba
Aneet Padda Roohi Ahuja
Afrah Sayed Noor Ahmed
Akshita Sood Dia Malik
Suchitra Pillai Khanna Ma Am
Himanshi Pandey Vidushi
Bodhisattva Sharma Asad Sharif
Lhakyila Jayashree Chetri
Pavleen Gujral Kavya’s Mother
Shataf Figar Bob Verma
Udit Pandey Jojo
Aditya Raj Veer Kapadia


The drama “Big Girls Don’t Cry” revolves around 7 young girls who are studying at Vandana Valley Girls School and the teachers. Vandana Valley is a reputed all-girls school, it comes around them and shows how they deal with their life there, love, friendship, betrayal, freedom, sadness, and dreams.

As they were in their last year of their school they were forced to make an impact on the school and the society as a whole with the help of school director Pooja Bhatt.

Streaming Platform

Viewers can enjoy this emotional and revolutionary drama Big Girls Don’t Cry on Amazon Prime which provides easy worldwide access. Each episode is more or less one hour long.

Release Date

This drama has been released on March 14, 2024. The released times vary based on the time zone: 12 am (GMT), 5.30 am (IST), and 7 pm (ET) the previous day.

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