Chicken Nugget Season 1 Episode 10 Ending Explained, Know about the Series

Chicken Nugget

Learn theChicken Nugget season 1 episode 10 ending here, also know the cast, plot, and release date of this drama.

Ending Explained

At the end of Chicken Nugget episode 10, the strange alien Bae-jung realizes that he has to go back to his home planet to make amends for killing a man in the past, and using his power against Baek-jung and his friends, such as Seon-Man and In-won. He promises Min-ah that he will take her with him to transform her back into a human with the aid of the people from his home planet.

Musical dreams at Yellow Pants

The episode starts with a flashback that takes place 50 years from now. A well-known and popular singer in a group called Yellow Pants, who has toured all over the world, has returned to his hometown and is holding a concert there. Everyone is cheering for him as he welcomes the audience. As he is greeting the audience, he notices a woman who resembles Min-a in the crowd and rushes outside to meet her.

A difficult situation

At the end of Chicken Nuggets, Baek Joong makes a selfish decision to go back in time and bring Min-Ah back, which will change the entire history, possibly erase his career as a musician, and he might never even be with her, but he decides to do it anyway.

Chicken Nuggets ends at the same place where the chaos started, Min-Ah coming into the shop with chicken nuggets, and Go Baek Joong and Choi Soon-Man greeting Choi Min-ah with joy. The end of the series shows the mysterious machine in their office. With all their memories gone, can they prevent Min-Ah from going back in the machine that day? That remains a mystery at the end of the series.

Episode 9 Recap

A large portion of this episode is a silly fight between everyone at the warehouse. After the fight, Baekjung offers to take Min-ah-back to their home planet. There, he can return to her human form and bring her back. It’ll only take him a day. But, a day on his planet is the equivalent of 50 years on Earth, which means Baek-joong and Sun-man will have to wait to be reunited with her. After hearing Baekjung describe the plight of the aliens, who all have their own families to get back to, he agrees for Min-ah to be taken.

For the most part, this episode is a comedy, but it also has some emotional elements. After the fight, Baek–jung offers Min-ah to bring her back to their planet so that he can transform her into a human and take her home. It only takes him one day to do this, but on his planet, one day is equal to fifty years on Earth, so he and Sun-man must wait for Min-ah to return to their planet. After hearing how the alien family has their own family to go back to, Sun-man agreed to allow Min-ah to be taken.


Chicken Nugget is a South Korean comedy series featuring some of South Korea’s most famous actors. The show is a satire of humanity. It revolves around Choi Sun-man, who owns a machine company with one employee and one intern.

Choi was forced to become a mechanical engineer, but his true talent lies in making jingles. Choi and his intern become a team after a mysterious machine shows up in front of their office. Choi’s daughter turns into chicken nuggets after stepping inside the machine.





Ryu-Seung-Ryong Choi Sun-Man
Ahn-Jae-Hong Ko Baek-Joong
Kim-You-Jung Choi Min-A
Jung HO- Yeun Hong Cha
Park Jin Young You-Tae-Young


Ko Baek-joong is a staff intern working at a small  machine company run by Choi Sun-man. He is in love with Choi Sun-man’s little girl Choi Min-a. One day a machine arrives at their company office and they think it’s a way to relieve fatigue sent from PhD Choi. The machine was supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

Meanwhile Choi Min-a goes to her father’s office to get some fried chicken. She sees the delivery of the machine and decides to test it out to ease her tiredness. She gets in the machine and turns into a fried chicken with a sweet and spicy taste. Ko-Baek-Joong and Choi Sun-man try to get her back to her human form.

Release Date

Lee Byung Hun’s directorial  ‘Chicken Nugget’ is set to be released on March 15th, 2024. It is a South Korean comedy mystery television series.

Streaming Platforms

From March 15, 2024, Chicken Nugget, a 10-part comedy mystery series, is available to watch on Netflix.

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