Find the Answer For the NYT Mini Crossword April 12, 2024

the NYT Mini Crossword

Are you struggling to solve today’s New York Times Mini Crossword? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Find the answer you are looking for here.

NYT Mini Crossword

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___ Cline, first solo female artist inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame

Answer: PATSY

This question asks for the name of the first solo female artist to be honored with induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame. The answer is “PATSY,” referring to Patsy Cline, a renowned country music singer who achieved significant success and influence in the genre.

Show one’s feelings

Answer: EMOTE

This question prompts for a term describing the action of revealing or displaying one’s emotions. The answer is “EMOTE,” which means to express emotions vividly or theatrically, often used in acting to convey the characters’ feelings to the audience.

Put on the wall, as a poster

Answer: PINUP

This question seeks a verb indicating the action of affixing or hanging something, particularly referring to a poster being displayed on a wall. The answer is “PINUP,” which means to attach or hang an item, such as a poster, on a vertical surface like a wall.

Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire

Answer: GIN

This question asks for a type of alcoholic beverage, specifically mentioning two brands. The answer is “GIN,” a distilled spirit flavored with botanicals, including juniper berries, with Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire being popular brands of gin.

Part of a play

Answer: ACT

This question inquires about a segment or division of a theatrical performance, focusing on a component of a play’s structure. The answer is “ACT,” referring to a major division within a play, typically consisting of multiple scenes and contributing to the overall narrative progression.

Enthusiastic energy

Answer: PEP

This question asks for a term that describes lively and energetic enthusiasm. The answer is “PEP,” which refers to spirited and vivacious energy, often associated with enthusiasm and vigor.

Female friend, in Spanish

Answer: AMIGA

This question seeks a Spanish term for a female friend. The answer is “AMIGA,” which translates to “friend” in English and specifically refers to a female friend

Common mixer for 8-Across

Answer: TONIC

This question refers to the answer of the clue “Enthusiastic energy” (PEP), asking for a common beverage mixer that pairs well with it. The answer is “TONIC,” which is a carbonated soft drink often used as a mixer with alcoholic beverages like gin (associated with PEP in the crossword).

Double feature in the movies?

Answer: STUNT

This question employs a play on words, suggesting a possible interpretation of “double feature” in the context of movies. The answer is “STUNT,” which refers to a daring or risky action often performed in films, and in this case, it’s a wordplay on the idea of a “double feature” film screening.


Answer: YEP

This question prompts for a casual affirmative response, typically indicating agreement or acknowledgment. The answer is “YEP,” which is an informal way of saying “yes” or expressing agreement, often used in casual conversation.

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