Find the 8th April 2024 Crossword Puzzle Irish Times Simplex Solution here

Crossword Puzzle Irish Times Simplex

Unlock the answers to the April 8, 2024, Irish Times Simplex Crossword Puzzle here and conquer the challenge with ease!

Generally in life, we would have played many games that bring fun and help us to relax. Games are one part of entertainment in our lives, which makes us happy. So, one type of game is Crossword, though it may look like a little hard one at the beginning, the game will become more interesting as you play it. This crossword will make you deal with clues for each of the grids in the box, where this grid will also be numbered. Each number will indicate, where the answer starts and how you need to fill it.



Storyteller – AUTHOR: This clue refers to an individual who creates written works such as novels, short stories, or essays. An author is someone who crafts narratives and characters to convey ideas or entertain readers through their written words.

Thomas More’s ideal state


Thomas More’s ideal state – UTOPIA: This clue refers to a book written by the English philosopher and statesman Thomas More in 1516. “Utopia” describes an imagined perfect society or ideal state, presenting a vision of an idyllic community characterized by social harmony and equality.

Assimilate, imbibe


Assimilate, imbibe – ABSORB: This clue suggests the action of taking in or absorbing something, whether it be information, knowledge, or substances. To absorb is to assimilate or soak up, as in soaking up a liquid or comprehending new ideas.

Might a camel sit oddly on this plant?


Might a camel sit oddly on this plant? – CLEMATIS: This clue playfully hints at the appearance of a plant whose name might suggest it’s a comfortable seat for a camel. “Clematis” is a type of flowering plant with long vines and colorful blossoms, but it’s not typically associated with camels sitting on it.

Italian-style ice-cream


Italian-style ice-cream – GELATO: This clue refers to a frozen dessert originating from Italy, known for its rich and creamy texture. Gelato is similar to ice cream but typically contains less fat and air, resulting in a denser and smoother consistency. It’s often flavored with various fruits, nuts, chocolates, or other ingredients.

Bursting out suddenly


Bursting out suddenly: This clue suggests a sudden and explosive release of energy or emotion, indicating a rapid and unexpected eruption of something. It implies a forceful and dramatic outburst. The answer is “ERUPTING,” describing the action of bursting forth suddenly, often used in contexts related to volcanoes or intense emotions.

Travel on horseback


Travel on horseback: Here, the question refers to a mode of transportation involving the riding of horses to move from one place to another. It suggests a traditional and historical method of journeying. The answer is “RIDE,” indicating the act of traveling by sitting on the back of a horse or other equine animal.

Very obvious and without shame


Very obvious and without shame: This phrase describes something that is glaringly evident or conspicuous, lacking subtlety or discretion. It implies a brazen or unabashed display of a particular trait or behavior. The answer is “BLATANT,” denoting something strikingly obvious or unmistakable, often used to describe actions or statements lacking in subtlety or shame.

Forsake, leave behind


Forsake, leave behind: This clue suggests the act of abandoning or deserting something or someone, typically implying a deliberate choice to sever ties or discontinue support. It implies the action of relinquishing or renouncing a previous commitment or allegiance. The answer is “ABANDON,” indicating the act of leaving something behind or giving up on a particular course of action.

British peer


British peer: Here, the question points towards a member of the British nobility, typically holding a hereditary title of high rank. It suggests a person belonging to the aristocratic class in British society. The answer is “DUKE,” denoting a noble title ranking just below a prince or king, often associated with significant land holdings and political influence.

Hymns of mourning


Hymns of mourning: This phrase refers to musical compositions or songs traditionally sung as part of funeral rites or memorial services. It suggests a solemn and reverent form of music expressing grief and sorrow. The answer is “DIRGES,” indicating mournful hymns or funeral songs performed to honor the deceased and provide solace to the bereaved.

Translate data into a computer program


Translate data into a computer program: This clue suggests the process of converting information or instructions into a format suitable for use in computer programming. It implies the transformation of data or commands into a language that can be understood and executed by a computer system. The answer is “ENCODE,” describing the action of translating data or algorithms into a computer-readable format for processing and execution.

One has the same moniker as another


“One has the same moniker as another” suggests a term for someone who shares the same name as another person. “NAMESAKE” is the fitting answer, representing an individual who is named after another person, often as a tribute or in honor of that person’s legacy or significance.

Remotely controlled flying robots


“Remotely controlled flying robots” refers to unmanned aerial vehicles that can be operated from a distance. “DRONES” is the appropriate term, representing these aircraft equipped with sensors, cameras, or other payloads, often used for surveillance, reconnaissance, or aerial photography in various industries and military applications.

Cite as evidence


“Cite as evidence” suggests presenting something as proof or support for an argument or claim. “ADDUCE” fits this description, representing the action of offering evidence or testimony to support a statement, theory, or conclusion in a debate, trial, or academic discourse.

Son of Zeus and a case for decanters


“Son of Zeus and a case for decanters” refers to a figure in Greek mythology punished for his crimes, as well as a container used for serving or storing liquids. “TANTALUS” is the answer, representing both a mythical character, the son of Zeus, and a decanter stand or holder named after him, typically designed with a mechanism to prevent easy access to its contents.

Hard, crystalline rock


“Hard, crystalline rock” suggests a type of stone known for its durability and aesthetic appeal. “MARBLE” is the fitting answer, representing a metamorphic rock composed primarily of calcite or dolomite minerals, prized for its distinctive veining and suitability for sculpture, architecture, and decorative applications.

Self-important and overbearing


“Self-important and overbearing” refers to someone who displays excessive pride or superiority. “ARROGANT” fits this description, representing a person who behaves in a haughty or disdainful manner, believing themselves to be superior to others.

Unreasonably unwilling to change


“Unreasonably unwilling to change” suggests someone who refuses to adapt or compromise despite circumstances or arguments. “STUBBORN” is the appropriate word choice here, representing a person who is obstinate or inflexible, often persisting in their opinions or actions despite evidence or reasoning to the contrary.

Continue, move ahead


“Continue, move ahead” suggests moving forward or advancing with a course of action. “PROCEED” fits this description, representing the action of continuing or progressing, often used to indicate the next step or action in a sequence or plan.

Chest of drawers or an office


Chest of drawers or an office – BUREAU: This clue describes either a piece of furniture used for storing clothes or other items (a chest of drawers) or an administrative office or agency. “Bureau” is the appropriate word that can refer to either a piece of furniture or an office, depending on the context.

18th century Austrian composer


18th century Austrian composer – HAYDN: This clue refers to a renowned composer from Austria who was active during the 18th century. Joseph Haydn was a prolific composer known for his contributions to the classical music genre, particularly symphonies, string quartets, and piano sonatas.

Sweet red pepper


Sweet red pepper – PAPRIKA: This clue describes a type of spice made from dried and ground sweet red peppers. Paprika is commonly used to add flavor, color, and mild heat to dishes in various cuisines around the world.

Area at the back


Area at the back – REAR: This clue accurately describes the portion of an object or space that is located behind or to the back. “Rear” refers to the back part or area of something, such as the rear of a building, vehicle, or animal.

One thing on a list


One thing on a list – ITEM: This clue describes a single entry or unit on a list or inventory. “Item” is the appropriate word that signifies a particular thing or object listed individually, often as part of a larger collection or sequence.

Towards the sheltered side


Towards the sheltered side – ALEE: This clue describes the direction or position that is sheltered from the wind or weather. “Alee” is a nautical term that refers to the leeward side of a ship or any location that is protected from the wind.

Mixing different ingredients to form one


Mixing different ingredients to form one – BLENDING: This clue describes the action of combining or mixing various ingredients together to create a unified mixture or product. “Blending” is the appropriate term that signifies the process of thoroughly mixing different elements to form a homogeneous mixture.

Christmas saint


Christmas saint: This clue refers to a figure associated with the holiday season, particularly in Western culture, known for delivering gifts to children. It suggests a character embodying generosity and kindness. The answer is “NICK,” indicating Saint Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus, a legendary figure celebrated for his gift-giving tradition on Christmas Eve.

Views, vistas or facets


Views, vistas or facets: Here, the question encompasses various perspectives or aspects of something, indicating different angles or viewpoints. It suggests the multifaceted nature of a concept or object, with each aspect contributing to a comprehensive understanding. The answer is “ASPECTS,” denoting different viewpoints or facets that collectively contribute to a complete picture or understanding of a subject.



Womb: This term refers to the organ in a female mammal’s body where offspring develop before birth, suggesting a vital and nurturing space for fetal growth. It implies the protective and nourishing environment within a mother’s body. The answer is “SPACE,” indicating the interior cavity or chamber where embryonic development occurs, symbolizing the nurturing and protective aspect of the womb.

Highly delighted


Highly delighted: This phrase describes a state of extreme joy or satisfaction, indicating intense pleasure or happiness. It suggests a feeling of immense contentment or gratification. The answer is “PLEASED AS PUNCH,” denoting a colloquial expression used to describe someone who is extremely pleased or satisfied with a particular situation or outcome.

Become extinct


Become extinct: Here, the question suggests the process of dying out or disappearing completely, indicating the cessation of existence for a particular species or phenomenon. It implies the gradual decline and eventual disappearance of something from existence. The answer is “DIE AWAY,” describing the gradual diminishment or disappearance of a population or phenomenon until it ceases to exist.


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