Find Daily Mail Cryptic Clues and Answers Here for April 8, 2024

Daily Mail Cryptic Clues and Answers

Try to solve today’s crossword clues provided in our guide, you can check answers and explanations in this article as well.

Hello puzzle lovers. We are back with another crossword clue. Solving crosswords has many benefits. It is fun, challenging, and also improves your skills. So, grab a pencil and paper and try to solve today’s crossword puzzle. If you have any doubt, use our guide and continue solving. Let’s start.

Sport scaring hero badly (5-6)


Sport scaring hero badly hints at a sport involving a hero figure and an element of fear or danger. The answer, HORSERACING, combines both elements, with horses often associated with bravery and racing events that can be thrilling and potentially risky.

Move swiftly in one’s life’s work (6)

Answer: CAREER

Move swiftly in one’s life’s work suggests a phrase related to advancing quickly in one’s career. The answer, CAREER, encapsulates the notion of progress and momentum within one’s professional journey, emphasizing the swift movement associated with advancing in one’s chosen field.

Eat — but not seriously, we hear (6)

Answer: INGEST

Eat — but not seriously, we hear cleverly plays with words hinting at consumption without gravity. The answer, INGEST, captures the act of eating, but the clue suggests a lack of seriousness, as if the ingestion is casual or not deeply considered, exploiting a homophonic pun on the word ingest.

Line penned by novelist? I shouldn’t think so! (6)

Answer: HARDLY

Line penned by novelist? I shouldn’t think so! humorously suggests skepticism towards attributing a specific line to a novelist. The answer, HARDLY, dismisses the possibility of a novelist penning a particular line, emphasizing doubt or disbelief regarding the likelihood of such an occurrence.

Kind newspaper boss put in order- (6)

Answer: SORTED

Kind newspaper boss put in order- implies arranging something in a systematic or orderly manner under the direction of a considerate newspaper editor. The answer, SORTED, aligns with this notion, suggesting the act of organizing or arranging things in a methodical way, possibly under the guidance or supervision of a benevolent leader within the newspaper industry.

Great boxer from Australia (3)

Answer: ALI

The great boxer from Australia is Muhammad Ali, often referred to simply as Ali. He was a legendary figure in the world of boxing, known for his incredible skill and charisma.

Shellfish with physical strength, by the sound of it (6)

Answer: MUSSEL

The shellfish with physical strength, by the sound of it, refers to the mussel. Mussels are known for their strong shell, which they use to cling onto rocks and other surfaces in the water.

Mix up clothes with French article- (6)

Answer: GARBLE

When we mix up clothes with a French article, we get the word garble. This term implies confusion or disorder, fitting the idea of mixing up clothes with a French article.

Clever animal seen by daughter (6)

Answer: SHREWD

A clever animal seen by a daughter might be described as shrewd. Shrewdness implies intelligence and sharpness, qualities often associated with cleverness.

Garment not entirely tiptop on chorister (6)

Answer: PONCHO

The garment not entirely tiptop on a chorister could be a poncho. A poncho is a type of garment worn over other clothing, often loosely draped over the shoulders, which may not always be entirely neat or perfect when worn by a chorister.

Craft needed for a game with pencil and paper (11)


In the game Battleships, players use pencil and paper to strategically arrange ships on a grid and attempt to guess the locations of their opponent’s ships. It requires craftiness and careful planning to outmaneuver the opponent and sink their fleet.

TV doctor gets a call to stop (4)

Answer: WHOA

TV doctor gets a call to stop refers to the iconic character Doctor Who, often shortened to Who. The word whoa is also a common exclamation used to command someone or something to stop abruptly, making it a clever play on words.

Chum has filter tips and I object (6)

Answer: FRIEND

Chum in the clue represents a friend, while filter tips suggests the word end. When combined, friend and I object form the word friend, indicating someone who objects or opposes, aligning with the initial clue.

Brawl in wood to obtain payment (8)


A brawl typically refers to a fight or altercation, and wood could indicate a pub or tavern setting. Obtain payment suggests covering expenses, leading to the word defrayal, which means the payment of costs or expenses incurred.

Indian garment used by impresario- (4)

Answer: SARI

Indian garment immediately evokes the image of a sari, a traditional attire worn by many women in India. The hyphen at the end of the clue suggests a continuation, hinting at the word Sari itself, fitting the definition provided.

Stay with leader of group in ship (6)

Answer: LINGER

Staying with the leader of a group while aboard a ship leads to the answer LINGER, as it suggests remaining or staying in a particular place or with someone. This aligns with the concept of lingering or staying close to the leader of a group while on a ship journey.

Paint, for example, good racing boat- (8)


When considering paint, for instance, one might think of a good racing boat, which often has a smooth and shiny surface. The answer EGGSHELL fits this description, as it refers to a type of paint finish known for its delicate and light appearance, resembling the surface of an eggshell.

A pal with monk’s garb almost inemirate (3,5)


A pal with a monk’s garb that’s almost Emirati gives the clue for ABU DHABI, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. This cryptic clue combines wordplay and geographical knowledge, suggesting a connection between a friend (pal) and a monk’s garment, with a slight alteration to indicate the name of a city.

Write your name on letters for director (8)


To write your name on letters for director hints at the answer SIGNPOST, as it suggests indicating or marking a direction or destination, similar to how a signpost guides travelers. The clue cleverly uses wordplay to suggest the act of writing one’s name (sign) on letters (post) intended for a director.

Female ordered hat and close-fitting dress (6)

Answer: SHEATH

Female ordered hat and close-fitting dress corresponds to the answer SHEATH, which describes a type of close-fitting dress often worn by women. This cryptic clue combines the concepts of ordering (arranging) items of clothing, specifically a hat and a close-fitting dress, to reveal the solution.

US city, one beginning to recognise artist (6)

Answer: RENOIR

In a US city like Reno, one might begin to recognize the works of the renowned artist Renoir. The city of Reno, Nevada, could serve as the backdrop for an emerging appreciation of the artist’s talent.

Sindy may be Guy’s companion (4)

Answer: DOLL

Sindy, a popular doll brand, may often be a companion to Guy, reflecting the common association of dolls with children and their playmates. The simplicity of this clue subtly hints at the relationship between the doll and its owner.

Stockings used by firemen? (4)

Answer: HOSE

Firefighters often use hose stockings to combat fires, suggesting a clever play on words in the crossword clue. The image of firefighters deploying hoses to extinguish flames ties neatly into the solution, ‘HOSE’.

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