Discover The Independent’s Concise Answers for April 8, 2024

Discover The Independent's Concise

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Our guide here has the clues and answers for today’s Independent’s Concise crossword. To improve your skills, first try to crack the clues on your and then check the answers. Doing this everyday will improve your skills, patience, and abilities. Now, let us start solving each clue and have fun.

Flying insect

The Answer is BEE

Bees are flying insects known for their role in pollination and honey production. They symbolize industriousness and cooperation within the natural world, contributing to the balance and biodiversity of ecosystems.


The Answer is CUR

A cur is a mixed-breed dog of uncertain lineage, often characterized by its scrappy appearance and independent spirit. Curs embody the resilience and adaptability of mixed-breed dogs, reflecting the diversity of traits found in the canine population.

Sun room

The Answer is SOLARIUM

A solarium is a room or enclosed space designed to admit sunlight, often featuring large windows or glass walls. It provides a bright and airy environment for relaxation or indoor gardening, allowing occupants to bask in the warmth and light of the sun.

Male pig

The Answer is BOAR

A boar is an adult male pig, known for its tusks and powerful build. Boars play a crucial role in breeding and reproduction within pig populations, symbolizing virility and fertility in agricultural settings.



Something satisfactory meets the minimum requirements or expectations, fulfilling its intended purpose or function. It embodies the notion of adequacy and completeness, indicating that something is sufficient or acceptable.


The Answer is ACIDIC

Something acidic has a sharp, tart, or sour taste, often due to the presence of acids such as citric acid or vinegar. It embodies the sensory experience of acidity, stimulating taste buds and adding complexity to culinary creations.

Unit of time

The Answer is SECOND

A second is a unit of time equal to one-sixtieth of a minute, often used to measure short durations or intervals. It embodies the precision and consistency of timekeeping, serving as a fundamental unit in the measurement of temporal phenomena.



Feature films are full-length motion pictures intended for theatrical release, often distinguished from short films or documentaries. They embody the art of visual storytelling, transporting audiences to imaginary worlds and evoking a range of emotions.


The Answer is IRON

Iron is a chemical element and metal known for its strength, durability, and versatility. It has been used for millennia in construction, manufacturing, and various industrial applications, symbolizing resilience and endurance.

Carry on

The Answer is CONTINUE

This clue navigates us through the realm of continuation and perseverance. The Correct Answer is CONTINUE. To continue is to persist or carry on with a task, activity, or journey. It embodies the spirit of determination and resilience, urging us to press forward in the face of obstacles or challenges.

Snooker stick

The Answer is CUE

Here, we enter the realm of cue sports and leisure activities. The Correct Answer is CUE. A cue is a specialized stick used in cue sports such as snooker, pool, and billiards to strike the cue ball. It embodies precision and skill, serving as a tool for players to control the movement and direction of the balls on the table.

Strike sharply

The Answer is RAP

To rap is to strike sharply or tap with a quick, sharp motion. It embodies the suddenness and forcefulness of a blow, whether physical or metaphorical, conveying a sense of urgency or emphasis.

Footwear items

The Answer is BOOTS

Boots are a type of footwear that cover the foot and extend up the leg, often providing protection and support. They come in various styles and designs, from rugged work boots to fashionable high-heeled boots, symbolizing versatility and style.


The Answer is EXALTED

This clue beckons us to explore the realm of elevation and nobility. The Correct Answer is EXALTED. To be exalted is to be elevated in rank, status, or esteem. It embodies the idea of being held in high regard or esteemed, often associated with lofty ideals or aspirations.

Navigational instrument

The Answer is COMPASS

A compass is a navigational instrument used to determine direction relative to the Earth’s magnetic poles. It embodies the spirit of exploration and adventure, providing travelers with a reliable means of finding their way in unfamiliar terrain.


The Answer is ROBOT

A robot is a mechanical or virtual agent designed to perform tasks automatically, often resembling a human or animal in appearance or behavior. It embodies the marvels of modern technology and the potential of artificial intelligence to revolutionize various industries and aspects of daily life.


The Answer is BIAS

Bias is a preference or inclination towards a particular perspective or viewpoint, often leading to unfair treatment or judgment. It embodies the human tendency to favor certain ideas or groups over others, influencing decisions and behaviors in subtle ways.

Nursing officer

The Answer is MATRON

A matron is a senior nursing officer or supervisor responsible for overseeing nursing staff and patient care in hospitals or other healthcare facilities. It embodies the professionalism and leadership required to ensure the smooth operation of medical services and the well-being of patients.

Happy and optimistic

The Answer is CHEERY

This clue leads us into the realm of positivity and cheerfulness. The Correct Answer is CHEERY. To be cheery is to be bright, cheerful, and optimistic in disposition. It embodies the warmth and joyfulness of a sunny outlook, lifting spirits and spreading happiness to those around.

Animal-skin boat

The Answer is CORACLE

A coracle is a small, round boat traditionally made of animal skins stretched over a wooden frame. It embodies the ingenuity of early seafarers and fishermen, providing a lightweight and versatile vessel for navigating rivers and coastal waters.

Coal miner

The Answer is COLLIER

A collier is a worker employed in the mining or transportation of coal. It embodies the grit and determination of coal miners, who brave the depths of the earth to extract this vital energy resource.

Soldier’s jacket

The Answer is TUNIC

A tunic is a garment worn by soldiers, typically as part of a military uniform. It embodies the tradition and discipline of military service, providing protection and identification for soldiers in combat and ceremonial settings.

Reserve of money

The Answer is FUND

A fund is a sum of money set aside for a specific purpose or investment, often managed by an organization or institution. It embodies the concept of financial planning and allocation, ensuring resources are available for future needs or opportunities.

Economic downturn

The Answer is SLUMP

A slump is a period of economic decline characterized by reduced economic activity, falling prices, and increased unemployment. It embodies the challenges and uncertainties of economic cycles, impacting businesses, households, and communities.

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