Decoding the Daily Express Crusader Clues Today (April 5, 2024)

Find here the challenging clues that require deep thinking, also get the answers and detailed explanations.

This crossword is loved by many because each clue is like a challenge waiting for us to solve. This puzzle has word games and hints that will keep you thinking. If you are good at crosswords or just starting out, get ready for adventure. In this guide, we have updated the daily clues and answers for you.

Question: Stacked flower – that’s a blow (4-6)


Stacked flower suggests something piled, and that’s a blow implies a forceful impact. Putting them together, we get PILEDDRIVER, a wrestling technique where one wrestler drives another headfirst into the ground.

Question: Declare a victory over wife (4)


Declare a victory suggests making a statement of winning, while over wife hints at using the letters of the word wife to construct the answer. Hence, the answer is AVOW, meaning to assert or affirm.

Question: Does my arrangement include a dog? (7)


Does my arrangement implies checking if something contains another thing, and a dog suggests looking for the presence of a canine. However, the actual answer is SAMOYED, a breed of dog, which can be found within the phrase my arrangement.

Question: Deity just starts cooking tripe (7)


Deity refers to a god, and just starts cooking hints at taking the first letters of the words following it. Tripe here is a misleading term, meant to distract from the actual answer. So, taking the initial letters of just starts cooking gives us JUPITER, the Roman god associated with thunder, lightning, and the sky.

Question: The others completely in a calm way (9)


The others completely suggests taking a synonym for the others and adding a word that means completely. In a calm way provides a hint regarding the nature of the word being sought. Therefore, the answer is RESTFULLY, meaning in a peaceful or calm manner.

Question: Behold – behind church – left instrument (5)


Behold – behind church – left instrument the clue leads us to CELLO. Behold suggests looking, behind church hints at the word cell, and left instrument implies taking the leftmost letter, resulting in CELLO.

Question: A large number gets isolated (5)


A large number gets isolated the answer is ALONE. A large number refers to the word alone in a numerical sense, and isolated serves as a synonym for alone, completing the wordplay.

Question: Lovely conclusion? Session hasn’t started (9)


Lovely conclusion? Session hasn’t started we find ENDEARING. The clue cleverly suggests endearing, where lovely conclusion implies the end of a session, with session indicating the word end and hasn’t started indicating the word earing.

Question: Make sure friend is in a winning position (9)


Make sure friend is in a winning position the solution is CHECKMATE. Here, make sure hints at the chess term checkmate, where ensuring a friend’s position is synonymous with winning in the game of chess.

Question: Animal less cold in the East End (5)


Animal less cold in the East End the answer is OTTER. Animal is straightforward, while less cold implies removing the letter C (as cold without C is old), and in the East End suggests taking the letters OTTER. Thus, we arrive at the answer OTTER.

Question: New design for sonar is a crime (5)


New design for sonar is a crime leads to the answer ARSON. In this context, new design implies an anagram, and when you rearrange the letters in sonar, you get arson, which indeed refers to the criminal act of deliberately setting fire to property.

Question: Aggressive husband is naive outside (9)


Aggressive husband is naive outside hints at the word THURSTING. Here, aggressive husband refers to the letters H and T in husband, and naive outside implies that we need to include URSTING, which could mean lacking sophistication or being inexperienced.

Question: Cause residue in cafetiere (7)


Cause residue in cafetiere corresponds to the word GROUNDS. In this context, cause residue suggests the grounds left after brewing coffee in a cafetiere, making it a perfect fit for the answer.

Question: Spoken during revolutionary hymn (7)


Spoken during revolutionary hymn leads to the word CHORALE. In this clue, spoken during implies that the letters for CHORALE can be found within revolutionary hymn, indicating a musical composition sung in a certain style during a revolution.

Question: Glass front missing – it has strings attached (4)


Glass front missing – it has strings attached hints at the word LUTE. Here, glass front missing suggests removing the first letter from glute, and it has strings attached refers to the strings of a musical instrument, which is a lute.

Question: Speculation, wearing robe (10)


Speculation, wearing robe hints at a financial term where one takes risks while clad in a metaphorical ‘robe’ of knowledge. The answer, ‘INVESTMENT’, reflects the act of putting money into ventures with the hope of future profit, often characterized by speculation and informed decision-making.

Question: Difficult question for a model (5)


Difficult question for a model suggests a challenge for someone serving as an example or representation. The answer, ‘POSER’, refers to a perplexing or tricky question, particularly relevant in contexts where models are used to pose questions or problems.

Question: Rock, not slime, converted energy (9)


Rock, not slime, converted energy directs attention to a geological process where one substance transitions into another through energy conversion. ‘LIMESTONE’ emerges as the answer, symbolizing the result of sedimentary rock formation from the compression and chemical alteration of organic remains over time.

Question: Final settlement for an accountant? (3,2,9)


Final settlement for an accountant? indicates a moment of accountability and resolution pertinent to someone managing financial matters. ‘DAY OF RECKONING’ captures the essence of this, signifying the ultimate judgment or culmination of events, particularly relevant to accountants balancing books and facing the consequences of their actions.

Question: Nanny is glued in, sadly (7)


Nanny is glued in, sadly alludes to a caregiver being affixed or entrapped in a negative sense. The answer, ‘INDULGE’, portrays a caregiver, possibly overcommitted or overly lenient, unfortunately trapped or immersed in an indulgent behavior, which may not be beneficial in the long run.

Question: Liked woman – need to run round (7)


Liked woman and then adding a term meaning need to run round. Enjoyed fits the bill, as it means to derive pleasure from something. The word need could imply a sense of urgency, which aligns with run round, suggesting movement or activity.

Question: Woman takes object to be of prime importance (5)


Woman that encompasses an object denoting prime importance. Vital is the answer, where vita is Latin for life, a term often associated with prime importance or essentiality. The term woman takes object implies possession or incorporation, leading to the word’s synthesis.

Question: Gone off to river, pursuing affectionate hawk (9)


Affectionate hawk and then adding a phrase meaning gone off and river. Warmonger fits this description, as it refers to someone who is aggressive or eager for conflict, akin to the behavior of a hawk. The phrase gone off to river implies movement toward or pursuit, complementing the action associated with the term hawk.

Question: Viewers left entertainment (9,5)


Viewers left indicates that we remove the letters for left from entertainment, leaving us with spectatorsport. This term describes a form of entertainment that involves spectators watching competitive events, like sports.

Question: Top messenger sees a variation between right and left (9)


Top messenger suggests an important figure, and sees a variation between right and left implies a difference between opposing sides. Combining these hints leads to the word archangel, a heavenly being considered a chief or top messenger between humans and deities.

Question: Certain it somehow became complicated (9)


Certain it somehow became complicated, implying certainty in the complexity. The word ‘intricate’ fits the definition precisely, with its nine letters forming a tangled pattern much like the complexity it describes.

Question: Trains a different craftsman (7)


Trains a different craftsman hints at a skilled worker or craftsman. The word ‘artisan’, meaning a skilled worker who creates things by hand, fits perfectly with the description of a craftsman. It also aligns with the idea of ‘trains’ referring to expertise or craftsmanship.

Question: Organ broadcast each pain (7)


Organ broadcast each pain suggests an ailment related to hearing. ‘Earache’ fits as it’s a common pain associated with the ear, and the clue cleverly uses ‘organ’ in its double meaning, referring both to a body part and to something that broadcasts or transmits sound.

Question: Call for report about union (5)


Call for report about union hints at an action involving vocalization and unity. ‘Shout’ fits this description as it means to call out loudly, and it aligns with the idea of calling for something. The word ‘union’ here suggests a collective action or coming together, further reinforcing the idea of ‘shout’ as an action of unity.

Question: Wonderful fireplace by the sound of it (5)


Wonderful fireplace by the sound of it hints at something magnificent or impressive, possibly indicated by ‘wonderful’ and ‘fireplace’. ‘Great’ fits as it’s synonymous with wonderful or impressive, and the phrase by the sound of it suggests that the word should sound like ‘great’, further confirming the answer.

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