Find the answer for the Crossword Puzzle Mirror Quick here: April 8th, 2024

the answer for the Crossword Puzzle Mirror Quick

With this article, you will be able to learn what the Mirror Quick Crossword puzzle is and also find the final answer for the crossword.

A crossword is a word puzzle that typically takes the form of a square or rectangular grid of white and black-shaded squares. The goal is to fill the white squares with letters to form words or phrases, based on given clues. The Mirror Quick crossword puzzle is a popular type of crossword puzzle that appears in the Mirror newspaper, specifically the Mirror Quick section.

The Mirror Quick crossword puzzle is short and easy to understand. It’s made for lots of different people to enjoy and solve without any trouble

Plant life (5) Letters

The Answer is FLORA

Flora isn’t just a category; it’s the foundation of entire ecosystems. This clue highlights the importance of plants and their role in sustaining life on Earth. We can delve into the fascinating diversity of plant life, from towering trees to microscopic algae, and explore the delicate balance between plants and animals in various habitats.

Recurring theme (5) Letters

The Answer is MOTIF

Motifs are more than just stylistic devices; they can be windows into the deeper meaning of a story or work of art. This clue offers an opportunity to explore the symbolism and recurring patterns found in literature, music, and visual arts.

Exploit (3) Letters

The Answer is USE

“Use” is a versatile word with both positive and negative connotations. This clue can spark a discussion about responsible resource management and the exploitation of natural resources or human labor for personal gain

Anxiety (6) Letters

The Answer is UNREST

Anxiety is a complex emotion with various causes and manifestations. This clue can be a springboard to explore mental health, the impact of stress on the body, and coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety.

Boring (4) Letters

The Answer is DULL

“Dull” isn’t just about lacking excitement; it can also describe a lack of sharpness or stimulation. This clue can lead to discussions about perception, the importance of novelty, and the subjective nature of what we find interesting.

Male cat (3) Letters

The Answer is TOM

While “tom” is a straightforward answer, it reflects the rich history of human-animal relationships. This clue can be a launchpad to explore cat domestication, the different breeds of cats, and their unique place in human society.

Geometric shape (7) Letters

The Answer is RHOMBUS

A rhombus is more than just a four-sided figure; it’s a building block of geometry. This clue can be a stepping stone to explore the fascinating world of shapes and their properties, the principles of symmetry, and the applications of geometry in various fields like architecture and engineering.

Number (7) Letters

The Answer is INTEGER

The answer lies in the realm of mathematics, where numbers reign supreme. The Correct Answer is INTEGER. An integer is a whole number, both positive and negative, without any fractional or decimal components. It represents a fundamental concept in mathematics, encompassing a wide range of numerical values.

Lettuce (3) Letters

The Answer is COS

Here, we delve into the realm of gastronomy, where ingredients take center stage. Cos lettuce, also known as romaine lettuce, is a type of lettuce with long, narrow leaves and a crisp texture. It is commonly used in salads and sandwiches, adding a refreshing crunch to culinary creations.

Entreaty (4) Letters

The Answer is PLEA

This clue beckons us into the realm of communication, where words hold the power to sway hearts and minds. A plea is a sincere request or entreaty, often made with urgency or desperation. It embodies the essence of heartfelt appeal, conveying a sense of vulnerability and earnestness.

Opposed (6) Letters

The Answer is AVERSE

In the arena of conflict and opposition, this clue hints at a state of disagreement or resistance. To be averse is to have a strong feeling of dislike or opposition towards something. It reflects a stance of opposition or reluctance, signaling a reluctance to engage or participate.

Spoil (3) Letters

The Answer is MAR

Here, we confront the notion of decay and deterioration. To mar something is to damage or spoil its appearance or quality, often through careless or unintentional actions. It denotes a sense of imperfection or blemish, tarnishing the beauty or integrity of that which is affected.

Shove (5) Letters

The Answer is NUDGE

This clue evokes the physical realm, where actions speak louder than words. A nudge is a gentle push or prod, often used to encourage movement or action without force or aggression. It embodies a subtle form of persuasion, guiding someone towards a particular direction or decision.

Winning suit (5) Letters

The Answer is TRUMP

In the world of card games, strategy and luck intertwine in the pursuit of victory. In card games such as bridge or whist, the trump suit is the suit chosen to have special privileges, allowing its cards to defeat any card from the other suits. It represents a powerful advantage that can turn the tide of the game in favor of the player who holds it.

Writing implement (8,3) Letters


Here, we explore the tools of expression and creativity. A fountain pen is a traditional writing instrument that uses a nib and ink reservoir to produce writing. It offers a smooth and fluid writing experience, allowing for precision and elegance in handwriting.

Regret (3) Letters

The Answer is RUE

This clue invites us into the realm of emotions, where feelings of remorse and sorrow reside. To rue is to feel remorse or regret for something, often accompanied by a sense of longing or sadness for what might have been. It embodies the bittersweet nature of hindsight, as we reflect on past actions or decisions with a tinge of sorrow.

Donkey (3) Letters

The Answer is ASS

Here, we venture into the realm of the animal kingdom, where creatures great and small inhabit our collective consciousness. An ass is a member of the equine family, characterized by its long ears and sturdy build. It serves as a symbol of endurance and humility, embodying traits of strength and resilience.

Hand part (5) Letters

The Answer is THUMB

This clue directs our attention to the intricacies of human anatomy, where each part plays a vital role in our daily lives. The thumb is a digit on the hand, positioned opposite the fingers, allowing for precision grip and manipulation. It is a symbol of dexterity and opposability, enabling humans to perform complex tasks and activities

Nods off (5,6) Letters


In the realm of sleep and wakefulness, this clue hints at the subtle transition between consciousness and slumber. The Correct Answer is FALLS ASLEEPTo fall asleep is to transition from a state of wakefulness to sleep, often accompanied by a gradual relaxation of the body and mind. It represents a natural rhythm of rest and renewal, as we surrender to the embrace of sleep and dreams.

Engrave (4) Letters

The Answer is ETCH

Here, we explore the realm of craftsmanship and creativity, where artistry and skill converge to leave a lasting mark To etch is to engrave or carve a design or image onto a surface, typically using acid or a sharp tool. It embodies the precision and delicacy of artistic expression, allowing for intricate patterns and designs to be rendered with finesse.

Alcoholic drink (3) Letters

The Answer is RUM

This clue leads us into the realm of beverages, where spirits and libations abound. Rum is a potent alcoholic drink distilled from fermented sugarcane or molasses. It evokes images of tropical islands and pirate adventures, adding a touch of exotic flavor to cocktails and concoctions.

Floor covering (3) Letters

The Answer is RUG

A rug is a textile floor covering typically used to add warmth, comfort, and style to a room. Whether woven, knotted, or tufted, rugs come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and patterns to suit every taste and decor scheme.

Scull (3) Letters

The Answer is OAR

An oar is a long pole with a flat blade at one end, used to propel and steer a boat through the water. In the art of sculling, rowers skillfully maneuver their oars to navigate rivers, lakes, and seas with precision and grace.

Mode (5) Letters

The Answer is TREND

In the realm of fashion and culture, this clue hints at ever-changing trends and styles. A trend is a prevailing pattern or direction of change in behavior, fashion, or culture. It reflects the zeitgeist of a particular moment in time, shaping the way we dress, think, and interact with the world around us.

Test (4) Letters

The Answer is EXAM

Here, we enter the realm of academia and assessment. An exam is a formal assessment or evaluation of knowledge, skills, or abilities, typically conducted to measure proficiency or mastery in a particular subject or field of study. It represents a milestone in the educational journey, signaling achievement and progress.

Mongrel (3) Letters

The Answer is CUR

A cur is a mixed-breed dog of uncertain lineage, often characterized by its scrappy appearance and independent spirit. Despite their humble origins, curs are beloved for their loyalty and companionship, embodying the timeless bond between humans and their four-legged friends.

Keg (3) Letters

The Answer is VAT

A vat is a large container used for holding, storing, or fermenting liquids such as beer, wine, or spirits. It serves as a vessel of transformation, where raw ingredients are combined and aged to create the intoxicating elixirs that have delighted palates for centuries.

Stray (3) Letters

The Answer is ERR

To err is to stray or deviate from the correct path, whether literally or metaphorically. It signifies a departure from the intended course or a lapse in judgment, reminding us of the inherent fallibility of human nature. In just three letters, this answer encapsulates the essence of wandering off course, offering a succinct yet profound insight into the human condition.

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