Daily Commuter Crossword Clues with Answers for April 8, 2024

Daily Commuter Crossword Clues with Answers

The Daily Commuter Crossword is a word puzzle where you have to solve clues, but we have provided the answers for better clarity.

The “Daily Commuter” crossword puzzle is a challenge where you can try to improve your skills and your wordplay techniques. This crossword is a simple yet engaging type of word challenge. Playing crosswords is a great way to expand your vocabulary and learn new things. Each clue gives you a hint, and your task is to find the right word to fill in the grid.

For all puzzle solvers, the Daily Commuter Crossword is packed with interesting facts, word challenges, and hidden clues. Thus, it is a favorite among puzzle enthusiasts, offering numerous benefits for your brain.

To crack the puzzle, find the words that match the clues provided. However, check out our page for further exploration of more crossword challenges, and we have also included answers for a better understanding. Here is a list of some crossword clues with their answers.

Cold one at the bar

Answer: BEER

The crossword clue “Cold one at the bar” refers to a common drink that people often order in bars, which is beer. Beer is an alcoholic beverage that is famous in every bar. The name “cold one” refers to the fact that it is served cold and is a common beverage in bars. Hence the answer “BEER” fits because it directly relates to the idea of having a cold drink at a bar.


Answer: SAPS

The crossword clue “Consumes” suggests a word that means to use up or deplete, which is “SAPS.” In this answer, “SAPS” refers to the act of consuming or using something, such as food or resources. It fits the clue because it indicates the action of taking in or using up, which relates to the idea of consumption.

Britcom featuring Edina and Patsy

Answer: AB FAB

In this crossword, “Britcom featuring Edina and Patsy” refers to the popular British comedy show “Absolutely Fabulous,” often abbreviated as “Ab Fab.” The show revolves around the lives of Edina Monsoon and her best friend, Patsy Stone, two fashion-obsessed women living in London. “AB FAB” is known for its humor, satire on the fashion and entertainment industries, and iconic characters.

Strong desire

Answer: HOPE

The crossword clue “Strong desire” conveys the answer “HOPE.” Hope represents a powerful feeling of wanting something to happen or be true. It’s a positive emotion that drives us to believe in possibilities and look forward to better outcomes. So in this crossword puzzle, “HOPE” fits as a word that represents a longing or wish for something good to occur.

Potato in Indian cuisine

Answer: ALOO

The answer to the crossword clue “Potato in Indian cuisine” is ALOO. In Indian cuisine, “aloo” refers to potatoes, which are widely used in various dishes such as aloo masala, aloo paratha, and aloo gobi. Potatoes are a main ingredient in Indian cooking, often cooked with spices and herbs to create flavorful and satisfying dishes.

Deeply desire

Answer: YEARN

In this crossword “Deeply desire” the connecting answer is YEARN. When you yearn for something, it means you have a strong and intense desire or longing for it. This word is often used to express a heartfelt longing or craving for something that you deeply want or wish for. So, in this crossword clue, “deeply desire” and “yearn” both describe a strong longing or craving for something meaningful.

Billion: Prefix

Answer: GIGA

The answer to the crossword clue “Billion: Prefix” is GIGA. In this term, “giga” is a prefix that denotes a factor of one billion. It’s commonly used in the world of technology and computing to indicate large quantities or measurements, such as gigabytes (one billion bytes) or gigahertz (one billion cycles per second). So, if you see “giga” in front of a unit of measurement, it generally means a billion of that unit.

Trail mix

Answer: GORP

In this crossword clue, “Trail mix” refers to the term GORP. It is a term often used to refer to a type of snack mix commonly taken on outdoor adventures like hiking or camping. It typically consists of ingredients like nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and sometimes chocolate or other sweets. Although modern variations of trail mix can include a wide range of ingredients, including just raisins and peanuts.


Answer: RISEN

RISEN is the answer to this crossword clue, “SPED,” because “risen” indicates an increase in speed or movement quickly. When something has “sped,” it has gone faster, and “risen” is a word that fits this idea in the context of movement or acceleration. So, in this crossword puzzle, “sped” can be replaced with “risen” to make sense of the clue or sentence it’s a part of.

“It Ends With Us” author: 2 wds.


Colleen Hoover is a bestselling author known for her contemporary romance novels, including “It Ends With Us.” So it conveys the answer to the crossword clue “It Ends With Us” author: 2 wds. is COLLEEN HOOVER. This book deals with themes of love, resilience, and difficult choices, making it a popular read among fans of the romance genre. So, if you see, “Colleen Hoover” is the answer to this crossword puzzle clue related to this book’s author.

___ Major (constellation)

Answer: CANIS

The answer to the crossword “___ Major (constellation)” is CANIS. A constellation is a group of stars that forms a recognizable pattern in the sky. Canis Major is one such constellation, and its name means “Greater Dog” in Latin. It’s often referred to as a large dog and is one of the most prominent constellations in the southern hemisphere’s winter sky.

Free ad, for short

Answer: P S A

For this crossword clue, “Free ad, for short” the answer related to the title is PSA, which stands for Public Service Announcement. A PSA is a type of advertisement or message that promotes public welfare, safety, or important social issues. These ads are often created and broadcast by organizations, government agencies, or media outlets to inform and educate the public about topics like health, safety, the environment, or community services.

“Outlander” streaming service

Answer: STARZ

STARZ is a popular streaming service that offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and original content for subscribers to watch online. “Outlander” is one of the well-known series available on STARZ, based on the book series by Diana Gabaldon. This conveys that the answer to the crossword “Outlander” streaming service is STARZ.


Answer: ENDS

The crossword clue “Achieves” refers to the answer “ENDS.” In simple terms, “ENDS” means reaching a goal or completing something successfully. When you achieve something, you often reach the end point of a task, project, or journey. In the point of view of this crossword puzzle, “ENDS” refers to the idea of accomplishing or finishing a task or objective, making it a relevant answer for the clue “Achieves.”

Pro’s opposite


A neophyte is a beginner or someone who is new to a particular skill, activity, or profession. On the other hand, “pro” refers to someone who is highly skilled, experienced, or proficient in that same area. A pro is someone who knows a lot about something, and a neophyte is someone who is just starting to learn about it. Hence The crossword clue “Pro’s opposite” answer is “NEOPHYTE.”


Answer: LESSER

The crossword clue “Underling” means someone with less authority. The answer is “LESSER,” which refers to something or someone of lower rank or importance. An underling is like a subordinate or a person with less power compared to others. So, if you see “underling” in a puzzle and need a word that means “of lower status or importance,” “lesser” is the right choice, which is used to show a position that’s below or less important than another.



The crossword clue “Possess” can be answered with “TAKE POSSESSION.” In simple terms, “take possession” means to gain ownership or control over something. When you take possession of something, you physically or legally acquire it and have the right to use, keep, or manage it.

U2’s lead singer

Answer: BONO

Bono is a famous singer who sings in a band called U2. They have songs like “With or Without You” and “Beautiful Day.” Bono is the stage name of Paul David Hewson, who is the lead vocalist and primary songwriter and is also recognized for his activism and philanthropic work, advocating for issues such as global poverty. So it directly conveys that the crossword “U2’s lead singer” answer is “BONO.”


Answer: HYMNS

The crossword clue “Chants” answer is “HYMNS.” Hymns are religious songs that are often sung as part of worship or prayer. They have lyrics that praise or honor a deity or express religious beliefs. Hence, here in this crossword puzzle, “HYMNS” refers to these types of religious chants or songs, making it the appropriate answer for the clue “Chants.”

Kit with tiny bricks: 2 wds.

Answer: LEGO SET

For this crossword clue, “Kit with tiny bricks: 2 wds.” you may know the relevant answer is “LEGO SET.” This answer refers to a toy set manufactured by the company LEGO, which consists of small interlocking plastic bricks and various pieces that can be assembled to create different structures, vehicles, and scenes.

Floral necklaces

Answer: LEIS

“LEIS” is the answer to this crossword clue, “Floral necklaces” since lei is a traditional Hawaiian garland or wreath made from flowers, leaves, or other natural materials. These floral necklaces are often given as a symbol of welcome, affection, or celebration in Hawaiian culture. Hence, “LEIS” is the appropriate answer for this crossword.

Mass transit option

Answer: METRO

A metro is a type of mass transit system, typically found in large cities, that provides public transportation services such as trains or subways. So while analyzing these things, the crossword clue “Mass transit option” answer is “METRO.” These systems are designed to transport a large number of people efficiently and quickly within urban areas.

Dormmate, e.g.

Answer: ROOMIE

In the crossword puzzle, “ROOMIE” is the answer because it describes the person you share living space with, especially in a dormitory or shared accommodation. This answer refers to someone who shares a room, typically in a dormitory or shared living space. A “roomie” is a casual term for a roommate, meaning a person who lives in the same room or apartment as another person.

Top left PC key

Answer: ESC

The Escape key is located at the top left corner of a standard computer keyboard. So we can easily predict that the answer to this “Top left PC key” is “ESC”.  It’s used to cancel or exit out of a current operation, such as closing a window or canceling a command.

Part of a tooth

Answer: CROWN

In this crossword puzzle, “CROWN” is the right answer as it describes an essential part of a tooth. The crown of a tooth is the visible part above the gumline that’s covered in enamel. It’s the part of the tooth that you can see when you smile. The crown protects the inner parts of the tooth, like the pulp and dentin.

“Kids these days!”: 2 wds.

Answer: I M OLD

The crossword clue “Kids these days! : 2 wds.” indirectly connects with the answer “I’M OLD.” This phrase reflects a sentiment of feeling old or out of touch with current trends, especially when observing the behavior or preferences of younger generations. It captures the sentiment of kids commenting on generational differences or changes in society.


Answer: BAD

In everyday language, “bad” can mean feeling unwell or experiencing illness. People might say they feel “bad” when they are sick or not feeling well physically. By considering these, the crossword clue “Sick” is referred to as “BAD.” So it fits as an answer because it’s a simple and commonly used term to describe being sick.

Front yard

Answer: LAWN

The crossword clue “Front yard” answer is “LAWN.” A lawn refers to the grassy area in front of a house or building. It’s a common feature of residential properties and is often used for recreational activities like playing, relaxation, or aesthetic purposes. So with these terms, the answer to the crossword is “LAWN.”

Putt putt: 2 wds.


“Putt putt: 2 wds.” means a game where you putt a golf ball into holes using a putter. “MINIATURE GOLF” is the fun version of golf played on small, themed courses with obstacles. It’s like playing golf in a more relaxed and playful setting, making it a great activity. Therefore, the crossword clue “Putt putt: 2 wds.” is answered with “MINIATURE GOLF.”

“Storage Wars” channel: 3 wds.

Answer: A AND E

In this crossword, “Storage Wars” channel: 3 wds.” answer is “A AND E,” which stands for the cable television channel A&E. It is known for airing popular reality shows like “Storage Wars,” where buyers bid on storage units without knowing their contents and then try to make a profit by selling the items they find inside.

A Great Lake


The crossword clue “A Great Lake” answer must be “MICHIGAN,” referring to Lake Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes in North America. Lake Michigan is known for its vast size and beautiful shoreline, stretching across several states, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.

Buy and sell

Answer: RETAIL

Retail refers to the process of selling goods or services directly to consumers, usually in small quantities for personal use. So in this crossword puzzle, “RETAIL” is the answer because it describes the act of buying and selling items to individual consumers, which makes the clue “Buy and sell” meaningful.

Welcome: 2 wds.

Answer: ASK IN

“Welcome: 2 wds.” referred to the answer “ASK IN.” Since it means to ask someone to come inside, you’re showing that you’re happy to have them as a guest. So, in this crossword puzzle, “ASK IN” is the right answer for welcoming someone warmly.


Answer: ATTIC

The term “ancient” is associated with things from a long time ago or from ancient times, and an attic is sometimes where old or historical items are kept, adding to the connection between the clue and the answer.

Numbers to crunch

Answer: RAW DATA

For this crossword clue, “Numbers to crunch” the required answer is “RAW DATA.” It refers to unprocessed or unanalyzed information, typically in the form of numbers, measurements, or observations. Hence, “RAW DATA” is the answer because it accurately describes the numbers or information.

Positive thing

Answer: PLUS

“Plus” represents something positive or advantageous, so we can conclude that “Positive thing” is referred to as “PLUS.” It is used to describe things that are good, beneficial, or upgradable, making it a suitable answer for the clue.

More or ___

Answer: LESS

The crossword clue “More or ___” must be “LESS.” This phrase is often used to compare quantities or amounts, where “less” indicates a smaller amount or fewer items compared to “more.” So it is the right answer, as it completes the phrase to convey the idea of having a smaller amount or quantity.


Answer: MELT

“Distort” the crossword clue, referred to the term “MELT.” Since “melt” usually means turning solid things into liquid with heat, it can also describe how things change shape or look different. So it clearly shows that change can make things look distorted.



The answer “ANNOYANCE” doesn’t directly correspond to the clue “Insect.” Instead, “ANNOYANCE” typically refers to something that bothers or irritates someone.

“The Little Mermaid” prince

Answer: ERIC

The crossword clue “The Little Mermaid” prince refers to the term “ERIC.” In the story of “The Little Mermaid,” Prince Eric is the romantic interest and love interest of the mermaid protagonist, Ariel.

Frozen waffle brand

Answer: EGGO

Eggo is a popular brand of frozen waffles that are known for their convenience and delicious taste. These waffles can be easily heated in a toaster or microwave, making them a quick and easy breakfast option. So the answer to these crossword clues is “EGGO.”


Answer: GONE

The answer “GONE” doesn’t directly correspond to the clue “Actual,” as “GONE” typically means something that is no longer present or missing. Hence, it indirectly solves the clue and relates to the answer.

Excited to start

Answer: EAGER

The crossword clue “Excited to start” describes the term “EAGER.” When someone is eager, they are keenly looking forward to starting or experiencing something new or exciting. “EAGER” fits perfectly as it captures the sense of anticipation and excitement associated with starting something.

Succulent plants

Answer: ALOE

The answer “ALOE” refers to a type of succulent plant known for its fleshy leaves and medicinal properties. Aloe plants are often grown indoors and used for their gel, which is extracted from the leaves and known for its soothing and healing effects on the skin.

Big storm

Answer: BLOW

The answer “BLOW” indirectly corresponds to the clue “Big Storm.” “Blow” typically refers to a burst of air or wind. However, in the context of a crossword puzzle, words can sometimes have multiple meanings or be used metaphorically.

Tenth grader, for short

Answer: SOPH

The answer “SOPH” refers to a tenth grader, typically used informally or in abbreviation. In high school, students are often referred to by their grade level, such as freshmen for ninth graders and sophomores for tenth graders. Thus, “SOPH” is the right answer, as it represents a common shorthand for a tenth grader.

___ the board

Answer: ACROSS

The answer “ACROSS” completes the phrase “___ the board” in the crossword clue. “Across the board” is an idiomatic expression that means something applies universally or without exception. So “ACROSS” fits perfectly as it completes the common phrase.

Cheer for an opera diva

Answer: BRAVA

In this crossword, “BRAVA” is used to cheer for an opera diva after her performance. It’s the feminine form of “bravo” and is specifically used to applaud a female singer’s outstanding performance.



The term “COMPARE” doesn’t directly correspond to the clue “Confront.” Instead, “COMPARE” typically means to examine similarities and differences between two or more things.

Positively declare

Answer: ALLEGE

The crossword clue “Positively declare” can be answered with “ALLEGE.” When you allege something, you are making a statement or claim about something that you believe to be true.

Sleeping furniture

Answer: BED

“Sleeping furniture” refers to a piece of furniture specifically designed for sleeping. A bed is where you lie down to rest or sleep comfortably.

Manila’s island

Answer: LUZON

This answer refers to the largest island in the Philippines, which is Luzon. It’s home to the country’s capital city, Manila, and is known for its diverse landscapes and cultural heritage.

Starting act

Answer: OPENER

An “opener” is the initial act or performance that begins an event or show. It sets the stage and introduces what is to come.


Answer: BEAM

To “beam” is to smile broadly with happiness or pleasure. It’s a cheerful expression that shows joy or amusement.

Fork’s points

Answer: TINES

The “points” of a fork are its sharp, slender ends that are used for spearing or picking up food, especially when eating.


Answer: ILL

“Ill” in this context refers to someone who is mischievous or playful in a naughty way. They might like to cause harmless trouble or play pranks.

Rivers, in Spanish

Answer: RIOS

The Spanish word for “rivers” is “ríos.” It refers to natural watercourses that flow through landscapes, carrying water from higher to lower elevations.

“Wise” bird

Answer: OWL

The owl is often seen as a symbol of wisdom in various cultures. It’s known for its uniquehabits and senses, which contribute to its reputation as a wise creature.

Pink cocktail, for short

Answer: COSMO

The answer to the crossword clue “Pink cocktail, for short” is COSMO. A Cosmo, short for Cosmopolitan, is a popular pink cocktail made with vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, and lime juice.

Buck of baseball

Answer: O NEIL

The answer to the crossword clue “Buck of baseball” is O’NEIL. This refers to Buck O’Neil, who was a prominent figure in baseball history. He was a player, coach, and manager in the Negro Leagues.



The word “Eminent” can be synonymously replaced with “CELEBRATED.” Both terms describe someone or something widely recognized and admired for their achievements, status, or qualities.

Gas cloud in space

Answer: NEBULA

A “nebula” is a large cloud of gas and dust in space, often where stars are formed or where stars’ remnants are located.

Explosive sound

Answer: WHAM

“Wham” is an onomatopoeic word used to describe a sudden and loud explosive sound, like a heavy impact or collision.

Sketchy, in slang

Answer: SUS

In slang, “sus” is short for “suspicious” and is used to describe something or someone that seems questionable or dubious.


Answer: ADIEU

“Adieu” is a French word meaning farewell or goodbye, often used to bid a final goodbye or express departure.

Indulgent purchase


An “indulgent purchase” can be described as a “splurge.” It’s when you spend money on something you desire or enjoy but don’t necessarily need for daily living.

Tattoo liquids

Answer: Ink

“Ink” refers to the liquid used in tattooing, typically made of pigments suspended in a carrier solution, used to create permanent designs on the skin.

Blue green shade

Answer: AQUA

“Aqua” is a color that is a mix of blue and green, resembling the color of water or the sea. It’s a vibrant and refreshing shade.



“Fifty fifty” refers to a situation where the chances of something happening or being true are equal, with a 50% probability.

Roof problem

Answer: SAG

“Sag” refers to a problem where the roof or another structure sags or droops due to weight, age, or structural issues.


Answer: F A E

The word “Destiny” is often represented by the acronym FAE, which stands for “Fate Awaits Everyone.” This acronym emphasizes the belief that everyone has a predetermined path or outcome in life, often beyond their control.

Driver’s org.: Abbr.

Answer: A A A

“A A A” likely stands for the American Automobile Association, an organization that provides roadside assistance, insurance, and other services for drivers.



“Authorization” refers to official permission or approval, often granted by a law, statute, or authority to carry out a specific action or activity.

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