BMF Members Who Snitched

BMF Members


It is an old saying that betrayal has a particular characteristic: it always hits you from the people you trust. BMF members who snitched are a reflect example of it. This has been witnessed in the past that people trying to make a name for themselves were stabbed in the back.

Also, such events are more common in criminal activities such as in gangs, and also, if we talk about the authoritative agencies, then we will come to know that this exists equally on both sides. There are always people ready to betray you. All they need is a perfect price that suits their mind, and they will not spend a minute betraying you and joining the other side or throwing you down and taking your place.

It is of the utmost importance that you keep on disinfesting your camp every once in a while to stay safe from such events. In this article, you will learn about BMF members who snitched.

What is BMF

If we start with the early details, we will know that the BMF stands for the Black Mafia Family. Now you might be wondering about this gang’s details and their operation pattern and details regarding what they used to do. Thus, if we take a gist of all the details, we will understand that the gang used to conduct money laundering business and were involved in the narcotics business too. We can say that this thing runs deeper than we can imagine.

The method of operation

If we talk about the operation of the gangs in the modern world, we will know that most of them do not leave any trace behind them. Especially leaving the paper trail is just calling your own death. If we look at the details, we will come to know that since the authorities do not have any evidence against them, they cannot operate. As a result, they keep on with their unethical practices.

Authorities need snitchers

Thus, if we look, we will come to know that the authorities tend to make sure that someone from inside the gang becomes their whistleblower and gives them all the required details so that they can bring down these gangs for good.

The history of the gang

If we talk about the BMF gang, then it would never be able to be mentioned without Big Meech. He is the person who can be considered the soul of the gang. The gang was created by Demetrius Flenory or, in other words, Big Meech and his brother Terry Flenory. They established a perfect drug ring with the help of their drug dealings in LA along with the help of the Mexican criminal organizations. They successfully operated the gang for many years.

The music corporation

This was not all. In fact, Black Mafia was also a hip-hop music corporation that produced several masterpieces. But they were found guilty at the end of the day in 2005

BMF members who snitched

If we look at the fall of the gang, we will know that it did not come down on its own. Someone from the inside snitched on Big Meech. The names of the snitchers are mentioned below for the enhancement of your knowledge:

  • Omari McCree
  • William Marshall.

The case development

This was the perfect opportunity for the authorities. Since they could not make a case against Big Meech in the past, now, with the help of the information provided by the two snitchers, the authorities were able to build up a case.

The information told to the police

Omari McCree shared some information with the police, and the details help us understand that they told the federal agents that Big Meech provided him with cocaine. People from the gang told the press that Omari shared the details of the operation of Big Meech.

Omari snitching in court

Later on, the authorities promised to reduce his sentence in return for the valuable information, but he changed his mind during the trial. But this was of no use now. Because he had already done the harm and the police were able to build up a case against the gang and Big Meech, there was no turning back.

The remarks of the experts

Let’s look at the remarks of the experts in this regard. We will learn that he said, “It was Marshall’s choice to collaborate with the government that ultimately pushed the Flenory’s hand in pleas on the morning their trial was set to begin in November 2007,”.

The sentence of the snitcher

The snitching quality is one of the worst qualities that a man can have in his character. Thus, if we look at the details, we will know that Omari was served with a 15-year sentence in jail. Later on, it was observed that Omari was released only after five years of his sentence on parole.

No outer life

It seemed like outer life was not for him, and he was again arrested for illegal activities. The reason for his arrest was abusing his girlfriend and her friend. If you want to find Omari and more details regarding his current life, it might be the most difficult task of your life because there is currently no news.

The family feud

Although there were several feuds between the brothers, no one snitched on each other. It was witnessed that in 2001 the brother broke apart, and Terry got separated from Big Meech and went to LA to operate the business. The detail helps us understand that Terry built the empire along with Big Meech. It was Big Meech and Terry who, with constant work, brought the family out of poverty and raised the standard of their living.


If we look at the detail of BMF Members who snitched, we will know that there were two who did so. Omari is currently arrested, whereas there is no word from Marshal. We hope that they are brought forward soon in the future.

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