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Explore the answer for Today’s Thomas Joseph Crossword Puzzle. Let’s see the answer to Today’s puzzles and Have Fun!

The Thomas Joseph Crossword Puzzles bring us into the world of entertainment. It helps to improve our way of thinking in numerous ways, which develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. This puzzle is a word game and our goal is to fill the grids with the correct answers. This article provides you with the best explanation to find out the solution in a simple manner. For more Thomas Joseph interesting Puzzles, Visit our page regularly.

“Hey there!”


“Hey there!” is a casual greeting often directed towards someone, and in the context of a crossword puzzle, it suggests the word “You,” addressing the person being spoken to directly. It’s a simple and informal way to get someone’s attention or initiate a conversation.



“Abodes” refers to places where people live, and in a crossword puzzle context, it’s a clue hinting at “Homes,” indicating residences or dwellings. The term encompasses various types of living spaces, from houses and apartments to other forms of accommodation.



“Ace” typically denotes the playing card with a single spot or pip,  it refers to “Onespot,” which is a colloquial term for an ace in card games. The clue directs the solver to identify a card with a solitary symbol, often associated with high value or skill.



“Annex” suggests “Addon,” indicating an additional or supplementary part added to something existing. It refers to an extension or attachment, often used to expand a building or property, or to add extra features to a software program.

Astronaut Grissom


“Astronaut Grissom” leads to “Gus,” referring to Gus Grissom, one of the original NASA astronauts who piloted the Mercury and Gemini spacecraft in the early days of space exploration. The clue directs the solver to fill in the name of the astronaut associated with the given context.



“Bury” indicates the action of interring or placing something underground,  it hints at “Inter,” which means to bury or lay to rest. It’s a concise clue indicating the act of placing something beneath the surface, often associated with burial rituals or concealment.

Cake cover


“Cake cover” typically refers to the sweet and decorative layer that coats a cake’s surface,  it suggests the word “Icing,” which is commonly used to adorn and flavor cakes. The clue directs the solver to identify the sugary coating that enhances the appearance and taste of baked goods.

Camp craft


“Camp craft” hints at “Canoe,” a type of lightweight boat commonly used for water-based activities such as camping and recreational paddling. It’s a clue indicating a specific type of watercraft associated with outdoor adventures and wilderness exploration.

Celtic priest


“Celtic priest” leads to “Druid,” referring to a member of the ancient Celtic religious order known for their spiritual beliefs and practices. The clue directs the solver to fill in the name of a historical figure associated with Celtic culture and religious rituals.

Colony members


“Colony members” suggests “Ants,” referring to the social insects known for their organized colonies and cooperative behavior. The clue directs the solver to identify the type of creatures that live and work together in large communities, often observed in nature.

Curaçao’s neighbor


“Curaçao’s neighbor” hints at “Aruba,” an island nation located in the Caribbean Sea near the island of Curaçao. The clue directs the solver to identify the geographical location adjacent to Curaçao, known for its sandy beaches and tourist attractions.



“Dandy” is a term used to describe a man who is excessively concerned with his appearance and fashion,  it suggests the word “Fop,” which is synonymous with a dandy or a man overly preoccupied with his clothing and grooming. The clue directs the solver to fill in the term representing a fashionable and flamboyant individual.



“Depend” suggests the action of relying on someone or something, indicating a sense of trust or dependence, it leads to the word “Rely,” which means to have confidence or trust in someone or something to fulfill a particular need or expectation.



“Endures” refers to the ability to withstand or persist over time, indicating resilience or longevity, it hints at the word “Lasts,” which means to remain in existence or continue to function for an extended period without deterioration or cessation.

Floral garland


“Floral garland” suggests a decorative wreath of flowers often worn around the neck,  it leads to the word “Lei,” which specifically refers to the traditional Hawaiian floral garland used for adornment and ceremonial purposes.

Flower girl, often


“Flower girl, often” hints at a young female relative, typically a daughter or niece, who participates in wedding ceremonies by scattering flower petals down the aisle, it suggests the word “Niece,” which is commonly associated with the role of a young girl in wedding processions.

Flue filth


“Flue filth” refers to the residue of combustion that accumulates in chimney flues, indicating a type of dirt or grime, it hints at the word “Soot,” which specifically refers to the black powdery substance resulting from incomplete combustion of organic matter.

Frilly wrap


“Frilly wrap” suggests a decorative accessory worn around the neck or shoulders, typically made of feathers or fabric with a fluffy or ornamental appearance, it leads to the word “Boa,” which specifically refers to a long scarf-like accessory often worn as a fashion statement.

Highly decorative


“Highly decorative” indicates something adorned with intricate or elaborate designs, suggesting a sense of embellishment or ornateness, it hints at the word “Ornate,” which specifically describes something lavishly decorated or detailed in appearance.



“Impair” refers to the action of causing damage or reducing the quality or effectiveness of something, indicating a sense of deterioration or weakening, it leads to the word “Mar,” which means to spoil or damage the appearance or surface of something, typically through scratches or blemishes.

Important age


“Important age” hints at “Era,” referring to a significant period in history characterized by particular events, developments, or cultural trends, it suggests the word “Era,” which represents a distinct and noteworthy epoch or era in human history.

In the area


“In the area” indicates being close or nearby to a particular location or region, suggesting a sense of proximity or spatial relation, it leads to the word “About,” which means approximately or roughly in terms of distance or position.

Langley org


“Langley org” refers to an organization based in Langley, Virginia, commonly associated with intelligence and national security operations, it hints at the “CIA,” which stands for the Central Intelligence Agency, a prominent intelligence agency of the United States government headquartered in Langley.

Letter after sigma


“Letter after sigma” suggests a Greek letter occurring after the letter sigma in the Greek alphabet, indicating a sequence or order of letters, it leads to the word “Tau,” which is the letter occurring immediately after sigma in the Greek alphabet.

Letter after zeta


“Letter after zeta” similarly refers to a Greek letter occurring after the letter zeta in the Greek alphabet, indicating a continuation of the alphabetical order, it leads to the word “Eta,” which is the letter occurring immediately after zeta in the Greek alphabet.

Little piggy


Little piggy: This clue refers to a part of the human body, specifically a digit located at the end of the foot. The answer is “TOE,” indicating one of the five small projections on the foot commonly referred to as “little piggies” in the children’s rhyme “This Little Piggy.”

Lose it


Lose it This clue implies a state of losing control or composure, often associated with emotional distress or frustration. The answer is “GOMAD,” suggesting a colloquial expression for losing one’s temper or becoming upset.

Nebula makeup


Nebula makeup In astronomy, this clue refers to the composition of a celestial object characterized by clouds of gas and dust. The answer is “GASES,” indicating the components of a nebula, which primarily consist of various gases such as hydrogen and helium.

One or more


One or more This clue suggests inclusivity, referring to the presence of at least one of something or possibly more. The answer is “ANY,” indicating that the quantity mentioned can be one or more, without specifying a particular number.

Playwright O’Neill


Playwright O’Neill This clue identifies a renowned playwright known for his contributions to American theater. The answer is “EUGENE,” referring to Eugene O’Neill, a prolific playwright whose works include “Long Day’s Journey into Night” and “The Iceman Cometh.”

Police trap


Police trap This clue describes a situation where law enforcement sets up a covert operation to catch criminals or illegal activity. The answer is “STING,” indicating a police operation designed to entrap or catch individuals engaged in criminal behavior, often through deceptive means.

Poor person


Poor person This clue refers to an individual who lacks wealth or material possessions. The answer is “HAVENOT,” indicating someone who does not have the financial means or resources to meet their needs or desires.

Presidential nickname


Presidential nickname This clue suggests a familiar moniker used to refer to a former United States president. The answer is “ABE,” which is a common nickname for Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States.

Privates’ bosses


Privates’ bosses In a military context, this clue describes the officers who hold authority over enlisted personnel. The answer is “SARGES,” an abbreviation for sergeants, who are non-commissioned officers responsible for leading and supervising soldiers at the rank of private or lower.

Pub pastime


Pub pastime This clue refers to a common activity enjoyed in a public establishment, often involving a game played with small, pointed missiles thrown at a circular target. The answer is “DARTS,” indicating the popular pub game where players aim to accurately throw darts at a dartboard.

Reply to “Gracias”


Reply to “Gracias” This clue hints at a common response used to express gratitude in Spanish. The answer is “DENADA,” which translates to “you’re welcome” in English, commonly used as a polite reply to someone saying “gracias” or “thank you.”

September sign


September sign This clue indicates a zodiac sign associated with individuals born in September. The answer is “VIRGO,” representing the astrological sign of Virgo, which covers the majority of the month of September, typically from August 23 to September 22.

Sermon topic


Sermon topic This clue suggests a subject commonly addressed in religious teachings or messages delivered during a church service. “SIN” fits this description as it refers to immoral or wrongful acts that go against religious or moral principles, often discussed in sermons as a means of urging repentance or seeking forgiveness.

Shared acquaintances


Shared acquaintances In the context of a crossword puzzle, this clue implies a phrase indicating individuals who are known or familiar to multiple people in common. “MUTUAL FRIENDS” fits this description as it represents people who are acquainted with two or more individuals, forming connections and relationships among them.

Small loudspeaker


Small loudspeaker This clue suggests a device or component used for amplifying sound, typically in audio systems or electronic devices. “TWEETER” fits this description as it refers to a type of speaker driver designed to produce high-frequency sounds, often used in conjunction with other speakers to achieve balanced audio output.



Spat This clue implies a short-lived quarrel or disagreement between individuals, often characterized by heated exchanges or verbal disputes. “GAITER” doesn’t fit this description; a more appropriate answer would be “ROW” or “TIFT,” reflecting a brief but intense conflict or argument.



Stately This clue suggests a word describing something majestic, dignified, or grand in appearance or manner. “NOBLE” fits this description as it signifies qualities associated with aristocracy or royalty, conveying a sense of elegance, grace, and importance.



Sties In agricultural or rural contexts, this clue likely refers to enclosures or structures where pigs are kept. “PIGPENS” fits this description as it denotes areas designated for housing pigs, providing shelter and containment for these animals on farms or homesteads.



Stupor This clue suggests a state of dazed or unconsciousness, often induced by intoxication or fatigue. “TRANCE” fits this description as it refers to a condition of altered consciousness, where an individual appears detached from their surroundings and may exhibit reduced responsiveness to stimuli.

The Hatfields and the McCoys, e.g


The Hatfields and the McCoys, e.g. This clue implies a term describing two parties or groups locked in a long-standing and bitter feud or conflict. “MORTAL ENEMIES” fits this description as it signifies adversaries who harbor intense hostility or animosity towards each other, often resulting in ongoing confrontations or vendettas.

Theater award


Theater award In the realm of performing arts, this clue suggests recognition or accolades given to individuals or productions for excellence in theater. “OBIE” fits this description as it refers to the Obie Awards, an annual ceremony honoring achievements in Off-Broadway theater, including performances, direction, and design.



Triumph This clue implies a significant victory or success achieved through great effort or skill. “WIN” fits this description as it represents the act of emerging victorious in a competition, conflict, or challenge, signifying achievement and accomplishment.



Twosome This clue suggests a pair or duo, consisting of two individuals or elements. “DUO” fits this description as it signifies a combination or partnership of two entities, often working together or sharing a common purpose or task.

Union chapter


Union chapter In organizational contexts, this clue likely refers to a local branch or division of a larger labor union. “LOCAL” fits this description as it denotes a specific geographical or regional unit within a union, representing the interests and concerns of workers within a particular area.



Yarn This clue implies a narrative or tale, often involving elements of storytelling or fiction. “STORY” fits this description as it represents a sequence of events or experiences presented in a structured manner, typically with characters, plot, and setting, intended to entertain, inform, or evoke emotions.

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