Check Daily Telegraph Plusword Answer for April 6, 2024

Daily Telegraph Plusword

Give this crossword puzzle a try featuring clues for puzzle lovers. Discover the answers and detailed explanations below.

Here is today’s daily crossword puzzle. It is packed with general knowledge clues, so it’s not too tough to solve. It is a fun way to test your brainpower and even learn new words. Also, solving crosswords is a great way to improve your vocabulary. Okay, now let’s start solving the clues.

Sets of six balls in cricket


In cricket, a match is divided into segments called “OVERS ,” where a bowler delivers six balls to the batsman. This structured unit of play allows for strategic planning and scoring opportunities within the game.

Japanese broth dish


A popular Japanese broth dish, RAMEN , is a comforting meal consisting of wheat noodles served in a flavorful broth, often accompanied by various toppings like sliced pork, green onions, and boiled eggs. It has gained international popularity for its delicious and customizable flavors.

Let’s have a nice ___!


“Let’s have a nice CUPPA!” is a colloquial expression inviting someone to enjoy a relaxing moment over a cup of tea or coffee. It signifies a desire for companionship and conversation over a warm beverage, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.



To amend something means to make changes or alterations to improve or adjust it according to specific needs or circumstances. Whether it’s MODIFY a document, plan, or behavior, this process involves refinement and adaptation.



In various contexts, technique plays a crucial role in achieving successful EXECUTION . Whether in sports, arts, or business, mastering the proper execution of skills or strategies is essential for achieving desired outcomes and success. It involves precision, practice, and sometimes innovation.

PlusWord No 685


SAVVY – When tackling a challenging problem, it’s essential to be savvy and resourceful, drawing upon one’s knowledge and experience to find a solution. The answer here hints at someone who is astute and clever in their approach to various situations, embodying the quality of being savvy.

Killer whales


ORCS – In fantasy realms, particularly popularized by Tolkien’s works, orcs are known as fearsome creatures often associated with darkness and war. They’re typically depicted as brutish and aggressive, making them fitting candidates for the term associated with “killer whales,” emphasizing their predatory nature.

Safe place?


JEWELRY EXCHANGE – When seeking a safe place to store valuable possessions like jewels, a jewelry exchange may come to mind, as it offers security and often insurance against theft or loss. This answer aligns with the notion of a secure location for valuables, hence fitting the clue provided.



INCURIOUS – A vacant expression often reflects a lack of interest or curiosity. Similarly, someone described as incurious is indifferent or uninterested in seeking out new information or experiences. Thus, the term aptly fits the clue, describing a state of disinterest or vacancy.

Drive off


ROUT – To drive off opponents effectively, one might employ overwhelming force or strategy to scatter them in defeat, which is precisely the definition of rout. It signifies a decisive victory where the opposing force is dispersed or put to flight, aligning perfectly with the given clue.



GET – A trap is a device or strategy used to capture or ensnare something, and to get caught in a trap implies falling victim to its mechanism. The term fits seamlessly with the given clue, as to “get” is to be caught or ensnared, mirroring the function of a trap.

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