Find the Answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle for April 5, 2024

the Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle

Check here for the Wall Street Journal crossword clues with answers for today, April 5, 2024. Also, we are discussing the answer explanation here.

Find the Answers for the Wall Street Journal Crossword Puzzle for April 5, 2024

Are you looking forward to the answers to today’s WSJ crossword clues? Don’t worry, just check here to find the answers for all the clues. If you are a game lover, crosswords are the right choice to play. It refreshes our minds and improves our skills and vocabulary.

These mental workouts are really fun to do. Here we have some WSJ crossword clues and hints. Crosswords are available on several platforms, such as newspapers, magazines, and online games. The Wall Street Journal also offers easy-to-moderate-range puzzles daily.

First, you have to read the clue carefully. Then you count the empty boxes of the answer which helps you to find the answer. Think and write some possible answers, out of these you have to choose the right one. Even, if you can’t find it just scroll down to see the answer as well as the explanation.

Numbers for one (1A)

Answer: ARIAS

ARIAS is the answer to the clue. It means a small piece of music sung by one person. These aria types of music mostly happened in an opera or choral work. From the clue, “Numbers for one” not directly hinting the answer. But, it leads to the answer “ARIAS.”

Giver of Starbuck’s orders (6A)

Answer: AHAB

Ahab is a character from the novel “Moby-Dick” by Herman Melville. In this novel, Ahab is a captain who gives orders to Starbucks and the crew. Starbuck is the first mate of the ship. In that clue, they ask for the giver’s name in Starbuck’s orders. In this way, you have to connect the answer with the clue.

“Make it snappy!” (10A)

Answer: ASAP

ASAP stands for “as soon as possible”. The clue “Make it snappy!” refers to doing something quickly. It is a phrase commonly used by people to do without delay. These hints directly lead to as soon as possible meaning. In short “ASAP’ will be the perfect answer.

Sound of an acorn opening? (14A)

Answer: LONGA

Acorn is a fruit of an oak tree, it’s a pale oval-shaped nut. When squirrels want to crack the fruit, some long sounds will rise. These sound like Longa music. Yes, Longa is also a long, quadruple music note. Both Longa and acorn opening sounds are the same. This is the way to connect the clue and answer.

Wise Roman (15A)

Answer: CATO

CATO stands for “Cato the Elder.” He was a Roman soldier and historian. Also known as Marcus Porcius Cato and Cato the Wise. He was well known for his intelligence and practical wisdom. From the clue, we know it’s a man with knowledge and from Rome. So, “Cato the Elder” suits perfectly to the clue.

Red Rose (16A)

Answer: PETE

Rose is a flower. When you think about roses, mostly you think of them being red. But here this does not directly help you to find the word. Often similar sounds, related words, or rhyming words are also the answers.

Same as here, if you say roses quickly, it sounds like “Pete.” Yes, Pete is a name that sounds like a word associated with a red rose.

Highly solitary people (17A)


solitary means single or existing alone. Here, the clue is “Highly solitary people.” So, it refers to people who want to be alone. Werewolves are popular creatures in folklore which turns to wolves from humans in certain phases of the moon like full moon. We can connect both words in this way. Both are isolated and want to be alone.

Superior to (19A)

Answer: OVER

The clue “Superior to” refers to something above or “greater than”. The answer to the clue is “Over” which is also giving the same meaning. Yes, we use the word over to mention something superior to that. So, it will be the perfect match for the clue. Fits successfully to the squares also.

“___ Fideles” (20A)

Answer: ADESTE

From the clue, we know the meaning of “Fideles” which means  “faithful” or “loyal.” And the answer is “Adeste, a Latin word ” which means  “come” or “be present.” If we connect both the words, it comes as “Adeste Fideles.”

It is a part of the title of a famous Christmas carol. From the clue itself, we know it’s a missing word. So, the “Adeste” answer suits those squares perfectly.

Sue Grafton’s “___ for Evidence” (21A)

Answer: EIS

From the clue, we know it is a missing word. “Sue Grafton’s” refers that it’s a book written by the author Sue. She was a famous writer of mystery novels and alphabetical series. “__for Evidence” is the name of that author’s novel. Yes, “E Is for Evidence” is the answer.

“E” Is for Evidence was her fifth novel, it’s about a detective story. The leading character was a private investigator, Kinsey Millhone. It was published in 1988.

Airy tune (22A)

Answer: LILT

Lilt means someone speaks with a pleasant accent while raising and falling the voice. It is a gentle accent of someone. The clue “Airy Tune” also mentions something light and melodious. Both sound similar, right? Yes, It means a lively tune that is cheerful, making it feel light and airy. It suits as answer very well.

House vote (23A)

Answer: YEA

YEA is a type of vote voted by a member of a legislative body. “YEA” refers to their support for a particular bill or motion. It is a voice of legal action. In the clue, they said house vote which means it’s related to politics. “YEA” is the perfect answer to this clue.

Prefix meaning “tooth”(24A)

Answer: ODONT

Odont is a medical term that means tooth. Odon is a Greek word that refers to the tooth. In medical terminology, they use some terms like “odontogenesis” which means the formation of teeth, or “odontectomy” which means surgical removal of tooth. From this, we know “ODONT” is the perfect prefix to the clue “tooth”.

Skate park trick (26A)

Answer: OLLIE

Ollie is a term that is used in skating. It means that the skater kicks the tail of the board down while jumping. The clue itself they mentioned it’s inventor. In this case, also we used the same thing to find the answer.

Result of a religious schism (27A)

Answer: SECT

Schism is one of the religions. Here, a sect represents the particular subgroup of that religion. Yes, In that religion are lot of division occurs due to differences in practices and beliefs. The result of such split, some sects are formed. So, here the answer to the clue is “SECT.”

Sugary spherical treats (29A)


From the clue, the term “Sugary” refers to something sweet like candies, and “Spherical” refers to its round shape. So, surely the answer should be the name of candy, right? Yes, exactly. But here “SPOUTHOLES” is the answer.

Getting confused? if you rearrange the word “SPOUTHOLES”, it will come as “LOLLIPOPS.” It is sweet as well as round shape.

Perlman in “Barbie” (31A)

Answer: RHEA

Rhea is the answer to the clue. Yes, She is an actress and her full name is Rhea Perlman. In Barbie’s movie, Rhea Perlman played the role of Ruth Handler. She is 76 years old. In the clue, they have given the surname of that actress and also her recent hit film. From that, we find the answer “Rhea.”

Mar. honoree (33A)

Answer: STPAT

From the clue “Mar. honoree” refers to something which is related to the march month and honor. Here “Mar.” indicates March and “Honoree” means that person who is the reason for that.

Here, STPAT refers to St. Patrick, as in St. Patrick’s Day. It is celebrated on March 17th.  This day is celebrated by Irish communities. They wear some green attire during the day. They conduct parades and festivals too.

Gallery fill (34A)

Answer: ART

The clue “Gallery fill” refers that the Gallery is filled with something. Generally, art exists in a gallery. Fill means the gallery is filled with art. People really excited to see and enjoy an art gallery. So, art is perfectly suited to the given clue.

Three-toed bird (35A)

Answer: EMU

The given clue is “Three-toed bird.” From the clue itself, we know it is a bird. Also has some features like three toes. The answer to the clue is Emu. Yes, Emu is a large flightless bird. It is native to Australia. It has long legs and three-toed feet.

Predators and Panthers are part of it (37A)

Answer: NHL

The clue is  “Predators and Panthers are part of it.” Here, Predators means the Nashville Predators and Panthers means the Florida Panthers. These are Hockey teams.

Predators are based in Nashville, Tennesse and Panthers are located in Sunrise, Florida. You may get the answer. NHL is very much suitable for the clue. NHL stands for National Hockey League.

Inventive Whitney (39A)

Answer: ELI

Eli is the answer to the clue “Inventive Whitney CLUE.” The term “Inventive” means someone who is known for inventing something. Whitney is a surname of One famous inventor. Yeah! It’s Eli Whitney.

Eli, an American inventor invented the cotton gin machine which made the cotton world even bigger.

Parts of Stetsons (42A)

Answer: BRIMS

from the given clue, we got enough clues to get the answer. The term, Stetsons refers to “Stetsons  hats.” Also, they mention Part of it. Generally, these hats are more expensive due to their imported materials and machines.

The answer may be a material of it. Yes, the answer is  Brims. It is a wider part of the hat. It extends outwards from the crown of the hat.

“___ bien” (Spanish for “okay”) (46A)

Answer: ESTA

It is a phrase. In this clue, we have an empty prefix space that’s what we are going to fill. In bracket, they mention their meaning is okay and it’s the Spanish language. So, we have to find the phrase with the meaning of “okay.”

The answer to the clue is “está.” Estar is a root verb, it’s third-person singular form is “esta.” So “esta bien” is the phrase and it means “it is okay”

Fort Knox items  (49A)


Fort Knox is famous for its gold storage. It is the USA’s official gold reserve which is located in Kentucky, south of Louisville and north of Elizabethtown. From the clue, “items” refers to gold. “Goldilocks” is the answer.

It is a fairy tale character in Goldilocks and the Three Bears tale of the 19th century. This is the way you have to connect those two hints and get the answer.

Mad Hatter portrayer (52A)

Answer: DEPP

Depp is the answer. we all know it’s Johnny Depp. A 60-year-old American actor cum musician. Now, we have to connect the clues. Mad Hatter is a role that was played by Johnny Depp in the movie “Alice in Wonderland” and its sequel “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” directed by Tim Burton.

Hooting Youth (54A)

Answer: OWLET

From the clue we want to know the meaning of “Hooting Youth.” Hooting means some sounds made by Owls, a diurnal bird. Youth means something young. From this, We got one conclusion it is a younger one of a bird owl. Yes, the answer is OWLET. It is referring to a baby owl. So, it fits perfectly.

Major successor (55A)

Answer: BLAIR

The one who succeeded in very big is called,  “Major successor.” It is the clue. Major represents a high-ranking military officer and successor means the follower of that person’s footsteps. Here, Blair is the answer. Yeah, It’s Tony Blair, a follower of John Major, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1997.

Japanese theater (57A)

Answer: NOH

Noh is the answer to the clue “Japanese theater.” From the clue itself, we know it is a theatre which is located in Japan. So, the answer is some special theatre in Japan. Noh suits perfectly to this clue. Yes, it is one of the oldest and most traditional theatres. It was built in the 14th century.

Barber offering (58A)

Answer: TRIM

The clue “Barber offering” suggests that we are fetching an answer to something related to a barbaric profession. They can offer haircuts, facials, or trims. Here, the answer is “Trim.” They mention in the clue it’s an offer, so it might be a compliment of some service. If you go for a haircut they offer you trims. So, it is a good match to the clue.

Album with “Deacon Blues” (59A)

Answer: AJA

“Deacon Blues” is a song by Steely Dan. Also, they mention the album which includes this track. Steely Dan is a rock band from America founded in 1971. And the album’s name is “AJA” it’s an answer too. “Deacon Blues” is one of the tracks of that AJA album which was released in 1977.

Whiny type (60A)

Answer: NOODGE

Whiny means some annoying high-pitched tone or sad tone. Whiny persons generally have a complaining nature tone. From the given clue, we got the answer “NOODGE.” Noodge also refers to the person who is irritating others with their nags and whines.

Word on Caribbean maps (62A)

Answer: RICO

The word RICO represents the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. In Caribbean maps, The govt of the USA marks some places as crime areas, and be aware of those places. It may be a troubled place, so they warn people to avoid going there.

Scout’s honor? (63A)


The clue “Scout’s honor” is a phrase. It represents the value of honesty and trustworthiness. These are all the principles of the scouting movement. Here the answer is “Merit-based.” It is a system where rewards and opportunities are granted. In both, there are no places for favoritism or bias.

Hasn’t left the office, say (65A)

Answer: ISIN

ISIN stands for “The International Securities Identification Number.” This is a unique code for stocks and bonds. The clue is “Hasn’t left the office.” It directly mentions that remains within the office environment. Both are connected by one character which is both are not leaving the office environment.

“Hot or ___?” (barista’s query) (66A)

Answer: ICED

If you order something, Barista asks you for your drink served hot or cold, right? Yes, exactly Iced is the answer to the clue. Generally, the Barista asks us two options for the beverage being ordered either hot or iced.

Mammal often wet (67A)

Answer: OTTER

Otters are also mammals that spend more time in water. Here, the clue itself we know the answer should be a mammal and they mention often wet. Yes, not entirely aquatic mammals but often they use water to stay. So, Otters are the perfect answer to the given clue.

Some adoptees (68A)

Answer: PETS

Pets are animals that are adopted by people. Animals like cats, dogs, or birds are commonly adopted. They become part of the family like humans and are also adopted by rescue organizations or breeders.

European volcano (69A)

Answer: ETNA

ETNA is the answer to the given clue “European volcano.” Etna refers to Mount Etna, which is located on the east coast of the island of Sicily, Italy. It is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It belongs to the European continent. It suits the clue perfectly.

“The ones I’m pointing at” (70A)

Answer: THOSE

The clue “The ones I’m pointing at” denotes a particular set of things in one specific group or object. The answer to the clue is “Those.” It refers to some particular object or group indicated by the person pointing.

Every single time (1D)

Answer: ALWAYS

The clue is “Every single time” which mentions that one person wants the same thing again and again. The answer to the clue is “ALWAYS” which also refers to the same meaning as the given clue.

Common sight in European forests (2D)


Common sight in European forests clue refers to something that is often seen in the forest of Europe. The answer is “Roe Deer.” They are relatively small deer. These are very common in European forests. They are native to Europe and several types are available across the continent.

Attainable (3D)


The clue “Attainable” refers to something that can be reached and achieved. The answer to the clue is  INREACH. Both are meaning-wise very similar. Yes, Inreach also refers to the same as attainable which means being reached.

Forever, seemingly (4D)

Answer: AGES

From the clue, the term “forever” refers to something lasting a long time, and “seemingly clue” represents that there is no solution now. So from both hints, we have concluded with one answer. Yes, It is “AGES”

Took care of (5D)

Answer: SAWTO

The clue “Took care of” is in past tense and gives the meaning of making sure it is handled properly. Likewise, the answer “Saw to” is a past tense sentence and also gives the same meaning. It is like a homophone.

Body part often torn by skiers (6D)

Answer: ACL

ACL is the answer. ACL stands for Anterior Cruciate Ligament. When a person is skiing and suddenly twists their knee means they hurt a part inside called “ACL.” It is a common injury for skiers.

Destitute type (7D)


Destitute type is a phrase that means one person who lacks financial resources. Here, It may be money or stocks but they do have not those resources. So, The answer to the clue is “HAVE NOT.”

Loved the attention (8D)


ATEITUP is the answer to the clue “Loved the attention.” Here the word “loved” hints at the word “ate”, and “the attention” hints at the word “IT UP.” both give the same meaning that someone enjoyed the attention they received.

Honcho (9D)

Answer: BOSS

The clue “Honcho” means a leader or a boss. Coming to the clue, the answer should be “BOSS.” It is a direct synonym of “honcho”. It suits perfectly to the clue.

Moon mission (10D)

Answer: APOLLO

Apollo is a moon mission of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, USA. It was the first human-landed mission on the Moon in the 1960s and 70s.

Capital de Andalucía (11D)


SEVILLA is a city which is located in Spain. let’s come to the clue, Sevilla is the capital of de Andalucía. This city is very rich in history and culture.

Drawing room? (12D)


Atelier is the answer to the given clue “Drawing room? ” It is a special room where the painters or artists work on their creations. They kept their tool there like brushes, paints, and easels.

Most brazen (13D)


The word “Peritest” means something very bold or daring. This is the answer to the given clue “Most brazen.” Both are synonyms by their meaning.

Venerable reference bks. (18D)

Answer: OEDS

The “OED” stands for the Oxford English Dictionary. It has more words and it’s meaning. The clue is “Venerable reference bks.” Here, bks refer to books. Mostly people go for reference if they don’t know something. Undoubtedly, most of the references have to be done with the Dictionary.

Special or photo follower (25D)

Answer: OPS

OPS is the answer to the given clue “Special or photo follower.” OPS is an expert lens that helps you create amazing pictures. It is a special thing in photography.

“___ humanity!” (26D)

Answer: OHTHE

The clue “___ humanity!” is a phrase of consisting several exclamations in it. The answer is “OHTHE.” By adding these words to the clue it comes  “Oh the humanity!”

Wearable souvenir (28D)

Answer: TEE

Tee is a cool outfit, you can take home from a special place like a vacation spot or a concert. It is the answer to the clue.

Khaki cousin (30D)

Answer: TAN

Khaki is a shade of brownish-yellow, just like the color tan. So, Tan is like Khaki’s cousin because they’re similar colors.

Extent (32D)

Answer: AMBIT

While talking, we use the word “ambit” which is like saying the boundary or range of something. The extent also gives the same meaning.

Address box address (36D)

Answer: URL

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. It tells your computer where to find a specific webpage on the internet. It is the perfect answer to this clue like street address.

Ken Kesey took it (38D)

Answer: LSD

Ken Kesey, an author, famously used LSD, a powerful drug, which altered his views and inspired his writing.

Self-boost of a sort (39D)


Imagine talking about yourself, showing off all your achievements, talents, and skills to make yourself feel important and special. That’s what a self-boost, or egotrip, is all about!

Like some jeans and buildings (40D)


“Lowrise” is a word combining “low” and “rise.” It means buildings and jeans that are not very tall or high up. So, if you see jeans or buildings that are not too tall, you can call them “lowrise.”

Forbidden (41D)


Forbidden means something you’re not allowed to do. Illicit means the same thing, as sneaking cookies when you’re not supposed to.

Court statement (43D)


In court, when someone says “I object,” it means they disagree with something that’s being said or done. They’re telling the judge they think there’s a problem, like incorrect evidence or a rule being broken.

British sports car (44D)


McLaren is like a super fast toy car for grown-ups. It’s British and built for zooming around with style and speed.

Music with steel drums (45D)

Answer: SKA

Steel drums in ska music create a lively beat with Caribbean vibes, making you want to dance to the catchy rhythm.

Takes care of (47D)


“Takes care of” can be simplified as “tends to.” It means looking after something or someone, like how a parent tends to their child.

High points (48D)


Apogees are marking the highest points in an orbit around Earth. It is the answer to the clue “High points”.

Possessive types? (50D)

Answer: DEMONS

Possessive types in grammar refer to ownership or relationship. For example, in “the demon’s claws,” ‘demon’s’ tells us the claws belong to the demon.

___ Maarten (Dutch-speaking half of a Caribbean island) (51D)

Answer: SINT

___ Maarten is a Dutch-speaking part of a Caribbean island, commonly referred to as Sint Maarten. “Sint” means “Saint” in Dutch, indicating its historical connection to Saint Martin.

Racine tragedy from a Greek myth (53D)

Answer: PHEDRE

“Phedre” is a play by Racine based on a Greek myth about a queen. She is named Phaedra who falls in love with her stepson, causing tragic consequences.

Mechanical worker (56D)

Answer: ROBOT

A mechanical worker, like a robot, is a machine that can do tasks automatically, without needing a person to control it. It’s like a helper that follows instructions to complete jobs.

Female French friend (59D)

Answer: AMIE

A female friend in French is called “une amie.” It’s like saying “friend” to a girl, just in French.

What a politician takes (61D)

Answer: OATH

A politician takes an oath like a promise to follow rules and work for the people. It’s a special pledge they make to do their job honestly and responsibly.

Lupino of movies (64D)

Answer: IDA

Lupino was a director, actress, and producer known for her work in classic Hollywood films. IDA is the movie that fits the description.

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