Check the Solutions for Metro Quick Crossword Clues

the Solutions for Metro Quick Crossword Clues

Complete today’s Metro Quick crossword like an expert with the help of our site. Check the answers below and complete the puzzle quickly.

Metro Quick Crossword

Get into the world of the Metro Quick Crossword puzzle! Where you need to fill the black-and-white grid with correct words with the help of the clues. These Metro Quick crossword clues feature a variety of subjects like history, literature, science, and popular culture. By playing this crossword game you learn new facts and information. If you got stuck halfway without finding the answer, feel free to get the solutions below

Trite (5)

Answer: USUAL

The word “usual” can mean something that is common, typical, or ordinary. While “trite” also refers to something that is overused or lacking originality, it often carries a negative connotation of being clichéd or banal. Therefore, “usual” fits the definition of “trite” in this context.

Explode (4,2)

Answer: BLOW UP

Blow up” is a phrase that means to explode or detonate suddenly with force. It can also refer to causing something to burst or shatter violently due to internal pressure or a sudden release of energy.

Pantry (6)

Answer: CLOSET

While a “pantry” typically refers to a storage area in a house used for storing food, a “closet” is a small enclosed space used for storing clothes, household items, or other belongings. While they serve similar purposes of storage, they are distinct spaces in a home

Small fish (5)

Answer: GUPPY

A “guppy” is a small, tropical freshwater fish that is popular in home aquariums. Guppies are known for their vibrant colors and are often kept as pets due to their hardiness and ease of care

Strongbox (4)

Answer: TILL

A “till” is a type of strongbox or container used for storing money or valuables, especially in a retail or business setting. It typically has a lock and is designed to secure cash during business transactions.

Nullify (6)

Answer: CORK UP

“Cork up” is a phrase that means to close or seal tightly, often used metaphorically to describe the action of suppressing or nullifying something. It implies the act of stopping up or blocking, similar to how a cork seals a bottle

Import illegally (7)


“Smuggle” is a verb that means to import or export goods illegally or secretly, usually without paying the necessary customs duties or taxes. It involves transporting prohibited or restricted items across borders in violation of the law

Cover (3)

Answer: AIR

In this context, “air” is used as a verb meaning to expose or make something known to the public. When something is “aired,” it is brought to light or revealed, often implying transparency or disclosure

Small Eurasian mammal (5)

Answer: STOAT

A “stoat” is a small carnivorous mammal native to Eurasia and North America. It is also known as the short-tailed weasel and is related to the ermine. Stoats have a long, slender body, short legs, and a distinctive white coat with a black-tipped tail during winter.

Underground drain (5)

Answer: SEWER

A “sewer” is an underground pipe or tunnel system used for carrying away sewage and wastewater from buildings to a treatment facility or a natural body of water. Sewers play a crucial role in sanitation and public health by preventing the accumulation of waste and reducing the risk of contamination.

Correct reasoning (5)

Answer: LOGIC

“Logic” refers to the systematic study of the principles of valid inference and reasoning. It involves identifying and analyzing the structure of arguments to determine their validity and soundness. Correct reasoning relies on logical principles to draw conclusions based on evidence and premises.

Multiplied by (5)

Answer: TIMES

“Times” is a mathematical operator used to indicate multiplication. For example, “3 times 4” means 3 multiplied by 4, resulting in the product 12. In this context, “times” denotes the action of multiplying one quantity by another to obtain a result.

Farm animal (3)

Answer: TOM

“Tom” is a male turkey. Turkeys are domesticated birds commonly found on farms, particularly raised for their meat. The male turkey is called a tom, while the female is called a hen. Toms are often raised alongside hens for breeding or meat production.

Act of retaliation (7)


“Revenge” refers to the action of retaliating or seeking retribution against someone who has wronged or harmed oneself or others. It involves inflicting harm or punishment as a response to perceived injustice or wrongdoing.

Rebuke or scolding (6)

Answer: EARFUL

An “earful” is a colloquial term used to describe a severe rebuke or scolding given to someone, typically for their behavior or actions. It implies that the person receives a significant amount of criticism or admonishment.

Girl’s name (4)

Answer: NENA

“Nena” is a girl’s name of Spanish origin. It is a diminutive form of the name “Magdalena” or “María Elena,” among others. In various cultures, “Nena” is used as a term of endearment for a young girl or as a given name.

Horizontal (5)

Answer: PRONE

“Prone” is an adjective that describes a position in which someone or something is lying flat with the face downward or turned downward. It is the opposite of the vertical position and implies being parallel to the ground.

Hairpiece (6)

Answer: TOUPEE

A “toupee” is a hairpiece or partial wig worn to cover partial baldness or to enhance one’s hairstyle. Toupees are typically made of natural or synthetic hair and are attached to the scalp using adhesive or clips.

Small wave (6)

Answer: RIPPLE

A “ripple” is a small wave or undulation on the surface of water, often caused by a gentle breeze, movement, or disturbance. Ripples are characterized by their smooth, wavelike motion and relatively low height compared to larger waves.

Faith (5)

Answer: DREAM

In this context, “dream” can be interpreted as a metaphor for faith. Faith is often associated with believing in something despite a lack of tangible evidence, similar to how a dream is an aspiration or vision of something desired that may seem unreachable or intangible.

Chasm (5)

Answer: SPLIT

A “split” can refer to a deep cleft, gap, or chasm, typically formed by the separation or division of something into two or more parts. In this context, “split” fits the definition of a chasm.

Greek island (5)

Answer: NAXOS

Naxos is one of the largest and most fertile islands in the Cyclades archipelago in Greece. It is known for its stunning beaches, picturesque villages, and historical sites, including the ancient marble quarries and the Temple of Apollo.

Large road vehicle (3)

Answer: BUS

A “bus” is a large road vehicle designed to carry passengers, typically along fixed routes and schedules. Buses come in various sizes and configurations, including city buses, coach buses, and school buses, and are a common mode of public transportation in urban and suburban areas.

Shocks, dismays (6)

Answer: APPALS

“Appals” is a verb that means to shock, dismay, or deeply disturb someone emotionally. It describes the feeling of being profoundly shocked or horrified by something unsettling or distressing.

Boy’s name (4)

Answer: OLIN

“Olin” is a boy’s name of various origins, including Scandinavian and Old English. It is relatively uncommon but has been used as a given name for boys.

Of the sides (7)


“Lateral” is an adjective that describes something related to or situated on the side of an object or organism. In anatomy, for example, “lateral” refers to the sides of the body or body parts.

Perfect (5)

Answer: GREAT

“Great” can be used informally to mean perfect, excellent, or outstanding. It implies something of high quality, magnitude, or significance

Bring up (5)

Answer: REFER

“Refer” is a verb that means to mention or bring up something in conversation or discussion. It implies directing someone’s attention to a particular topic or point of interest.

Loss of memory (7)


“Amnesia” is a medical condition characterized by partial or total loss of memory, often due to brain injury, trauma, or psychological factors. It involves the inability to recall past events or form new memories.

Wading bird (5)

Answer: STINT

A “stint” is a small wading bird belonging to the sandpiper family. Stints are typically found near water bodies such as lakes, rivers, and coastal areas and are known for their slender bodies and long legs.

Information or news (7)


“Tidings” is a noun that refers to information, news, or updates, especially of a significant or noteworthy nature. It is often used in the context of announcing important events or conveying messages.

Anaesthetic (5)

Answer: LOCAL

Local” is an adjective that describes something related to or affecting a specific area or region. In the context of anaesthesia, “local” refers to an anaesthetic agent that numbs a specific part of the body without causing unconsciousness.

Drying cloth (5)

Answer: TOWEL

A “towel” is a piece of absorbent fabric used for drying or wiping off moisture from the body, hands, or objects. Towels are commonly used in bathrooms, kitchens, and for recreational activities such as swimming or sports.

Small stream (7)


A “trickle” is a small, thin stream of liquid that flows slowly and in small quantities. It is often used to describe the gentle flow of water from a source, such as a faucet, spring, or narrow channel.

Cuts off (6)

Answer: CEASES

“Ceases” is a verb that means to stop or come to an end. It describes the action of discontinuing or halting something, often abruptly or permanently.

Nuisances (5)

Answer: DRIPS

Drips” refers to small drops of liquid that fall in a slow and steady manner. In this context, “drips” can also metaphorically refer to nuisances or annoyances, as in someone or something that causes irritation or inconvenience in a persistent manner.

Tiling paste (5)

Answer: GROUT

“Grout” is a paste-like material used for filling the gaps between tiles to create a smooth, uniform surface. It helps to seal and stabilize the tiles, preventing water, dirt, and debris from accumulating in the spaces between them

Quick, nimble (5)

Answer: AGILE

Agile” is an adjective that describes someone or something that is quick, nimble, and able to move easily and gracefully. It implies physical or mental dexterity and the ability to adapt quickly to changing situations.

Artist’s stand (5)

Answer: EASEL

An “easel” is a stand used by artists to hold a canvas or painting while they work. It typically consists of three legs and a vertical support that can be adjusted to various angles to accommodate different canvas sizes and painting techniques

Look lasciviously (4)

Answer: OGLE

“Ogle” is a verb that means to look at someone or something with excessive or inappropriate interest, especially in a lecherous or lustful manner. It implies staring or gazing in a way that is suggestive or disrespectful.

Illuminated (3)

Answer: LIT

“Lit” is the past tense and past participle of the verb “light,” which means to illuminate or make something bright with light. In this context, “lit” describes something that has been illuminated or made visible by light.

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