Daily Themed Mini Crossword Clue Answer for April 10, 2024

Daily Themed Mini Crossword Clue

Attention to all Crossword Players! We have a fascinating answer to the Daily Themed Mini Crossword clue for April 10, 2024. Click on this page to get the answer and fill in your grids.

Daily Themed Mini Crossword

Hello Players! Here we are back with one more Daily Themed Mini Crossword clue answer that helps your day. Are you searching for crossword answers to fill your grid bars? Daily Themed Mini Crossword is comprehended for its entertaining game puzzles and engages players in expanding their skills. Players match for the clue to find the accurate answer that fills your empty grid box. Check the answer down if you can’t find it!

Question: Attorney’s field

Answer: LAW

In the realm of legal matters, professionals navigate the intricate terrain of statutes, precedents, and courtroom procedures. This domain, commonly known as the attorney’s field, requires astute legal minds to advocate for justice and uphold the rule of law.

Question: Leafy green used to make healthy chips

Answer: KALE

Among health-conscious snack enthusiasts, there’s a growing trend towards utilizing leafy greens like kale to create nutritious alternatives to traditional chips. These crispy delights, made from thinly sliced kale leaves baked to perfection, offer a satisfying crunch along with a dose of vitamins and minerals.

Question: Gold medalist’s position

Answer: FIRST

At the pinnacle of athletic achievement stands the gold medalist, occupying the coveted position of first place on the winner’s podium. Their exemplary performance, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence culminate in the ultimate recognition bestowed upon them in the form of a gold medal.

Question: “As a result,” to mathematicians

Answer: ERGO

In mathematical discourse, “ERGO” serves as the equivalent of “as a result.” It denotes logical inference, connecting premises to conclusions within mathematical arguments.

Question: ___ out (barely manage)

Answer: EKE

When individuals barely manage to scrape by or eke out a living, they navigate through life’s challenges with sheer determination and resourcefulness. This phrase, “___ out,” encapsulates the resilience and tenacity exhibited by individuals as they strive to make ends meet amidst adversity.

Question: Soda order size

Answer: LARGE

When ordering a soda, you might specify the size, and “LARGE” indicates a larger portion. This answer fits the clue because it directly corresponds to a common size option when ordering a beverage.

Question: “Not to mention…”

Answer: ALSO

This phrase typically introduces additional information that complements or supplements what has already been stated. “ALSO” serves as a natural fit here, as it directly expresses the idea of adding something to what has already been mentioned.

Question: Soaked

Answer: WET

When something is soaked, it becomes thoroughly saturated with water or another liquid, resulting in it being “WET.” This answer aligns perfectly with the clue, as it succinctly describes the condition of an object after being soaked.

Question: “Star Trek” captain played by William Shatner

Answer: KIRK

In the iconic sci-fi series “Star Trek,” William Shatner portrayed Captain James T. Kirk, making “KIRK” the correct answer. This aligns with the clue by directly naming the character associated with the actor.

Question: Plumber’s charge

Answer: FEE

When a plumber provides a service, they typically charge a fee for their work. “FEE” is the appropriate answer here because it directly corresponds to the monetary charge associated with hiring a plumber for their services.

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