Daily Commuter Crossword for April 10, 2024 with Clues and Answers Updated

Daily Commuter Crossword

The Daily Commuter crossword puzzle improves your vocabulary, and you have to find words, but we have covered the answers below in this article.

The Daily Commuter crossword puzzle is the best way to boost your word skills and vocabulary. It’s a little bit complex, yet an interesting crossword where you can practice your wordplay techniques. Playing crosswords helps you learn new words and facts while solving clues.

Each clue in the Daily Commuter crossword provides a hint, and your goal is to fill the grid with the correct words. It’s a favorite among crossword solvers because it offers a mix of interesting challenges and hidden clues. To solve the puzzle, match the words to the clues.

If you need more crossword challenges, check out our page for other puzzles, find answers, and have a good solving experience. This process of finding the right words not only improves your problem-solving abilities but also keeps your mind active and offers opportunities to learn new things in every scenario. Here is a list of some crossword clues with their answers.

Chopin’s instrument

Answer: PIANO

“Chopin’s instrument” refers to the musical instrument frequently associated with composer Frédéric Chopin, which is the piano.

Greatly admire

Answer: ESTEEM

“Greatly admire” means to have a high regard or respect for someone or something. So here, “ESTEEM” represents this deep admiration and is relevant to the clue.

Gait faster than a trot

Answer: CANTER

A “gait faster than a trot” refers to the canter, which is a moderate-speed horse gait that’s faster than a trot but slower than a gallop.

One dozen

Answer: TWELVE

The crossword clue “One dozen” conveys the answer “TWELVE” refers to the numerical value of twelve. In this crossword, “one dozen” typically represents a quantity of twelve items.

From Shanghai, say


The crossword clue “From Shanghai, say” relates to the answer “CHINESE” refers to someone or something associated with Shanghai, which is a major city in China. The clue suggests the nationality or origin of a person or item, in this case, indicating a connection to China or Chinese culture.

Casino employee


A “casino employee” is someone who works in a casino, specifically, a blackjack dealer is responsible for dealing cards in the game of blackjack.

Arena fighter in ancient Rome


The crossword clue “Arena fighter in ancient Rome” refers to a type of combatant who fought in arenas during ancient Roman times, which is directly linked to the answer “GLADIATOR.”

Wipe clean

Answer: SCRUB

“Wipe clean” means to clean something thoroughly by scrubbing or rubbing. So it is relevant to the answer scrub since it only does the same function.

As of now


“As of now” is relevant to the term “CURRENTLY” indicates the present time or current situation. Since “Currently” refers to what is happening or existing at the moment.

Class for immigrants: abbr.

Answer: E S O L

“Class for immigrants: abbr.” stands for English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), which is a type of language instruction class for non-native English speakers.

Phone programs

Answer: APPS

“Phone programs” refers to applications or apps, which are software programs designed to run on mobile devices like smartphones.

“Good Will Hunting” actor Damon

Answer: MATT

“Good Will Hunting” clue refers to the actor Damon, and the answer “MATT” refers to the same actor Matt Damon, known for his role in the movie “Good Will Hunting” among many other films.

Spine tingling

Answer: EERIE

“Spine tingling” describes something that causes a feeling of fear or unease, often associated with eerie or creepy atmospheres.

“___ humbug!”

Answer: BAH

In this phrase, “humbug!” the answer “BAH” refers to an expression often used to dismiss something as nonsense or insincere. It’s famously associated with Ebenezer Scrooge from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.”

President’s #2

Answer: VEEP

“President’s #2” refers to the Vice President of the United States, often abbreviated as VEEP. This answer relates to the Vice President, who is the second-highest official in the executive branch of the United States government.

Increase quickly


“Increase quickly” means to rise rapidly or intensify. The answer “ESCALATE” represents this rapid increase or escalation.

Ballet class support

Answer: BARRE

In ballet, a “barre” is a horizontal handrail used for support and balance during exercises and stretches in dance classes. Hence, the clue and the answer are meaningful to each other.

Buzzy insect

Answer: CICADA

A “cicada” is a type of insect known for its buzzing or chirping sound, especially during the summer months.

Small minded

Answer: PETTY

“Small minded” describes someone who is narrow-minded or concerned with trivial matters, often ignoring important issues. “Petty” also refers to a narrow or limited mindset that leads to focusing on minor issues rather than considering larger matters.

Students in the same class: 2 wds.


“Students in the same class” refers to classmates, or, in two words, “AGE MATES,” denoting students of similar ages who study together.

Breezy “bye!”

Answer: TA TA

“Breezy ‘bye!'” is a casual and informal way of saying goodbye. The answer “TA TA” represents this informal farewell and connects to the clue’s idea.

Homer Simpson’s neighbor


The clue refers to Ned Flanders, a character from the animated TV show “The Simpsons,” who is Homer Simpson’s neighbor.

On the ball

Answer: READY

The clue “On the ball” suggests the known term “READY” which refers to being prepared or alert, ready to act or respond quickly. Hence, the answer also gives the same meaning of being prepared, alert, or attentive to a situation.

Bottle section

Answer: NECK

The “bottle section” refers to the narrow part at the top of a bottle, often called the neck of the bottle. Thus, the clue easily defines the answer.

“Eek!”: 2 wds.

Answer: OH NO

“Eek!” is an expression of surprise or alarm, and “OH NO” represents a similar expression of dismay or concern.

Satisfied sigh

Answer: AHH

A “satisfied sigh” is a sound of contentment or relief, often expressed as “AHH.” It is commonly used to convey a sense of satisfaction or comfort, often accompanied by a sigh.

Greek letter after pi

Answer: RHO

In the Greek alphabet, “RHO” is the letter that comes after “pi.” In mathematical contexts, the Greek letter “rho” is often used to represent various mathematical concepts or variables.

Magazine unit

Answer: PAGE

A “magazine unit” refers to a single sheet or side of a magazine, typically containing content such as articles, images, or advertisements. So it directly depends on the page.

Fibs: 2 wds.


“Fibs” are small lies or untruths, and “WHITE LIES” refer to harmless or minor lies told to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

Work out an agreement

Answer: SETTLE

“Work out an agreement” means to resolve or come to terms with a mutual understanding, often referred to as “SETTLE” in negotiations or discussions.

Contest forms


“Contest forms” refers to the submissions or applications that are presented in a competition or contest, which are called entries.

Person in charge


The “person in charge” is someone who oversees or supervises a group, department, or organization, often referred to as a manager. Hence the clue related to the answer in a single term.

Honeydews, e.g.

Answer: MELONS

“Honeydews, e.g.” indicates a type or example of fruit, in this case, melons, which include honeydew melons. It is a broad category of fruits that have a similar structure and are often sweet and juicy.

“Tennis ___?”

Answer: ANYONE

The crossword clue “Tennis ___?” with the answer “ANYONE” suggests a question about who is available or willing to play tennis. It indicates that the question is open to any player.

“Fame” singer Cara

Answer: IRENE

“IRENE” refers to the singer Irene Cara, known for her performance of the song “Fame” from the movie of the same name. Since the clue hints at the singer Irene Cara, known for the song “Fame.”

Picked up the tab

Answer: SPRANG

“Picked up the tab” means to pay for something, often unexpectedly or generously. Consecutively, the answer SPRANG relates to covering the cost or expenses of something.

Belly button type

Answer: I N N Y

The answer “INNY” refers to the type of belly button that is inward or concave in shape, commonly known as an “innie.” This term is used to describe a belly button, where the clue gives the same meaning.

Calm: 2 wds.

Answer: AT EASE

“Calm: 2 wds.” indicates a state of relaxation or tranquility, expressed as “AT EASE.” It is an expression used to indicate being relaxed, comfortable, and free from tension or stress.

Get comfy cozy

Answer: NESTLE

“Get comfy cozy” means to settle in comfortably and snugly, often associated with finding a cozy spot or position. Likewise, “Nestle” can mean to snuggle or cuddle up in a warm and comfortable way.

Black and white cookie


In this clue, “Black and white cookie” the answer “HALF MOON” refers to a type of cookie that is divided into two halves, one side covered in chocolate icing (black) and the other side covered in vanilla or white icing. The name “half moon” comes from the cookie’s appearance, resembling a half moon shape.

Takeoff time: abbr.

Answer: E T D

“Takeoff time: abbr.” stands for Estimated Time of Departure, which is the expected time when an aircraft will leave.

Use a broom


The crossword “Use a broom” suggests the action of cleaning up using a broom. “Sweeping” refers to the act of removing dirt, dust, or debris from floors or surfaces by using a broom.


Answer: USES

“Rips” can refer to tearing something apart or tearing it into pieces, which is a form of using or utilizing it.

Singer Fitzgerald

Answer: ELLA

The clue refers to the jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, known for her remarkable vocal talent and contributions to music.

Nights before holidays

Answer: EVES

“Nights before holidays” refers to the evenings preceding special occasions or celebrations, often called eves. Thus, the clue relates to the answer.

No more than

Answer: JUST

In this crossword, “No more than” indicates a limit or restriction, emphasizing that the amount or quantity is not greater than a certain point, which relates to the answer “JUST.”

Talked aimlessly


“Talked aimlessly” refers to engaging in casual or idle conversation without a specific purpose, often described as chattering.


Answer: LOW NECK

“Decolletage” refers to the area of a person’s upper chest and neckline, often exposed in clothing with a low neckline.

Workout spot

Answer: Y M C A

“Workout spot” refers to the YMCA, which is an organization that provides fitness facilities and programs. So indirectly, the answer is related to the main clue.

Lift up

Answer: UPHOLD

“Lift up” means to support or maintain something in an elevated position, which is described as upholding it.

Chest muscle, for short

Answer: LAT

“Chest muscle, for short” refers to the latissimus dorsi muscle, commonly abbreviated as “LAT.” The latissimus dorsi muscle is a large muscle located in the back that plays a significant role in various upper body movements.

Word or phrase


“Word or phrase” refers to a form of communication or conveyance that is expressed through language or speech.

Actress Witherspoon

Answer: REESE

The crossword clue “Actress Witherspoon” highlights the importance of Reese Witherspoon, a well-known actress in Hollywood.

Car power sources


“Car power sources” refers to the components in vehicles that provide electrical energy, which are batteries.


Answer: BAGS

The main clue refers to a general category of containers used for carrying items, including briefcases, among others. “Bags” also relates to various types of categories, including briefcases, backpacks, handbags, and more.

Sphere in a pod

Answer: PEA

The phrase “sphere in a pod” refers to a small, round green vegetable found inside a long, narrow case. This vegetable is called a “pea,” and it’s often seen in dishes like salads or soups.



The word “germane” means relevant or related to the topic. It’s like saying something is important or connected to what’s being discussed.

Not fatty

Answer: THIN

The phrase “not fatty” means something is slim or does not contain a lot of fat. It describes things that are thin or lean, especially in terms of food or body types.


Answer: OPPOSE

The word “prohibit” means to forbid or disallow something. Another word that can mean something similar is “oppose,” which means to go against or resist something.


Answer: UNDER

“Underneath” typically means beneath or below something. The answer “UNDER” describes the location of one thing in relation to another, indicating that it is situated below.

Light brown shade

Answer: BEIGE

The phrase “light brown shade” refers to a color that is a pale or soft version of brown. This color is commonly known as “beige,” which is a light, neutral shade that often resembles a mixture of brown and white.

Poet ___ Maria Rilke

Answer: RAINER

The clue refers to the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, known for his lyrical and introspective poetry. So it directly refers to the answer through a simple clue.



“Snitch” means to inform or report someone’s wrongdoing, often symbolized by blowing a whistle to alert authorities.

Some boxing wins, for short

Answer: T K O S

“Some boxing wins, for short” refers to technical knockouts, abbreviated as TKOs, which are victories in boxing matches where one fighter cannot continue due to injury or being unable to defend themselves.

One up

Answer: TOP

“One up” means to surpass or outdo someone or something, often reaching the highest or superior position. Hence, it relates to the answer “TOP.”

___ of Troy

Answer: HELEN

The clue refers to Helen of Troy, a figure from Greek mythology known for her beauty and the Trojan War.

Long legged bird

Answer: IBIS

A “long-legged bird” refers to the ibis, a type of bird with long legs and a long curved bill that is often found near water.

Actress Fisher

Answer: CARRIE

The clue refers to actress Carrie Fisher, known for her role as Princess Leia in the “Star Wars” franchise.


Answer: OBEYED

“Observed” can mean to follow or adhere to something, similar to obeying rules or instructions. Thus, it conveys the answer’s meaning.



“Remain” means to stay or linger in a place, similar to hanging out or spending time in a particular location.

Prefix with sphere

Answer: EXO

The crossword clue “Prefix with sphere” related to the answer “EXO” refers to the prefix “exo-” which means outside or external.


Answer: CHAIN

“Queue” refers to a line or sequence of people or things waiting their turn, which can be described as a chain of individuals or items.

Before, in poems

Answer: ERE

“Before, in poems” indicates a poetic word used to mean “before.” The answer “ERE” is a term meaning “before” or “prior to,” commonly used in poetry or old-fashioned language.

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