Charleston White Net Worth, Controversies, Past, and Career

Charleston White Net Worth, Controversies, Past, and Career

It’s a rare time when Charleston White is not in the news. This worked in his favor and created curiosity among the people, including Charleston white net worth, his family, and his overall journey. People want to know how he paved his way after all of the controversies.

Charleton White is a motivational speaker on YouTube and is famous for his organization HYPE. With a troubled past and being convicted in prison, there are many things to unpack about the YouTuber. Here, his fans get all the information, including what is Charleston White net worth.

Name Charleston White
Nickname Baby Blu
Profession Motivational Speaker, Social Media Influencer, Youtuber, Stand Up Comedian, Entrepreneur
Age 52
DOB March 8, 1970
Birthplace Texas, United States
Qualification Graduate
Alma Mater Texas Wesleyan University
Status And Children Married And Two Kids (Unknown)
Instagram Account @charlestonwhite____
Youtube Account The Real Charleston White
LinkedIn Account Charleston White
Twitter Account @ChalestonWhi15
Facebook Account @CharlestonWhite
Website The Real Charleston White

Childhood And Early Life

Charleston White was born on March 8, 1970, in the neighborhood of Fort Worth, Texas. White had a rough childhood. His neighborhood was rough, and at a very young age, he ended up joining a gang.

Eventually, he was arrested for murder and sentenced to 12 years. While in prison, Charleston decided to change and switched to motivational speaker. In 1992, after release from prison, he started his journey as a comedian.

With his wits and controversial commentary, Charleston started to gain popularity among their audience. Later, he started doing YouTube; his channel, The Real Charleston White, has more than 230k subscribers with 4.3 million views.

With the platform’s help, White discusses various topics such as social justice, race, and politics.

White believes in Christianity and also has a passion for helping people. Even though he has American citizenship, White has a mixed ethnicity.

Family and Parents

As per the reports, White had a joint family and lived together in Texas. His mother is a homemaker, while White’s father is an entrepreneur.

Along with his siblings, he had an aunt and her five kids.

Charleston has one older brother who was in prison for 31 years as he committed murder at the age of 17. Talking about his brother in an interview, White said his mother is waiting to meet his brother.

After the prison, his brother had no other controversies. The YouTuber also shared his photos with his mother on his social media.

Charleston Arrest And Jail Time

Having no role model in his life led Charleston to get involved in crimes and the wrong track. He was a gang member and participated in criminal activities, including robbery and assaults.

At 14 years old, he ran away from his house and spent nights with some of his associates. During that time, White and his friends used to steal whatever they got.

When a white man stopped him, he and his friend were trying to steal in a store. Charleston shot and ended up killing the white man.

After committing this crime, police took White and his friends to custody. But at that time, he was underage, they took him to juvenile ( Texas Youth Council Lockup) under The Texas Determining Sentence Law. At the age of 18, they authorities moved him to the adult facility.

He spent his 4 years in a state school, and while he was locked up, white became a member of Giddings, who believed that people could reform.

For the next 4 years, he spent his life learning Accountability and taking responsibility for his actions. He created a sense of morals and empathize with people. After he spent 7 years in jail, he was released at the age of 21.

Education and Career

However, White was sentenced to 12 years in prison. However, some of the correctional officers advocated in support of him, leading to his early release at 21.

After that, he decided to pursue education and change his life from what it was before the prison time. But he was again caught trafficking drugs in Oklahoma. White was charged with possession of 10 pounds of marijuana.

At that time, he had two options: either serve 6 months in boot camp in prison or spend 5 years of deferred probation. He chose the second option and decided to get back to his school.

White completed his graduation from high school and pursued pre-law at Texas Wesleyan University. Apart from being a motivational speaker, he started his organization called HYPE, or Helping Young People Excel.

The aim was to help deter gang involvement and promote outreach to youth living in the Dallas community. White had a successful YouTube career, which he kept doing as his career.

Personal Life and Relationship

Charleston is a private person who keeps his family away from the media. He is married to an unknown black woman and has two children.

The information is not revealed about his family, but he posted some pictures with his family on his Facebook. White calls himself a devoted husband and father who prioritizes his family above anything.

He also mentioned that some of his actions caused hurt to his daughter and wife in the past, which he will regret for the rest of his life.

Charleston White Net Worth

Having a controversial life created curiosity among fans, including what is Charleston’s white net worth.

White created an impressive Charleston white net worth through different sources. As for Charleston White net worth 2022,  it was reported to be around $1.5 million.

He mostly gets his money through his social media presence and YouTube. With millions of views on his channel, White successfully generated impressive ad revenue.

His clothing line also gives him a decent income and boosts his annual net worth. Apart from some of the side gigs, he does stand-up comedy. Due to these, Charleston White net worth 2023 was estimated at around $2 million.

However, the net worth Charleston White wife might also have contributed to his overall net worth, but it’s not in the public domain.

Awards and Achievements

With a strong Charleston White net worth, he doesn’t have many awards as he is into motivational speaking and started his comedy career.

However, he was recognized for some of his work. White has been helping and giving back to his community since his release from the Texas Youth Council.

Some of the awards and achievements the YouTuber received are:

  • White received the humanitarian award after his name in Greenville, North Carolina.
  • He founded the HYPE Youth Outreach program and worked as CEO.
  • He started his business and owns a clothing line and a YouTube channel.
  • He has more than 100,000 subscribers on his channel and a silver award from YouTube.
  • Apart from YouTube, White started his standup career and has multiple shows in the USA.


Charleston White net worth, statement, and life are controversial. There are different times when he commented, or his action sparked lots of headlines.

He was accused of lying, cheating, and using violence. Apart from this, his actions and statements caused discussion about sharing hate towards different communities, sexism, and racism.

Some of the controversies included:

  • In 2018, Charleston said that the Holocaust was made up and all fake. He further supported the Hitler and his actions.
  • In 2022, He admitted to sleeping with his daughter during a fight and argument.
  • Also, he was a Donald Trump supporter, opposing Joe Biden as president of America.
  • He shared his statements, critiquing the Antifa moments and Black Lives Matter.
  • White was also caught talking about how he opposed gay marriage and abortion.

Apart from this, Charleston had some big controversies in his so far journey, including

Hate Targeting the Asian Community

Charleston shared a video ranting about the Asian community. The video was full of negative words and racist comments. It was a serious issue that led to the Akadmeiks comedy show getting canceled. Also, White was under fire on the internet.

In the video, he talked about his hate towards Asians, including Johnny Dang, Chinese food and people. It was deteriorating the Chinese community, calling names and hateful comments.

After his prejudice against Asians, people roasted him and called out his actions for being a public figure.

Offering Money For Hurting Shedeur

Charleston White was caught in another controversy when he offered $20,000 to any college football player to hurt Deion Sanders’s son, Shedeur Sanders.

The video went viral, gaining lots of attention and criticism from the people. White was bitter over Sander’s decision to leave Jackson State University or HBCU. It’s a historically black university. Sander decided that he would coach at Colorado State University, which is a white institution.

Charleston called Samder’s action a betrayal towards the black community.

Shedeur has his quarterback match in Colorado. White shared in his video, saying he will pay any player who can hurt him during the match. People commented on his video, saying his words make no sense and creating clouts.

Replying, he added football is a barbaric game according to him.

Heated Argument With Waitress

Charles White went viral online for quarreling with a waitress. The YouTuber was with Adin Ross and his group, dining in a restaurant and live streaming.

The waitress was managing their table. However, she was informal and casually dropped the menu on their table. This irked the YouTuber, and he asked if it was a prank and called out his casual behavior around the customer.

Final thoughts

Charleston White has put his name on different controversies, from having a criminal record and spending several years in jail. Coming from a troubled childhood and no role model to rely on, White still succeeded in creating a life for himself.

With a net worth, a successful YouTube career, and other sources, White has a lot of things from which people can learn.

Like the YouTuber said himself, his life is indeed a success story.


1. How did Charleston White become famous?

Charleston white became famous for his YouTube channel but led a controversial life.

2. What happened between Charleston White and Adin Ross?

Adin was promised to counter-sue when White threatened his sister. White owed him around $2000, but Adin said he would take legal action.

3. How much is Charleston White’s net worth in 2023?

White has a net worth of around $2 million in 2023.

4. What was the song Charleston White was on?

Charleston White was apart of a music video with Lil Uzi Vert’s Pink Tape.

5. Is Charleston white single?

No, Charleston is a married, devoted husband and has two kids.

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