Find her the Scottish Daily Mail General Knowledge Crossword Puzzle

the Scottish Daily Mail General Knowledge Crossword Puzzle

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Supposed place of those who have returned to normal everyday existence after being ill or asleep a long time (4,2,3,6)


This clue describes a concept often referenced in various cultures and mythologies, symbolizing a return to normal life after a period of sickness or prolonged sleep. The answer is “LAND OF THE LIVING” because it represents the realm or state of being where individuals exist and function in their daily routines, contrasting with the idea of being incapacitated or absent due to illness or sleep.

____ Vega, hitman played by John Travolta in 1994 film Pulp Fiction (7)


This clue refers to a character from the iconic 1994 film “Pulp Fiction,” portrayed by actor John Travolta. The answer is “VINCENT” because Vincent Vega is the name of the hitman character played by Travolta in the movie, known for his cool demeanor and involvement in various criminal activities depicted in the film.

A condition commonly treated with the drug chloroquine (7)


This clue denotes a medical condition that is frequently addressed or managed using a specific medication. The answer is “MALARIA” because malaria is a tropical disease caused by parasites transmitted through mosquito bites, and chloroquine is one of the drugs commonly used for both prevention and treatment of malaria infections.

Surname of girl group sisters noted for the song I’m In The Mood For Dancing (5)

Answer: NOLAN

This clue refers to a family name associated with a popular girl group known for their hit song “I’m In The Mood For Dancing.” The answer is “NOLAN” because the Nolans are a British-Irish girl group consisting of sisters who gained fame in the 1970s and 1980s for their catchy tunes and energetic performances, with “I’m In The Mood For Dancing” being one of their most well-known songs.

Home And Away is an example of an Australian one (4,5)


This clue describes a type of television program that originates from Australia. The answer is “SOAP OPERA” because Home And Away is a popular Australian soap opera known for its melodramatic storylines and focus on the lives and relationships of characters in the fictional town of Summer Bay.

____ Freud, neurologist noted for inventing the psychoanalytic technique (7)


This clue refers to a prominent figure in the field of psychology known for his pioneering work in psychoanalysis. The answer is “SIGMUND” because Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, a clinical method for treating psychopathology through dialogue between a patient and a psychoanalyst, exploring unconscious mental processes.

Trojan king who was the father of Hector (5)

Answer: PRIAM

This clue pertains to a character from Greek mythology, specifically a legendary figure associated with the Trojan War. The answer is “PRIAM” because Priam was the king of Troy and the father of Hector, one of the greatest Trojan warriors, as depicted in ancient Greek literature such as Homer’s Iliad.

To confess or allow entry (5)

Answer: ADMIT

This clue describes an action involving the acknowledgment of something or granting permission for access. The answer is “ADMIT” because to admit can mean to confess to a wrongdoing or to allow entry, such as admitting someone into a building or admitting to a truth or fact.

A cold dessert made with whipped cream, eggs and fruit (7)


This clue describes a type of dessert that typically consists of layers of ingredients such as whipped cream, eggs, and fruit, often served chilled. The answer is “PARFAIT” because a parfait is a French dessert that combines these elements in a layered presentation, creating a delicious and visually appealing treat.

A gift of money to provide income for a college or university (9)


This clue refers to a financial contribution made to support the ongoing operations or activities of a higher education institution. The answer is “ENDOWMENT” because an endowment is a sum of money or other assets donated to a college or university with the intention of generating income from investments, the proceeds of which are used to fund scholarships, research, faculty positions, or other initiatives.

J. M., Irish dramatist noted for his play The Playboy Of The Western World (5)

Answer: SYNGE

This clue pertains to a renowned Irish playwright known for his contributions to literature, particularly his notable play “The Playboy of the Western World.” The answer is “SYNGE” because J. M. Synge was an Irish dramatist and author who wrote during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, known for his vivid portrayals of Irish rural life and dialects in works such as “The Playboy of the Western World” and “Riders to the Sea.”

Nationality of former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba (7)


This clue refers to the country of origin or citizenship of a former professional footballer who played for the English club Chelsea. The answer is “IVORIAN” because Didier Drogba is from Ivory Coast (also known as Côte d’Ivoire), a country in West Africa, and he represented the Ivory Coast national football team during his career, earning widespread recognition for his skill and achievements as a striker.

Trevor, Australian who coached the England Test cricket side 2015-2019 (7)


This clue describes an individual of Australian origin who served as the coach of the England national cricket team during the period from 2015 to 2019. The answer is “BAYLISS” because Trevor Bayliss is an Australian cricket coach who notably coached the England Test cricket side during the specified timeframe, overseeing the team’s performances and strategies in international Test matches.

Musical about a female sharpshooter in the Wild West, that premiered in 1946 (5,3,4,3)


This clue refers to a stage production that debuted in 1946, featuring a storyline centered around a woman skilled in marksmanship in the American frontier. The answer is “ANNIE GET YOUR GUN” because it is a popular musical by Irving Berlin, based on the life of sharpshooter Annie Oakley, showcasing her talents and romantic adventures in the Wild West.

Song by James Brown that featured in the 1986 film Rocky IV (6,2,7)


This clue describes a musical composition performed by James Brown, which was included in the soundtrack of the 1986 film “Rocky IV.” The answer is “LIVING IN AMERICA” because it is the title of the song by James Brown, known for its upbeat tempo and energetic performance, serving as a symbol of American culture and pride in the context of the film’s narrative.

To bemuse or perplex (7)


This clue denotes a verb that describes the act of causing confusion or puzzlement in someone. The answer is “NONPLUS” because to nonplus means to bewilder or confound someone to the extent that they are unsure how to react or proceed, often resulting in a state of perplexity or uncertainty.

____ case, a small travelling bag needed for a brief stay (9)


This clue describes a type of luggage designed for short-term travel, typically containing essentials for an overnight stay. The answer is “OVERNIGHT” because an overnight case is a small bag or suitcase used for carrying clothing, toiletries, and other necessities needed for a brief trip or stay away from home, often emphasizing compactness and convenience.

____ Salt, industrialist noted for building Yorkshire model village Saltaire (5)

Answer: TITUS

This clue refers to a historical figure known for his contributions to industry and urban development in Yorkshire, England. The answer is “TITUS” because Titus Salt was an English industrialist and philanthropist who built the model village of Saltaire near Bradford in the 19th century, providing housing, amenities, and improved living conditions for workers in his textile mills

A house or shelter built from snow (5)

Answer: IGLOO

This clue describes a type of dwelling constructed using compacted snow as the primary building material. The answer is “IGLOO” because an igloo is a traditional Inuit or Eskimo shelter made of blocks of snow, typically in the form of a dome, providing insulation and protection against cold temperatures in Arctic regions.

Nationality by birth of chef and restaurateur Yotam Ottolenghi (7)


This clue pertains to the country of origin or citizenship of a well-known chef and restaurateur. The answer is “ISRAELI” because Yotam Ottolenghi is an Israeli-born chef and food writer, known for his innovative and vibrant approach to Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, as well as his popular cookbooks and restaurants based in London, England.

Real name of Suggs, lead singer of ska band Madness (6,9)


This clue refers to the birth name of the frontman for the ska band Madness, whose stage name is “Suggs.” The answer is “GRAHAM MCPHERSON” because that is the real name of Suggs, the lead singer of Madness. Graham McPherson adopted the stage name “Suggs” when he joined the band and became known for his energetic performances and distinctive voice.

Of a road or river, to follow a winding course (7)


This clue describes a characteristic of certain roads or rivers that have a tendency to curve or wind rather than follow a straight path. The answer is “MEANDER” because to meander means to follow a winding or indirect course, often used to describe the natural flow of rivers or the serpentine path of roads as they navigate through terrain.

Countless or innumerable (7)


This clue denotes a large, indefinite quantity that is too numerous to be counted precisely. The answer is “UMPTEEN” because umpteen is an informal term used to convey the idea of a large but unspecified number, implying a multitude beyond easy calculation or enumeration.

Song by Fatboy Slim that reached No. 1 in the UK charts in 1999 (6,3)


This clue refers to a musical composition by the artist Fatboy Slim that achieved the top position on the UK singles chart in 1999. The answer is “PRAISE YOU” because it is the title of the song by Fatboy Slim, known for its catchy beat and uplifting lyrics, which propelled it to the number one spot on the UK charts in 1999.

The part of a U.S. city near its centre (7)


This clue describes a specific area within an American city that is situated close to its downtown or central district. The answer is “MIDTOWN” because midtown typically refers to the central portion of a city, often characterized by a concentration of commercial, cultural, and business activities, as well as retail and entertainment venues

Teddy, designer of tennis dresses and author born in 1910 (7)


This clue pertains to an individual known for their contributions to fashion design and literature, particularly in the realm of sports apparel and writing. The answer is “TINLING” because Teddy Tinling was a British fashion designer renowned for his innovative tennis dress designs, notably worn by prominent tennis players, and he was also an author, known for his memoirs and writings on tennis and fashion.

Peter, visually impaired broadcast journalist born in 1947 (5)

Answer: WHITE

This clue refers to a broadcast journalist known for his work in the media industry despite facing visual impairment. The answer is “WHITE” because Peter White is a British journalist and broadcaster who has worked for the BBC, notably as a presenter on radio programs such as “In Touch,” focusing on issues related to disability and accessibility.

A grey or brownish cat mottled with dark stripes (5)

Answer: TABBY

This clue describes a specific type of domestic cat characterized by its fur coloration, which includes a mix of grey or brown tones along with dark stripes or markings. The answer is “TABBY” because a tabby cat is a common type of feline characterized by its distinctive coat pattern, which can include stripes, swirls, or spots, often seen in various shades of grey, brown, or orange.

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