Daily Mail Cryptic Clues for April 5, 2024 Solved

Daily Mail Cryptic Clues

Today’s puzzles are filled with challenges that will test your skills, so try to solve them and have a long relaxed day.

Hello puzzle lovers. Here’s another challenging crossword clue for you to solve. Give today’s crossword puzzle a try using the clues provided here. And remember to check below for the answers and explanations. Solving these puzzles will develop your thinking ability and problem solving skills. So, let’s start.

Too far away from the mountains?- (3,2,5)


When you’re too far away from the mountains, you’re essentially OUT OF RANGE. The clue hints at being distant from elevated terrain, requiring a three-word phrase to express the idea.

Allowing activity in the property market (7)


This clue suggests permission for activity in the property market, which succinctly translates to the term LETTING. It refers to the act of leasing or renting out properties.

A bit of fun for an early riser (4)

Answer: LARK

An early riser typically experiences a LARK, which implies having a bit of fun or enjoyment, especially during the early hours of the day.

Member of force with unknown ape- (4)

Answer: COPY

Combining member of force with unknown ape leads to the word COPY, referring to a member of the police force, and utilizing unknown indicates the letter Y, thus forming the complete answer.

Father with a gift that’s sweet-scented (8)


The description father with a gift that’s sweet-scented points to the word FRAGRANT, which denotes something possessing a pleasant aroma, combining the elements of fatherhood and a delightful present.

Prison articles for biblical land (6)

Answer: CANAAN

Prison articles could refer to confinement or captivity, and when we associate it with a biblical land, it points to a place known for its significance in ancient religious texts. In the Bible, Canaan is often depicted as a land of promise and struggle, symbolizing both bondage and freedom. Hence, the answer is CANAAN.

Eat, we hear, for a laugh (2,4)

Answer: INJEST

The clue suggests a phrase that sounds like eat and means to enjoy oneself. Injest fits this description perfectly, as it sounds like ingest (to eat) and implies indulging in enjoyment or laughter.

Killed by a draught? (8)


Draught might initially suggest a lack of moisture, but in this context, it’s a clever play on words. The word killed implies that something fatal is caused by this draught, which leads us to consider another meaning of draught. In this case, it refers to a drink, hence the answer is POISONED.

Bonus for American after record turnover (4)

Answer: PLUS

Record turnover typically refers to high sales or revenue. When we think of bonus, it’s something extra. American might indicate the use of the abbreviation US. If we place US after reversing the word sale (record turnover), we get plus, signifying an addition or bonus. Hence, the answer is PLUS.

Sacred? Completely, by the sound of it (4)

Answer: HOLY

The phrase completely, by the sound of it indicates that we should consider a word that means entirely or fully and sounds like it could be synonymous with sacred. In this case, holy fits the description perfectly. Hence, the answer is HOLY.

Ted, Tom and I may be missing (7)


Ted, Tom and I may be missing suggests that something or someone is absent, resulting in the answer OMITTED, which means deliberately left out or excluded.

Stops off in main street (10)


Stops off in main street implies a place where something halts or ends, leading to the answer TERMINATES, which means to come to an end or conclude, especially in a formal manner.

Readily available — endlessly recorded? (2,3)

Answer: ONTAP

Readily available — endlessly recorded? hints at something that is easily accessible and continuously documented, resulting in the answer ONTAP, which means readily available or accessible, often used in the context of beverages served from a tap.

Run and fall over (4)

Answer: TRIP

Run and fall over suggests a brief stumble or misstep while moving, leading to the answer TRIP, which refers to the act of stumbling or faltering, typically causing a brief loss of balance.

Amount of money in diagram (6)

Answer: FIGURE

Amount of money in diagram implies a numerical value within a graphical representation, leading to the answer FIGURE, which refers to both a numerical value and a visual representation, often used in diagrams or illustrations.

Claiming everything, for example, in front of garage (8)


Claiming everything suggests the word ALLEGING, which means asserting something without proof. In front of garage could be interpreted as ‘G,’ making the complete answer ALLEGING.

Relevant language — English? (7)


‘Relevant’ hints at something related or pertinent, so the answer is GERMANE. The question mark at the end implies a linguistic connection, thus indicating the language English, as GERMANE relates to being relevant or pertinent.

Jet surpasses birds (9)


Jet here refers to a high-speed aircraft, and surpasses birds indicates something faster than birds, which are typically associated with flying. The answer is BLACKCAPS, which are birds known for their fast and agile flight.

In the USA, say, with team (9)


In the USA, say is a clue to look for a word that refers to the United States. With team implies a connection, and the answer is STATESIDE, which means in or to the United States. The word ‘team’ reinforces the association with a group or country.

Mad Max — or spy getting fit (8)


Mad Max suggests an intense or frenzied state, akin to a PAROXYSM. Or spy getting fit could be interpreted as rearranging the letters in spy to form the word ‘paroxysm,’ which fits the clue.

Disgusting row about old male (7)


Disgusting implies an unpleasant odor, and row suggests a commotion or disturbance. Old male could refer to the letter O. So, the answer is derived from NO (old) and ISOME (anagram of ‘some,’ indicating a row or commotion) giving us NOISOME, meaning highly unpleasant or offensive.

Celebrity of Nevada city, extremely well-known (6)

Answer: RENOWN

Extremely well-known points to someone with widespread recognition. The answer is RENOWN, which refers to being widely acclaimed or famous.

There’s a trace of uranium in many a flower (5)

Answer: LOTUS

Trace of uranium suggests a hint or small amount, and many a flower implies a common floral reference. The answer is LOTUS, a type of flower often associated with various symbolic meanings. The wordplay here indicates that the letters of uranium (U) can be found within the word lotus.

Success, accepting new suggestion (4)

Answer: HINT

Accepting implies taking in or allowing, while new suggestion indicates a fresh idea or proposal. The answer is HINT, which refers to a subtle or indirect clue or suggestion.

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