Crossword Puzzle Answer for The Sun2 Speed Clue for April 9th, 2024

The Sun2 Speed Clue

In this article, we will be seeing about the crossword puzzle called The Sun2 Speed and proceed with it to find the answer for the clue.

So, when we speak about crossword we always think of it as a hard puzzle and that takes time to solve it. Yes, it is true, but when we start to take up something only we will know how the game is. As the game goes on, we will learn how we will be playing the crossword with the clues that are given to us. So, are you ready to play the game?

Companion in riotous sector

Answer: ESCORT 

Companion in riotous sector: ESCORT – In a chaotic environment, one often needs guidance and protection. An escort serves as a companion, particularly in tumultuous or riotous areas, ensuring safety and support for individuals navigating through such turbulent spaces.

Doctor one copying rag trader

Answer: DRAPER 

Doctor one copying rag trader: DRAPER – A skilled profession involves meticulous craftsmanship and keen observation. In this clue, a draper, akin to a rag trader, showcases expertise in textiles. The term “doctor one copying” indicates a rearrangement, leading to the solution, which refers to someone skilled in the trade of cloth.

Hindu mystic in Jellystone Park?

Answer: YOGI

Hindu mystic in Jellystone Park?: YOGI – Delving into the realm of wordplay, this clue cleverly disguises the term for a Hindu mystic within a familiar setting. Jellystone Park is the home of Yogi Bear, a well-known cartoon character. The question mark hints at a different interpretation, leading to the solution “YOGI,” referencing a spiritual figure.

Interested spectator ripped rev’s robe


Interested spectator ripped rev’s robe: OBSERVER – Here, we decipher a term related to perception and attention through a play on words. “Ripped rev’s robe” hints at dissecting or rearranging the letters to find the solution. An observer is someone keenly interested in watching events unfold, and in this case, their attention is drawn to a spectacle involving a ripped garment.

Girl with snow leopard in state


Girl with snow leopard in state: ANNOUNCE – Exploring the context of this clue reveals a scenario where a young woman and a snow leopard are associated with a particular condition or situation. “In state” suggests being in a certain state of being or location. The solution, “ANNOUNCE,” implies making something known or declaring it publicly, perhaps referring to an event or circumstance involving the girl and the snow leopard.

Constant smoker worried about inhaling nitrogen

Answer: ETNA 

Constant smoker worried about inhaling nitrogen: ETNA – This clue combines scientific terminology with a hint of irony. A “constant smoker” could be someone habitually inhaling smoke, perhaps unaware of other substances they might be inhaling. “Worried about inhaling nitrogen” highlights a chemical element, which, in this context, leads to the solution “ETNA,” referring to the active volcano in Italy.

Take ages to fit in

Answer: BELONG 

“Take ages to fit in” suggests a phrase meaning someone needs time to adapt or become accepted. The answer is BELONG, as it conveys the idea of finding one’s place or fitting into a particular group or environment gradually.

Twist no good in story

Answer: TANGLE 

“Twist no good in story” hints at a word indicating a situation where things become complicated or knotted up. The answer is TANGLE, reflecting a narrative or situation where events become convoluted or entangled.

Monkey endlessly makes racket

Answer: SCAM 

“Monkey endlessly makes racket” implies a term describing a noisy disturbance caused by a primate. The answer is SCAM, portraying the idea of chaos or uproar created by the constant noise of a monkey.

Prudent princess encrypted secret


“Prudent princess encrypted secret” suggests a phrase indicating a careful or cautious royal hiding information. The answer is DISCREET, signifying the princess’s discretion in keeping secrets or maintaining confidentiality.

Emperor an Orwellian pig


“Emperor an Orwellian pig” hints at a historical figure reminiscent of George Orwell’s character representing authoritarianism. The answer is NAPOLEON, referring to Napoleon Bonaparte, who shares characteristics with Orwell’s allegorical figure from “Animal Farm” portraying oppressive rule.

Home of Columbus?

Answer: OHIO 

BHome of Columbus? OHIO: The question refers to the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, which is Ohio. Ohio is well-known for its connection to the explorer, as it is often referred to as the “Home of Columbus.”

Capital A followed by S

Answer: ATHENS 

Capital A followed by S: ATHENS: This clue suggests a location whose name begins with “A” and ends with “S,” which is Athens. Athens is the capital city of Greece and fits the given criteria.

Standard gen’s in for deciphering

Answer: ENSIGN 

Standard gen’s in for deciphering: ENSIGN: This clue indicates that we need to insert the abbreviation for “gen’s” into a word to decipher it, resulting in “ensign,” which is a standard or flag.

Wife bought in before long to become ecstatic

Answer: SWOON 

Wife bought in before long to become ecstatic: SWOON: Here, “wife” (W) is inserted into “soon” (before long) to create “swoon,” which means to become ecstatic or faint with emotion.

South American flower for womble

Answer: ORINOCO 

South American flower for womble: ORINOCO: This clue hints at a South American river and a type of flower, leading to “Orinoco,” which is a river in South America, also associated with the Orinoco crocodile, and is the name of a flower.

Scottish links or not bothered?

Answer: TROON 

Scottish links or not bothered? TROON: This clue suggests a Scottish location that is associated with golf, leading to “Troon,” a town on the west coast of Scotland, famous for its golf courses, including Royal Troon Golf Club.

Politics ultimately in moral decline

Answer: DESCENT 

Politics ultimately in moral decline: DESCENT: This clue suggests that the answer is a word for “decline” that includes the ultimate letters of “politics,” which are “cs,” resulting in “descent,” meaning a downward movement or moral decline.

Match found in pea green

Answer: AGREE 

Match found in pea green: AGREE – This clue employs word association to lead to the solution. “Pea green” evokes the color green associated with peas, suggesting a connection. In this context, “match found” indicates agreement or harmony, leading to the solution “AGREE,” which means to be in accord or alignment.

Immortal unknown’s left outside

Answer: ETERNAL 

Immortal unknown’s left outside: ETERNAL – Here, we unravel a clue involving both wordplay and contextual interpretation. “Immortal unknown’s left” implies something everlasting or eternal, while “outside” suggests the inclusion of certain letters from the word “unknown.” Putting these together, we arrive at “ETERNAL,” which signifies something timeless or enduring.

Delight in French song

Answer: ENCHANT 

Delight in French song: ENCHANT – This clue hints at finding joy or pleasure in a specific cultural context. “French song” suggests looking for a word with French origins related to music or melody. The solution, “ENCHANT,” denotes the feeling of being captivated or enchanted, often evoked by music or art.

Des in gallery finds beautiful woman

Answer: GODDESS 

Des in gallery finds beautiful woman: GODDESS – Deciphering this clue involves understanding the context of appreciation and admiration. “Des in gallery” hints at a location where one might find artistic representations, leading to the solution “GODDESS.” The term refers to a beautiful and revered female figure, often depicted in artwork found in galleries.

Uneasy over Sun being playful?

Answer: NERVOUS 

Uneasy over Sun being playful? NERVOUS – In this clue, we encounter a clever wordplay combining elements of emotion and celestial imagery. “Sun being playful” suggests a scenario where the sun’s behavior might evoke a sense of unease or apprehension. The solution “NERVOUS” describes a state of anxiety or tension, fitting the context of the clue.

King flees bad-tempered elk

Answer: MOOSE 

King flees bad-tempered elk: MOOSE – Here, we navigate through a clue blending elements of royal titles and animal characteristics. “King flees” implies the removal of the letter representing a monarch, while “bad-tempered elk” hints at the animal kingdom. The solution “MOOSE” represents a type of large deer, fitting the description provided in the clue.

Meaning found in Amundsen Sea

Answer: SENSE 

Meaning found in Amundsen Sea: SENSE – This clue takes a geographical reference to hint at a conceptual understanding. “Amundsen Sea” suggests a location where one might metaphorically discover or uncover something. The solution “SENSE” refers to understanding or comprehension, suggesting that meaning can be derived from exploration or observation.

Dallas family for example embodies success

Answer: EWING 

Dallas family for example embodies success: EWING – In this clue, we encounter a reference to a well-known fictional family associated with prosperity. “Dallas family” points towards a popular television show where the surname “Ewing” signifies wealth and success. Thus, the solution “EWING” encapsulates the idea of achievement and triumph, representing the embodiment of success.

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