Find the Daily Express Crusader Answers for April 6, 2024

Daily Express Crusader Answers

Discover the clues for today’s crossword here, and also find the answers along with thorough explanations.

Many people enjoy this crossword because each clue is a fun challenge to solve. It is packed with word games and hints that will keep your brain working. If you are a pro at crosswords or getting started, this crossword will be perfect for you. In this guide, we have all the daily clues and answers updated for you.

Term in the Kent area for me before rest, possibly


In the context of the clue, “me” can refer to “ME” in “SEMESTER,” suggesting the term “semester.” “Kent area” implies a regional or local reference, indicating that the term “semester” might be used in the area of Kent. “Before rest, possibly” could hint at the idea of dividing the academic year into two semesters, with breaks or rest periods in between, making it a fitting term for the context.

Important person with large hairpiece

Answer: BIGWIG

The term “bigwig” is often used colloquially to describe an important or influential person, especially one in a position of authority or prominence. The reference to a “large hairpiece” is likely metaphorical, suggesting someone with a grand or exaggerated appearance, which aligns with the idea of someone being perceived as a “bigwig” due to their status or power.

Information about getting retirement payment


A “golden handshake” typically refers to a generous financial package or payment offered to an employee upon retirement or as a part of a severance agreement. The clue suggests that the answer involves information about receiving retirement payment, which fits the concept of a “golden handshake” as it pertains to financial compensation upon leaving employment.

Head of department in a frock making speech


The term “head of department” suggests a person in a leadership position within an organization or institution. “In a frock” implies a formal attire, possibly hinting at a formal setting such as a speech or presentation. “Making speech” directly points to the act of delivering an address or speech, which fits the word “ADDRESS.”

Listener ahead of time getting chicken made of baked clay


The clue plays with the words “listener ahead of time,” which rearranged gives “ear” and “then.” “Getting chicken made of baked clay” suggests the word “hen,” and combining these hints leads to “earthen,” which means made of baked clay. This demonstrates the wordplay often used in crossword puzzles, where seemingly unrelated words or phrases can be broken down and rearranged to form the answer.

Boy, unknown before prison sentence, finding beetle


In this clue, “Boy” hints at the word “lad.” “Unknown before prison sentence” refers to the letter “Y,” commonly used as a placeholder for an unknown variable in algebra, placed before “bird.” When combined, “lad” + “Y” + “bird” forms “ladybird,” another term for a beetle, particularly a small, brightly colored beetle often considered attractive.

Doctor, I have motivation

Answer: DRIVE

“Doctor” (often abbreviated as “Dr.”) combined with “I have” forms “Dr. I’ve,” which sounds like “drive.” In this context, “drive” refers to motivation or ambition, reflecting the determination often associated with a drive to succeed.

Approaches from one arsenal

Answer: NEARS

Here, “one arsenal” suggests the word “arsenal,” with “one” representing the numeral “1.” Combining “one” with “arsenal” gives “nears,” which means to come closer or approach something.

Deeds Ron unexpectedly approved


This clue involves an anagram. “Deeds Ron” rearranges to “endorsed,” which means to officially approve or support something. The word “unexpectedly” serves as a hint to the reader to rearrange the letters rather than reading them in their original order.

Pasta essential to player, a violinist


This clue employs a clever play on words. “Essential to player” refers to “RA,” an abbreviation for “right angle” (essential to a player in golf). “A violinist” suggests “VIOLI.” Combining “RA” and “VIOLI” forms “ravioli,” a type of pasta, highlighting the importance of word association and lateral thinking in crossword puzzles.

Tirade about a woman, bright


In this clue, “about a woman” hints at the word “DIA,” short for “Diana.” “Tirade” suggests the word “rant.” Combining “DIA” with “rant” gives “radiant,” which means shining or bright, reflecting the positive connotation associated with the word “bright.”

Time for voting for officer?


“Time for voting” refers to an “election.” “For officer” implies “general,” as in a high-ranking military officer. Combining these elements forms “general election,” which refers to a type of election where voters choose from candidates for various offices, often at a national or regional level.

Number getting the Spanish uniform

Answer: ELEVEN

In this clue, “number” refers to the numerical value 11. “Getting the Spanish uniform” suggests using the Spanish word for “the” which is “el.” When combined, “eleven” is formed, which is the numerical value 11.

Preliminary speech in favour of record being heard


A “preliminary speech” often refers to a prologue, which is an introductory section of a literary work or a speech that sets the stage for what follows. The phrase “in favor of record being heard” implies that the prologue is advocating for or supporting the importance of hearing or listening to the subsequent content.

Gesture from gals in broadcast

Answer: SIGNAL

This clue hints at the word “signal,” which refers to a gesture or action used to convey information, typically in a broadcast or communication context. The phrase “from gals” suggests using the first letters of the words “gesture from gals” to form “signal.”

Most of fruit drink produced before a sensational play


“Most of fruit” refers to the word “mel” from “melon,” a type of fruit. “Drink produced before” suggests placing “mel” before the word “drama,” resulting in “melodrama,” which is a sensational or exaggerated play known for its emotional or sensationalized content.

New screen given to youth leader showing landscape


In this clue, “new screen” suggests a change in perspective or viewpoint. “Given to youth leader” implies using the word “scenery,” which often refers to the visual elements of a landscape or setting. The phrase “showing landscape” reinforces the idea of visual imagery or scenery being presented to the viewer or audience.

Characteristic spirit of European – Thomas

Answer: ETHOS

This clue refers to the concept of “ethos,” which is an appeal to ethics or character in persuasive communication. It’s a rhetorical term often used in discussions of persuasive techniques. The reference to “European – Thomas” may hint at the Greek origins of the term “ethos,” as Greek philosophy, including the work of Thomas Aquinas, greatly influenced European thought.

Popular Democrat outside certain to be covered


“Popular Democrat” suggests the word “insure” as it implies ensuring or protecting against risks. “Outside certain” suggests placing the word “sure” outside the word “certain,” resulting in “insured,” which means covered or protected, fitting the insurance-related context hinted at in the clue.

Western rodent, hot, displaying anger

Answer: WRATH

“Western rodent” suggests the initial letter “W” for a word associated with a rodent typically found in the Western world, which is “rat.” “Hot” could be interpreted as another word for anger. When combined, “WRATH” is formed, which means extreme anger or rage.

Strange guy seen collecting royal from island


“Strange guy” hints at an anagram of the word “guy,” resulting in “GU.” “Royal from island” suggests the letter “ER” from “Her” (a common royal title). Combining “GU” and “ER” gives “GUERNSEY,” which is an island in the English Channel, also known for a breed of cattle and a type of sweater.

Future spouse at home, looked after


This clue suggests someone who is planned or destined to become a spouse. “At home” could be interpreted as “IN,” and “looked after” implies someone cared for or protected. “INTENDED” fits this context, indicating someone who is intended or planned to be a future spouse.

Lie in bed, shaky, not fit to eat


This clue indicates something that is not suitable or safe to eat. “Lie in bed” could be interpreted as “IN,” and “shaky” suggests something unstable or unreliable. “Not fit to eat” describes something inedible. Therefore, “INEDIBLE” is formed, which means not suitable or safe for consumption.

Repeating it, English traitor in Gateshead


“Repeating it” suggests the word “iterating,” which means repeating a process or action. “English traitor” hints at the letter “I” for “English” and “traitor,” which, when placed in “Gateshead,” gives “ITERATING.”

Fascinate one entering e.g. Turin somehow


“Fascinate” suggests “INTRIGUE,” which means to arouse curiosity or interest. “One entering” hints at the letter “I” placed inside another word. “E.g. Turin somehow” suggests an anagram of “Turin,” giving “TIGER.” Combining “I” with “TIGER” gives “INTRIGUE.”

Cur goes off with whip


This clue involves a straightforward interpretation. “Cur” can mean a mongrel dog or a contemptible person. “Goes off” suggests removing the first letter “C” from “cur.” “With whip” indicates “scourge,” which can mean to whip or a cause of widespread suffering or trouble.

Car dial design is extreme


In this clue, “car dial design” suggests the word “radial,” which could relate to the design of tires or the layout of dials on a car’s dashboard. However, “extreme” hints that we should take this further. “RADICAL” means going to the root or fundamental principles, which aligns with the notion of an extreme or drastic approach.

Attitude of man, extremely capable

Answer: STANCE

“Attitude of man” suggests a person’s posture or position, which can also be described as their stance. “Extremely capable” suggests taking the word further. While “capable” may not directly relate to “stance,” the word “STANCE” itself suggests a strong or determined position, which can be interpreted as a form of capability or strength.

Broad road not originally a meeting place

Answer: VENUE

Here, “broad road” may evoke the idea of a thoroughfare or a wide street. “Not originally a meeting place” implies a shift in meaning or understanding. The word “VENUE” is derived from the Latin word “venire,” meaning “to come,” suggesting a place where people gather for events or meetings, even if it wasn’t originally intended for that purpose.

Something used for measuring monarch

Answer: RULER

In this clue, “measuring monarch” suggests the tool used for measuring, which is a ruler. However, “monarch” may also refer to a king or queen. Thus, “RULER” serves as a play on words, indicating both a measuring tool and a person of royal authority.

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