Daily Commuter Crossword Clue Solved

Daily Commuter Crossword

Find the answer for today’s Daily Commuter Crossword here. With our guide, crack the code, win the challenge and satisfy your crosswords cravings.

The daily commuter crossword is one of the most popular puzzle features in newspapers, magazines and online puzzle sites. It is designed to entertain and challenge commuters on their way to work or school each day. The daily commuter crossword usually consists of a white and black grid, with clues for both crosswords and downwards. The clues range from simple definitions to complex wordplay and mysterious references. The solvers have to rely on their dictionary, trivia knowledge, and problem solving skills to complete the grid properly.

Whether you are an experienced crossword player or just looking for something fun to do while commuting, the daily commuter crossword will provide you with a fun mental challenge as well as the satisfaction of finishing a puzzle. The daily commuter crosswords often cover a wide variety of topics, from pop culture and history to literature and science, as well as current events.

Daily Commuter Crossword Clue Solved (April 12, 2024)

Walk like a model

Answer: SASHAY

Explanation: To sashay is to walk in an ostentatious or flamboyant manner, often with exaggerated movements, like a model would on a runway.

Kids’ sandwiches, for short

Answer: PBJS

Explanation: PB&Js is a common abbreviation for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a popular lunch option for children.


Answer: CAB

Explanation: A cab is a short form of taxicab, which is a vehicle available for hire with a driver, used by passengers for transportation.


Answer: OPPOSE

Explanation: To oppose is to resist or act against something or someone, often in disagreement or opposition to their ideas or actions.

Taken by mouth

Answer: ORAL

Explanation: Oral refers to something that is administered or taken in through the mouth, such as medication or instructions.

“What’s the __?”

Answer: USE

Explanation: The question suggests completion with a word related to the context, often inquiring about the purpose or function of something.

Johannesburg’s country: 2 wds.


Explanation: Johannesburg is a city in South Africa, a country located at the southern tip of the African continent.

__-Manuel Miranda

Answer: LIN

Explanation: The name refers to Lin-Manuel Miranda, an American composer, lyricist, and actor, known for his work on musicals like “Hamilton” and In the Heights.

Grand Ole __

Answer: OPRY

Explanation: The Grand Ole Opry is a famous weekly country music stage concert in Nashville, Tennessee, which has showcased country music artists for decades.

Dish with olives and feta: 2 wds.


Explanation: A Greek salad is a dish typically made with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, and feta cheese, often served with a dressing made of olive oil and herbs.

Do as you’re told

Answer: OBEY

Explanation: The instruction to do as you’re told means to follow instructions or commands without question. The word that fits this meaning is obey.

Advanced degree: Abbr.

Answer: PHD

Explanation: An advanced degree typically refers to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree, which is a high-level academic qualification awarded by universities.

Great song, in modern slang

Answer: BANGER

Explanation: In modern slang, a banger refers to a great or excellent song, especially one that is catchy or widely enjoyed.

Big moment for a wind player: 2 wds.


Explanation: A big moment for a wind player refers to a solo performance by a musician who plays a wind instrument, such as the oboe. In this case, the answer consists of two words: “oboe” (the instrument) and “solo” (indicating a solo performance).

Atlantic, e.g.

Answer: OCEAN

Explanation: The Atlantic is an example of an ocean, specifically one of the world’s major oceans, separating the continents of Europe and Africa from the Americas.

Playfully hits

Answer: SWATS

Explanation: To playfully hit someone means to lightly strike or smack them in a playful manner. The term swats refers to these playful hits.


Answer: WET

Explanation: Something that is dripping is wet with liquid that is falling or flowing in drops.


Answer: ATE

Explanation: Ate is the past tense of the verb eat, which means to consume food by putting it in one’s mouth and swallowing it.

Gets boring

Answer: DULLS

Explanation: To get bored means to become less interesting or exciting over time. The word dulls describes this process of losing interest or excitement.


Answer: NAH

Explanation: Nope is an informal way of saying no, often used in casual conversation or informal contexts.

Get __ of

Answer: RID

Explanation: The phrase get rid of means to dispose of or eliminate something unwanted or undesirable. The word that completes the phrase is rid.


Answer: TIRED

Explanation: Fatigued describes the state of being exhausted or lacking energy due to physical or mental exertion.

Baseball’s Pee Wee

Answer: REESE

Explanation: In baseball, Pee Wee Reese refers to Harold Pee Wee Reese, a Hall of Fame shortstop who played primarily for the Brooklyn Dodgers.



Explanation: Circumspect means cautious, prudent, or careful in considering potential consequences of actions. Discreet is a synonym for circumspect, indicating someone who is careful and avoids causing trouble or attracting attention.

Not as spicy

Answer: MILDER

Explanation: Something that is milder is less intense or strong in flavor, particularly in reference to spiciness.

School vehicle

Answer: BUS

Explanation: A bus is a large motor vehicle used for transporting passengers, often used to transport students to and from school.

Big brass instrument

Answer: TUBA

Explanation: The tuba is a large brass musical instrument with a deep, resonant sound, commonly used in orchestras and brass bands.

Sorts by type


Explanation: To classify something is to arrange or organize it into categories or groups based on shared characteristics or properties.

Free from danger

Answer: SAFE

Explanation: Something that is safe is free from harm, risk, or danger, providing protection or security.

Young boy

Answer: LAD

Explanation: A lad is a colloquial term for a young boy or a young man, often used in informal contexts.

Person who leads the way


Explanation: A trendsetter is someone who establishes or initiates a new trend or fashion, leading others to follow their example.

Beauty __ the Beast

Answer: AND

Explanation: In the phrase Beauty and the Beast, and is a conjunction that connects the two nouns “Beauty” and “Beast” to indicate a relationship between them.


Answer: EARN

Explanation: Merit refers to the quality of deserving reward or recognition due to one’s actions, achievements, or qualities. To “earn” something is to acquire it through effort, achievement, or action.

Left the stage

Answer: EXITED

Explanation: To exit is to leave or go out of a place, such as a stage. Exited is the past tense form of the verb “exit.”


Answer: YES

Explanation: Yes is a word used to express agreement, affirmation, or consent, often in response to a question or statement.

Animals’ lairs

Answer: DENS

Explanation: Dens are shelters or homes where certain animals, such as bears or foxes, live and raise their young.


Answer: LOCALE

Explanation: A locale is a place or location where events or activities take place, such as a venue for concerts, conferences, or performances.

Not so hot

Answer: SOSO

Explanation: So-so is an expression used to indicate that something is neither particularly good nor particularly bad, but rather average or mediocre.

Each: 2 wds.

Answer: APOP

Explanation: Apop is an informal abbreviation for apiece, which means for each or individually. When split as a pop, it suggests that each person gets something.

Cowboy boot attachment

Answer: SPUR

Explanation: A spur is a small metal tool with a spiked wheel worn on the heel of a cowboy boot, used to urge a horse forward by pressing it into the horse’s side.

Sweaty exercise class: 2 wds.


Explanation: Hot yoga refers to a type of yoga practiced in a heated room, causing participants to sweat profusely. The answer consists of two words, with hot describing the environment and yoga indicating the type of exercise.

Blonde shade

Answer: ASH

Explanation: Ash is a shade of blonde hair color characterized by its cool, pale tones, resembling the color of ash or smoke.

Chuck of aviation

Answer: YEAGER

Explanation: Yeager refers to Chuck Yeager, a legendary American aviator and test pilot, known for being the first pilot to break the sound barrier.

Hole in the skin

Answer: PORE

Explanation: A pore is a small opening in the skin, through which sweat and other substances are secreted or excreted.

Cheese with a rind

Answer: BRIE

Explanation: Brie is a type of cheese known for its soft, creamy texture and edible white rind, typically made from cow’s milk.

Lottery payouts


Explanation: Jackpots refer to the large cash prizes awarded in lotteries or gambling games when someone wins the highest possible combination or outcome.

Drastically cuts


Explanation: To slash something is to cut or reduce it drastically, often in a sudden or significant manner.

__ the herd

Answer: CULL

Explanation: To cull means to select or remove individuals from a group based on specific criteria, often done to reduce numbers or improve quality.

Biggest continent

Answer: ASIA

Explanation: Asia is the largest continent on Earth, encompassing a vast and diverse landmass with numerous countries and cultures.


Answer: BEND

Explanation: To stoop means to bend one’s body forward and downward, typically as a sign of respect, to pick something up, or due to age or tiredness.

Cook in oil

Answer: FRY

Explanation: Fry means to cook food in hot oil or fat, typically in a pan or deep fryer, until it becomes crispy and browned.


Answer: ADS

Explanation: Ads is a shortened form of advertisements, referring to promotional messages or commercials used to promote products, services, or events.

Actor Affleck

Answer: BEN

Explanation: Ben Affleck is a well-known actor in Hollywood, known for his roles in films such as Good Will Hunting, Argo, and Gone Girl.

Get on

Answer: BOARD

Explanation: To board means to get on or onto a vehicle, such as a plane, train, or ship, in order to travel.

Popcorn brand: 2 wds.

Answer: ACTII
Explanation: Act II is a brand of popcorn known for its microwave popcorn products. The answer consists of two words.


Answer: NEEDS

Explanation: Needs is the plural form of need, indicating something that is necessary or required.

Baby predator bird

Answer: OWLET

Explanation: An owlet is a baby owl, typically referring to a young owl that has not yet reached adulthood.


Answer: BALD

Explanation: Bald describes someone or something that lacks hair on the scalp or body, often due to natural or genetic factors.

Had title to

Answer: OWNED

Explanation: Owned means to possess or have legal ownership of something, indicating that one has title or control over it.


Answer: LEASE

Explanation: Lease refers to the contractual agreement by which one party (the lessor) grants the use of property, equipment, or services to another party (the lessee) for a specified period in exchange for payment.

“Any __ ideas?”

Answer: OTHER

Explanation: In the phrase Any other ideas? The word other is used to inquire about additional suggestions or alternatives apart from those already mentioned.


Answer: SURE

Explanation: Sure is a synonym for confident, indicating a strong belief or assurance about something.

Requiem hymn: 2 wds.


Explanation: Dies Irae is a Latin term meaning Day of Wrath. It refers to a medieval Latin hymn describing the Last Judgment and often used in requiem masses for the dead. The answer consists of two words.

Depended on


Explanation: To trust someone or something means to have confidence in their reliability or dependability. Trusted is the past tense form of the verb trust.

Chest bone

Answer: RIB

Explanation: A rib is a curved bone that forms the skeletal structure of the chest, protecting the organs within.



Explanation: Elastic describes something that can stretch and return to its original shape, often due to the presence of elastic fibers or materials.

“Survivor” network

Answer: CBS

Explanation: CBS is a television network known for broadcasting the reality TV show Survivor among other programs.

Mollusk often steamed

Answer: MUSSEL

Explanation: A mussel is a type of mollusk with a dark, elongated shell, commonly prepared by steaming and eaten as seafood.

Cruz of Texas

Answer: TED

Explanation: Ted Cruz is a politician and Republican Senator from Texas who has served in the United States Senate since 2013.

Tennis surface

Answer: CLAY

Explanation: Clay is a type of surface commonly used in tennis courts, known for its slower pace and high bounce compared to other surfaces like grass or hard court.

Country road

Answer: LANE

Explanation: A lane often refers to a narrow road, typically found in rural or countryside areas.


Answer: ADDS

Explanation: To add means to contribute or include something to a larger whole. Adds is the present tense form of the verb.

Plant with fronds

Answer: FERN

Explanation: A fern is a type of plant characterized by its feathery or leafy fronds, often found in moist, shaded areas.


Answer: INNS

Explanation: Inns are establishments that offer lodging, meals, and other services to travelers, often smaller and cozier than hotels.

Roti flour

Answer: ATTA

Explanation: Atta is a type of flour commonly used in South Asian cuisine, especially for making roti, a type of unleavened flatbread.


Answer: FEEL

Explanation: Feel refers to the perception or awareness of something through touch or emotion, often involving physical or intuitive sensations.

“Das Lied von der __”

Answer: ERDE

Explanation: Das Lied von der Erde is a German term meaning The Song of the Earth. It refers to a symphony by composer Gustav Mahler.

Prefix with thermal

Answer: EXO

Explanation: Exo- is a prefix meaning outer or outside. When combined with thermal, it forms the word exothermic, referring to a chemical reaction that releases heat.

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