Codycross Crossword Answers for April 11, 2024

Codycross Crossword

Check out this challenging and tricky Codycross crossword puzzle, and we have covered all the answers for this crossword clue for your reference.

Solving crosswords is one of the most passionate things for puzzle solvers, and you have to look into this Codycross crossword. It’s a great chance to improve your learning skills by not exceeding the deadline, and it also offers satisfaction after solving the answer. But in the initial stages, you may find some difficulty. If you require any assistance, kindly visit our page for more clarity. And no matter how hard the puzzle is, we have always covered the answer for your reference.

Richard Berry song covered by the Kingsmen: __ __

Answer: LOUIE

The Richard Berry song covered by the Kingsmen is Louie, Louie, a classic rock ‘n’ roll tune known for its catchy melody and simple yet ambiguous lyrics. It’s been covered by numerous artists over the years, but the Kingsmen’s version is perhaps the most famous, known for its raw energy and enduring popularity.

Miraculous food supplied from heaven

Answer: MANNA

In biblical lore, miraculous food supplied from heaven to sustain the Israelites during their journey in the wilderness is referred to as manna. This heavenly sustenance, described in the Old Testament, was a symbol of God’s provision and care for his people, appearing as a kind of bread-like substance.

A Greek Titan with the heavens on his shoulders

Answer: ATLAS

In Greek mythology, Atlas is a Titan who was condemned to bear the weight of the heavens on his shoulders for eternity as punishment for his role in the Titanomachy, the war between the Titans and the Olympian gods. He’s often depicted in art and literature as a figure holding up the celestial sphere, symbolizing endurance and strength.

It’s abbreviated to SIN on a calculator

Answer: SINE

On a calculator, the abbreviation SIN refers to the trigonometric function sine. Sine is a mathematical function that, in the context of right-angled triangles, represents the ratio of the length of the side opposite an angle to the length of the hypotenuse.

Word before Aviv for Israeli city

Answer: TEL

Tel is a common prefix in Israeli city names, particularly in reference to ancient settlements or archaeological sites. In this context, Tel Aviv is a modern city in Israel, with Tel meaning mound or hill in Hebrew, often indicating the presence of an ancient settlement or historical significance.

How you’d tell someone leave me alone, online

Answer: LMA

If you want to convey a need for solitude in the digital realm, LMA could signify Leave Me Alone. It’s a succinct way to express the desire for space or privacy without going into lengthy explanations.

Main grains used by Quaker

Answer: OATS

When thinking of Quaker, a prominent brand known for oat-based products, the primary grain that comes to mind is OATS. Whether in breakfast cereals, granola bars, or oatmeal, oats are the cornerstone ingredient in many of Quaker’s offerings.

Dark with no lamps on

Answer: UNLIT

UNLIT aptly describes a space devoid of illumination. Whether it’s a room, a street, or any area without light sources, the absence of lamps or other lighting fixtures renders the environment dark and potentially challenging to navigate.

Asinine, silly

Answer: INANE

When describing something as foolish or lacking intelligence, INANE fits the bill perfectly. It’s a concise term to characterize behavior, ideas, or remarks that are nonsensical or lacking in rationality.

Holder of a canvas

Answer: EASEL

An EASEL serves as a support for canvases, making it easier for artists to work on their creations. Whether painting landscapes, portraits, or abstract art, an easel provides stability and an optimal angle for the artist to work comfortably.

Construction material made from trees

Answer: WOOD

In the world of construction, one of the most common materials derived from trees is known as wood. This versatile substance is utilized in various forms, from sturdy beams to intricate carvings, making it indispensable in building projects worldwide.

Playing cards with two pips

Answer: DEUCES

When it comes to playing cards, those adorned with two pips typically refer to the twos, also known as deuces. These cards often feature two symbols representing their rank, adding a touch of simplicity to the game while still holding strategic value in many card games.

Barbershop __ has a bass, tenor, baritone and lead


In the realm of vocal harmony, a barbershop quartet typically consists of four singers, each assigned to a specific vocal range: bass, tenor, baritone, and lead. Together, they create rich harmonies and melodies, showcasing the unique blend of voices that defines this beloved musical tradition.

Abbreviation for the United Arab Republic

Answer: UAR

The United Arab Republic, abbreviated as UAR, once represented a political union between Egypt and Syria. This abbreviation served as a symbol of unity and cooperation between these nations during a significant period of their shared history.

Three-letter nail polish brand founded in 1981

Answer: OPI

OPI, a renowned nail polish brand founded in 1981, has gained widespread recognition for its high-quality products and extensive color range. With its three-letter acronym, OPI has become synonymous with innovation and style in the beauty industry, offering nail enthusiasts around the world endless options for creative expression.

“To the” in French, goes before “mode”

Answer: ALA

To the in French, typically translated as à la, precedes mode, referring to a particular fashion sense or style. This phrase hints at a linguistic nuance, prompting the answer ALA, which is a homophone and phonetic representation of the French phrase.

Ink-filled writing utensil

Answer: PEN

An ink-filled writing utensil is commonly referred to as a pen, a tool essential for writing and drawing. This straightforward clue directs us to the simple yet precise answer, PEN, illustrating the basic nature of crossword clues and answers.

A brother or a sister


When considering a brother or a sister, the term sibling comes to mind, encapsulating the familial relationship between individuals sharing at least one parent. This clue elegantly points to the answer SIBLING, emphasizing the familial connection inherent in the word.

Piece of land surrounded by water

Answer: ISLAND

A piece of land surrounded by water forms an island, an isolated landmass distinct from its surroundings. The clue succinctly describes the geographical feature, leading to the answer ISLAND, which perfectly encapsulates this definition.

__ out, measure or dole out

Answer: METE

To ___ out denotes the action of measuring or distributing something in a controlled manner. The word mete aligns with this meaning, serving as a verb indicating the careful allocation or measurement of quantities. The clue’s language mirrors the function of the word, culminating in the fitting answer METE.

Can be worn, e.g. technology


When considering technology, one often thinks of devices that can be worn, like smartwatches or fitness trackers. Thus, the term wearable encompasses all such gadgets that can be worn on the body for various purposes.

“__ house is a very, very, very, fine house”

Answer: OUR

In the famous song lyric, Our house is a very, very, very fine house, the word our signifies possession or belonging. It emphasizes the shared ownership and comfort associated with the home described in the song.

Of or relating to octopuses


OCTOPINE refers to a substance found in octopuses. This word connects specifically to these fascinating sea creatures and their unique biological characteristics, providing a precise term for discussions related to them.

Least shallow part of a swimming pool


When talking about swimming pools, the deep end refers to the area where the water is deepest. It’s the part of the pool where swimmers dive or where the water level gradually increases, providing a contrast to the shallower areas.

Belief in the separate entities of body and soul


Dualism is a philosophical concept that posits the existence of two distinct entities, usually referring to the mind and the body. This belief in the separation of body and soul has been a topic of philosophical inquiry for centuries, influencing various aspects of human thought and understanding.

Stage name of musician Gordon Sumner

Answer: STING

This refers to the well-known musician who goes by the stage name Sting. Gordon Sumner adopted this moniker during his time with the band The Police, and it has stuck throughout his successful solo career.

Almost, made partly of

Answer: QUASI

QUASI describes something that is almost or partially something else. It implies a resemblance or similarity without being exactly the same. It’s often used in contexts where something resembles another thing but isn’t identical.

Bodybuilding back muscle used by rowers

Answer: LAT

Rowers heavily rely on their latissimus dorsi muscles, commonly referred to as lats, to power their rowing strokes. These muscles are located in the back and play a crucial role in the pulling motion required for rowing.

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