Codycross Crossword Puzzle for Today April 8, 2024

Codycross Crossword Puzzle

Find your answer for Today’s Codycross Crossword Puzzle here. This article provides you the best and simple way of explanation to solve the solution.

Codycross Crossword

The Codycross Crossword Puzzle  is not just a game, it’s a brain-teasing journey that challenges and entertain people with its interesting answer. It’s a fun way to play with words and challenge yourself. All you need is concentration and some patience  to start this exciting journey! So if you’re looking for a mental challenge and entertaining, look at the Codycross Crossword Puzzle. Visit our page for the latest Crossword Puzzles and Have Fun!

Ice precipitation associated with thunderstorms

Answer: HAIL

During thunderstorms, updrafts carry water droplets into extremely cold regions of the atmosphere where they freeze into small pellets of ice. These pellets, known as hailstones, can range in size from pea-sized to as large as softballs and pose a significant threat to property and agriculture.

Roman goddess of love

Answer: VENUS

Venus, also known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology, was revered as the goddess of love, beauty, desire, and fertility. She was often depicted in art and literature as a symbol of romantic love, embodying both physical beauty and the power of attraction.

Ad __, 2019 space thriller with Brad Pitt

Answer: ASTRA

Ad Astra is a 2019 science fiction film starring Brad Pitt as an astronaut on a mission to uncover the truth about his father’s disappearance in space. The Latin phrase Ad Astra translates to to the stars, reflecting the film’s exploration of both outer space and inner human emotions.


Answer: COWED

To be abashed is to feel embarrassed, ashamed, or intimidated, often as a result of feeling inferior or out of place in a particular situation. When someone is cowed, they are subdued or intimidated into submission, typically through the display of authority or power.

Strike one for a photo

Answer: POSE

In photography, striking a pose refers to assuming a particular position or stance for a photograph. Whether it’s a candid moment or a planned composition, posing allows subjects to convey specific emotions, attitudes, or characteristics, shaping the narrative of the image.

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system

Answer: HVAC

The puzzle begins with a clue for an essential system found in buildings, regulating temperature and air quality. Known by its acronym, HVAC controls heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. It’s the backbone of indoor comfort in both residential and commercial spaces.

Writer of fables like The Tortoise and the Hare

Answer: AESOP

Moving on to literature, the next clue refers to a prolific fabulist whose timeless tales continue to captivate audiences. Aesop is the mastermind behind beloved fables like The Tortoise and the Hare, imparting moral lessons through anthropomorphic characters and clever narratives.

Undecided, __ minds

Answer: INTWO

Transitioning to a phrase hinting at indecision, the crossword prompts with undecided, __ minds. The solution, INTWO, suggests a state of being torn between two choices or perspectives. It captures the ambivalence often experienced when grappling with conflicting thoughts or options.

Entices with bait

Answer: LURES

Shifting focus to tactics of persuasion, the clue entices with bait points to a method commonly used in fishing and metaphorically in various contexts. Lures are designed to attract and tempt, appealing to desires or interests to captivate and lead towards a desired outcome.

Singer who released Diamond Life

Answer: SADE

Sade, renowned for her sultry voice and distinctive style, gained prominence with the release of Diamond Life. The album’s fusion of soul, jazz, and R&B established her as a seminal figure in the music industry.

Play a part on stage

Answer: ACT

In theater, actors perform in acts, segments of a play where the storyline unfolds. The term ACT not only refers to these segments but also to the action of performing a role on stage, embodying a character’s persona, emotions, and dialogue.

Microfilms for storing document images

Answer: FICHES

FICHES refers to microfilm sheets, typically used for storing document images in a compact format. These microfilms contain reduced-size reproductions of documents, enabling efficient storage and retrieval of information, particularly in libraries, archives, and historical records.

A contest where participants are judged on beauty


A PAGEANT is an event where contestants compete in various categories, often including beauty, talent, and poise. Judges assess participants based on their physical appearance, demeanor, and performance, with winners often crowned as representatives of beauty ideals within their respective contexts.

Patchett, Coulter, Taylor

Answer: ANN

ANN is the common middle name shared by authors Ann Patchett, Ann Coulter, and Ann Taylor. While unrelated in terms of genre and style, these authors have made significant contributions to literature, politics, and fashion respectively, each leaving their mark in their respective fields.

Middle name of Call Me Maybe singer Carly Jepsen

Answer: RAE

Carly Rae Jepsen, known for her hit song Call Me Maybe, includes RAE as her middle name. This Canadian singer-songwriter gained widespread recognition with her catchy pop tunes and distinctive vocal style, solidifying her place in the music industry.

One name for natural order in Chinese philosophy

Answer: TAO

In Chinese philosophy, the concept of the natural order is encapsulated by the term Tao. This term embodies the idea of harmony, balance, and the inherent flow of the universe, representing a fundamental principle in various schools of thought such as Taoism and Confucianism.

Abbreviation for Gross National Product

Answer: GNP

Abbreviated as GNP, Gross National Product is a key indicator used in economics to measure the total value of all goods and services produced by a country’s residents and businesses within a specific time frame, typically a year. It provides insight into the economic health and productivity of a nation on a broader scale.

Agyrophobia is a fear of crossing __ or roads


Agyrophobia, a specific phobia, manifests as an intense fear of crossing streets or roads. This fear may stem from various factors such as fear of accidents, trauma related to past experiences, or anxiety about being in open or crowded spaces, affecting individuals’ daily activities and mobility.

The crops a farm produces, in business terms

Answer: YIELDS

In business terminology, yields refer to the quantity or amount of crops produced by a farm within a given period. This term is pivotal in agricultural economics as it directly influences farmers’ profitability and determines the overall output of the agricultural sector, impacting food supply chains and economies globally.

Chemical formula for caesium fluoride

Answer: CSF

The chemical formula for caesium fluoride is denoted as CsF. This compound is composed of caesium (Cs) and fluoride (F) ions, forming an ionic bond. Caesium fluoride finds applications in various fields such as organic synthesis, as a catalyst in organic reactions, and in the production of specialty glasses and ceramics.

The highest card in most games

Answer: ACE

The highest card in most card games is often sought after for its superior value and potential to win. In various card games such as poker or blackjack, the ace holds significant importance due to its ability to represent either the highest or lowest value, making it a versatile asset in a player’s hand.

Anion is a negatively __ ion


In chemistry, an anion is a type of ion that carries a negative electrical charge. These ions are formed when an atom gains one or more electrons, thereby creating an imbalance in the number of protons and electrons and resulting in a negatively charged particle.

People who live in your house for a monthly fee


Tenants are individuals or families who reside in a property owned by another person or entity in exchange for a monthly payment, typically referred to as rent. Landlords rent out their properties to tenants, who have the right to occupy the space for the agreed-upon duration as outlined in a lease or rental agreement.

Zealous supporter of a team


A fanatic is someone who exhibits intense enthusiasm and unwavering support for a particular team or cause. Whether it’s sports, politics, or other interests, fanatics are dedicated and passionate supporters who often go to great lengths to express their allegiance.

Pays no attention to


When someone ignores something, they deliberately pay no attention to it, either by choice or indifference. Ignoring can manifest in various forms, such as disregarding someone’s words or actions, neglecting responsibilities or tasks, or overlooking certain details or occurrences, often resulting in consequences or misunderstandings.

Walk up or down them to get to the top or bottom

Answer: STEPS

When navigating between different levels, one relies on these structures, ascending or descending. These structures are essential in traversing varying heights, whether it’s a staircase in a building or natural inclines like hills. The answer to this crossword clue is STEPS.

Cline, who goes Walkin’ After Midnight

Answer: PATSY

This country music legend, famous for hits like Walkin’ After Midnight, captivated audiences with her emotive voice and heartfelt lyrics. With her iconic songs, she remains a cherished figure in the history of country music. The answer to this clue is PATSY, referring to Patsy Cline.

Santa’s little helper

Answer: ELF

In tales of holiday cheer and gift-giving, this diminutive figure plays a significant role, aiding Santa Claus in his Christmas endeavors. Often depicted as industrious and merry, they contribute to the magic of the season. The answer to this clue is ELF, synonymous with Christmas enchantment.

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