Check the Answer for Today’s The Irish Independent Simple (April 5, 2024)

Today’s The Irish Independent Simple

If you are here for today’s answers to this tricky crossword puzzle, just swipe down and get the answers and explanations.

If you find it hard to solve today’s crossword clues, keep practicing and stay focused to finish the puzzle. Start with the easy clues and some clues might be difficult. Break them into pieces and think about each part in a different way. If you get stuck, try a different clue. Filling in other answers might help you find out the tough ones.

One who fights blazes (7)


One who fights blazes This clue prompts us to find a noun describing a person who actively engages in combating fires. The answer is “FIREMAN”, indicating someone, typically a firefighter, who is trained and equipped to extinguish fires and rescue people from burning buildings or other emergencies.

Alter (5)


Alter Here, we’re seeking a verb indicating the action of making changes or adjustments to something. The answer is “SHIFT”, suggesting the act of altering or moving something slightly from its original position or state. The clue straightforwardly describes the action of altering something.

Offer (3)


Offer This clue prompts us to find a verb meaning to present or propose something for consideration or acceptance. The answer is “ASK”, indicating the act of offering or making a request for something. The clue implies that offering can involve asking or requesting something from someone.

Gossip about others (4,5)


Gossip about others Here, we’re seeking a phrase indicating the act of spreading rumors or sharing private information about other people. The answer is “TELL TALES”, suggesting the act of gossiping or revealing secrets about others, often in a malicious or indiscreet manner.

Capture violently (4,2,5)


Capture violently This clue suggests a phrase describing the aggressive action of seizing or overpowering something or someone. The answer is “TAKE BY STORM”, indicating a forceful and sudden capture or conquest. The clue metaphorically implies the idea of storming and capturing something with great intensity and force.

A few nights ago (3,5,3)


A few nights ago This clue prompts for a phrase indicating a recent past time frame, typically used to refer to events or occurrences that occurred not long before the present moment. The answer is “THE OTHER DAY,” comprising three words and fitting the length and context provided in the clue, suggesting a timeframe that is neither too distant nor too immediate.

Fuel (9)


Fuel Here, the clue directs attention to a term representing a substance used to power engines or generate heat, commonly associated with combustion processes. The answer is “FRAGRANCE,” which might initially seem unrelated to fuel, but in a broader sense, it can be considered as fuel for the senses, providing stimulation or pleasure through its scent.

Navy spirit (3)


Navy spirit In this clue, the term “Navy” serves as a hint suggesting a specific type of alcoholic beverage often associated with sailors or naval traditions. The answer is “RUM,” which is a distilled spirit made from sugarcane byproducts, commonly associated with naval history due to its historical use in naval practices and traditions.

Coat (5)


Coat This clue hints at a term representing an outer garment worn to protect against cold or inclement weather, typically consisting of fabric and providing coverage for the upper body. The answer is “TAILS,” which refers to a type of formal coat often worn on special occasions or as part of a traditional formal attire, such as a tailcoat.

Gatwick, e.g. (7)


Gatwick, e.g. Here, the clue suggests a term indicating a specific type of location or facility, typically associated with transportation or travel services. The answer is “AIRPORT,” which refers to a place where aircraft take off and land, serving as a hub for air travel, with Gatwick being an example of such a facility.

Finger (5)


Finger This clue prompts us to find a noun describing a part of the hand used for gripping and manipulating objects. Surprisingly, the answer is “ABUSE”, which is a verb meaning to treat someone or something with cruelty or violence. The clue plays on the dual meaning of “finger,” both as a body part and as a verb indicating mistreatment or harm.

Biro (3)


Biro Here, we’re seeking a noun denoting a writing instrument commonly used for everyday writing tasks. The answer is “PEN”, indicating a cylindrical object filled with ink and used for writing or drawing. The clue straightforwardly describes a type of writing tool.

Appointment (4)


Appointment This clue prompts us to find a noun describing a scheduled meeting or arrangement. The answer is “DEAL”, which can refer to an agreement or arrangement made between parties. The clue suggests a meeting or appointment that involves making a deal or agreement.

Fair (9)


Fair Here, we’re seeking an adjective describing something impartial or unbiased, especially in terms of judgment or treatment. The answer is “UNSLANTED”, indicating something not biased or tilted in any particular direction. The clue plays on the idea of fairness being synonymous with being unbiased or not slanted towards any particular side.

Crying (2,5)


Crying This clue suggests a phrase describing the action of shedding tears due to emotional distress or pain. The answer is “IN TEARS”, indicating the state of crying or weeping. The clue straightforwardly describes the emotional state of being in tears.

Contestant (6)


Contestant Here, we’re seeking a noun describing a participant in a competition or contest. The answer is “MEMBER”, indicating someone who is part of a group or organization. The clue implies that a contestant is a member of a competition or contest.

Wide street or motorway (5,4)


Wide street or motorway This clue suggests a term representing a broad thoroughfare suitable for heavy traffic flow, including both urban streets and major highways. The answer is “MAJOR ROAD,” which describes a significant route designed to accommodate a large volume of vehicles, fitting the description provided in the clue.

Breath out (6)


Breath out Here, the clue directs attention to a word meaning to exhale or emit a soft, low sound, typically associated with breathing or gentle speech. The answer is “MURMUR,” which describes the action of exhaling softly, often indicating contentment, relaxation, or quiet conversation.

Primarily (7)


Primarily In this clue, the term suggests a word indicating mainly or primarily, emphasizing the primary aspect or initial consideration of something. The answer is “OVERALL,” which signifies considering the entirety or entirety of a situation or concept, reflecting the primary focus or perspective.

Indian dish (5)


Indian dish This clue hints at a term representing a type of food originating from Indian cuisine, typically characterized by specific spices and cooking methods. The answer is “TIKKA,” which refers to a dish featuring marinated and grilled pieces of meat, often served as a starter or main course in Indian restaurants.

Item (4)


Item Here, the clue prompts for a term indicating an individual piece or component of a larger group or collection. The answer is “PART,” which represents a distinct element or portion within a whole, commonly used to refer to a single object or component of something larger.

Fitting (3)


Fitting This clue suggests a word meaning suitable or appropriate, often used to describe something that matches or corresponds well with a particular situation or purpose. The answer is “PAT,” which signifies something that fits precisely or perfectly, fitting the context provided in the clue.

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