Check here for the Irish Smallest Hardest Crossword Puzzle Answer dated 8th April 2024

the Irish Smallest Hardest Crossword Puzzle

In this article, we are here to discuss all the details that one needs to know about the Irish Smallest Hardest crossword puzzle and how to get the solution for it.

The “Irish Smallest Hardest Crossword Puzzle” refers to a particular crossword puzzle known for its compact size and challenging clues. It’s often recognized for being especially difficult despite its small grid. Even though the crossword is hard, you can take your own time and solve the puzzle. This is the only game where, that has no set of rules to complete it immediately, and also allows you to play from the comfort of your home.

Grumble surlily (4)


Grumble surlily – GNAR This clue describes the action of complaining or expressing discontent in a surly or irritable manner. “Gnar” is a term that can mean to grumble or growl discontentedly, often used to convey dissatisfaction or annoyance.

Its capital Springfield (abbr) (2)


Its capital Springfield (abbr) – IL This refers to the abbreviation for the U.S. state where the capital city of Springfield is located. “IL” stands for Illinois, and Springfield is indeed the capital city of Illinois, making “IL” the abbreviation associated with it.

Musical note (2)


Musical note – AT This simply refers to a single musical note. “At” is a musical note, specifically the note A in the English musical notation system. It represents a specific pitch on the musical scale.

In good order (4)


In good order – TAUT This describes something that is tightly stretched or pulled, suggesting it is well-organized or disciplined. “Taut” refers to something being in a state of tension or rigidity, often used metaphorically to describe a situation or condition that is controlled and orderly.

Talent (4)


Talent This clue prompts for a characteristic or ability possessed by an individual, often indicating a natural aptitude or skill in a particular area. It suggests a mental capacity or prowess that sets someone apart in their field or endeavor. The answer is “MIND,” signifying the intellect or cognitive abilities that contribute to one’s talents or abilities.

(L) Not far (abbr) (2)


(L) Not far (abbr) This utilizes wordplay to indicate a shortened form of a word or phrase commonly used to denote a short distance. It hints at a specific abbreviation for a term meaning “not far” or a short distance. The answer is “NL,” which is an abbreviation for “Near to the Left,” indicating a direction close by but not too distant.

To range (4)


To range Here, the question suggests an action involving movement or traveling within a particular area or domain. It implies a sense of freedom or exploration, moving freely within a defined space. The answer is “ROAM,” indicating the act of wandering or moving about aimlessly within a certain range or territory.

Chinese measurement (2)


Chinese measurement This refers to a unit of measurement commonly used in China, indicating a specific length or distance. It’s a term often found in contexts related to Chinese culture, history, or trade. The answer is “LI,” representing a traditional Chinese unit of distance, equivalent to about one-third of a mile or 500 meters.

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