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the Crossword Puzzle Irish Daily Mail Mailword

Are you bored today , we have brought to you today’s Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small crossword puzzle.

The Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small crossword is a fun puzzle in the Irish Daily Mail newspaper. It’s like a mini version of the regular crossword, great for a quick brain workout. Unlike the bigger ones with lots of clues, this puzzle is smaller and faster to complete. So, if you want a challenge that won’t take long, give it a go!

Question: Trick (4)

Answer: RUSE

The word trick often implies a clever or deceptive action. In the realm of puzzles, it’s a ruse, a cunning stratagem or maneuver designed to deceive or outwit someone, hence the answer RUSE.

Question: Hew (4)

Answer: CHOP

This word suggests the action of cutting or chopping with force, often applied to wood or other materials. To hew is to chop or cut something with an axe or similar tool, making CHOP the fitting answer.

Question: Precious stone (5)

Answer: BERYL

A term often associated with gems and jewelry, a precious stone is a valuable mineral prized for its beauty and rarity. One such example is BERYL, a gemstone that comes in various colors like green, blue, and yellow.

Question: Bellow (4)

Answer: ROAR

To bellow is to emit a deep, resonant sound, often associated with animals like bulls or with loud human voices. The appropriate word to describe this action succinctly is ROAR.

Question: — Lumley, actress (6)

Answer: JOANNA

The esteemed British actress known for her versatile roles across film, television, and theater is JOANNA LUMLEY. She’s celebrated for her charisma and talent on stage and screen.

Question: Currency (4)

Answer: EURO

The currency referred to here is the EURO, the primary currency used in many European countries. It’s recognized internationally and is commonly used for trade and transactions within the Eurozone.

Question: Screech, e.g. (3)

Answer: OWL

When thinking of creatures that emit a loud screech, one might think of the owl, known for its distinct and eerie calls during the night. Owls are nocturnal birds of prey characterized by their sharp talons and keen senses.

Question: Freshwater mammals (6)

Answer: OTTERS

Otters are aquatic mammals that inhabit freshwater ecosystems such as rivers, lakes, and streams. They are known for their playful behavior and streamlined bodies, which make them excellent swimmers and hunters.

Question: That man (3)

Answer: HIM

The term HIM is used to refer to a specific male individual, often in contexts where the identity is already established or inferred. It’s a pronoun commonly used in English to indicate a male person or character.

Question: — Show, sitcom (4)

Answer: PEEP

PEEP Show is a popular British sitcom known for its unique narrative style, featuring the inner thoughts and perspectives of its main characters through voiceovers. The show gained a dedicated following for its dark humor and unconventional storytelling.

Question: Twig structures (5)

Answer: NESTS

Twig structures are often found in nature, where birds create nests to lay their eggs and raise their young. These structures provide a secure and comfortable environment for the birds’ offspring, made primarily from twigs and other natural materials.

Question: Stretchy fabric (5)

Answer: LYCRA

Stretchy fabric refers to materials like Lycra, known for their elasticity and ability to stretch and recover their shape. This type of fabric is commonly used in sportswear, activewear, and garments where flexibility and comfort are essential.

Question: Mound (4)

Answer: HILL

A mound is a natural elevation of earth, often in the form of a rounded hill or small mountain. These geological features can vary in size and shape, ranging from gentle slopes to steep inclines, and they are formed through various geological processes over time.

Question: Cooker’s top (3)

Answer: HOB

In a kitchen, the cooker’s top typically includes the hob, which is the flat cooking surface where pots and pans are placed for cooking. Hobs can be powered by gas, electricity, or induction, providing heat to cook food efficiently and evenly.

Question: Bodice (6)

Answer: CORSET

A bodice refers to the upper part of a woman’s dress, typically fitted to the torso. A corset, specifically, is a close-fitting garment that extends from the chest to the waist, often worn to shape and support the body, particularly in historical fashion or as part of certain costumes.

Question: Be in debt (3)

Answer: OWE

When you owe someone money, you are in this state, where there’s a financial obligation to repay. The answer is OWE, succinctly capturing the essence of being indebted.

Question: Dry riverbed (4)

Answer: WADI

In arid regions, you might encounter this feature, a streambed devoid of water. Known as a WADI, it epitomizes the contrast between a river’s usual flow and its dry state.

Question: Attic (6)

Answer: GARRET

Above the main living space, often under a sloping roof, you’ll find this storage area in many houses. It’s called a GARRET, representing an elevated space typically used for storage or sometimes living quarters.

Question: Heroic tale (4)

Answer: EPIC

Epic narratives often depict grand adventures and heroic deeds, encapsulating the essence of courage and valor. The succinct term EPIC captures the essence of these larger-than-life stories.

Question: For all to hear (5)

Answer: ALOUD

When something is said or done audibly enough for everyone present to perceive, it’s conveyed ALOUD. This word captures the idea of vocalization or expression meant to be heard by all.

Question: Valley (4)

Answer: DENE

A valley typically refers to a low area of land between hills or mountains, often with a river flowing through it. In a crossword context, the answer DENE fits as it’s a synonym for valley, commonly found in British place names.

Question: Refractor (4)

Answer: LENS

A refractor is an optical device that bends light to produce an image. In the crossword, LENS is the appropriate answer, as it’s the primary component of a refractor telescope or camera, responsible for focusing light.

Question: Kingdoms (6)

Answer: REALMS

Kingdoms are large territories ruled by a monarch or king. In the crossword puzzle, REALMS is the fitting answer, as it’s synonymous with kingdoms and denotes expansive territories or domains.

Question: Dispensing boiler (3)

Answer: URN

A dispensing boiler is a device used to heat and dispense water, commonly found in commercial settings. In the crossword, URN is the suitable answer, as it’s a vessel often used for both heating and dispensing liquids like water or tea.

Question: Summary (8)


A summary is a concise overview of the main points or ideas of a longer piece of text or discussion. In the crossword context, SYNOPSIS is the correct answer, as it specifically refers to a brief summary or outline, often found at the beginning of a written work or movie.

Question: Exhilarate (5)

Answer: ELATE

To solve this crossword clue, we look for a synonym for excite that fits into five letters. The answer, ELATE, captures the essence of feeling uplifted and joyful, perfectly aligning with the clue’s meaning of exhilaration.

Question: Eerie (6)

Answer: CREEPY

The word eerie prompts us to think of something unsettling or spooky. With six letters to fill, CREEPY fits the bill, conjuring images of dimly lit spaces and mysterious occurrences, embodying the eerie atmosphere suggested by the clue.

Question: Time (4)

Answer: HOUR

When crossword solvers encounter the word time with four spaces, they seek a term closely associated with the measurement of time. HOUR emerges as the ideal solution, succinctly representing a unit of time that fulfills the clue’s requirements.

Question: Blades (4)

Answer: OARS

Blades evokes images of sharp objects or implements with four letters. OARS emerges as the fitting response, as oars are both bladed and commonly used in watercraft, aligning seamlessly with the context provided by the crossword prompt.

Question: Expert (3)

Answer: PRO

With only three spaces available, the crossword puzzle leads us to a concise term synonymous with skilled or proficient. PRO emerges as the solution, succinctly capturing the essence of expertise implied by the clue.

Question: David —, singer-songwriter (5)

Answer: BOWIE

David Bowie, a legendary singer-songwriter, captivated audiences with his innovative music and iconic persona, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry.

Question: Gospel writer (4)

Answer: JOHN

John, one of the four Gospel writers, penned one of the most widely read and cherished accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, offering spiritual guidance and insight to believers around the world.

Question: Revealing (8)


Telltale, a term synonymous with revealing, denotes something that discloses or indicates information, often subtly or unintentionally, providing clues or evidence about a particular situation or person.

Question: Three times (6)

Answer: THRICE

Thrice, an archaic term meaning three times, emphasizes repetition or frequency, conveying the idea of something occurring repeatedly or in a triadic pattern.

Question: Musical refrain (6)

Answer: CHORUS

Chorus, a recurring musical section, typically containing the main theme or message of a song, serves as a unifying element that reinforces the emotional impact and memorability of the composition.

Question: Argued (5)

Answer: ROWED

Argued prompts us to think of a synonym that fits into five letters. The answer ROWED aligns with the idea of contention or disagreement, where individuals might engage in rowing as a metaphor for verbal conflict or debate.

Question: Assist in crime (4)

Answer: ABET

assist in crime suggests aiding or supporting unlawful activities. In four letters, the word ABET encapsulates this notion, indicating someone who enables or encourages wrongdoing without necessarily committing the act themselves.

Question: Licit (5)

Answer: LEGAL

The term licit refers to actions or activities that are lawful or permitted. With five letters, LEGAL perfectly mirrors this concept, representing legality and compliance with established laws or regulations.

Question: Headland (4)

Answer: CAPE

Describing a prominent coastal feature, headland typically refers to a piece of land that extends into the sea. The succinct term CAPE in four letters encapsulates this geographical feature, often characterized by cliffs or steep slopes.

Question: Norse god (4)

Answer: ODIN

Within Norse mythology, numerous gods and deities hold significant roles. Among them, ODIN stands out as a prominent figure, often associated with wisdom, war, and poetry. With four letters, this answer neatly identifies the Norse god referenced in the crossword clue.

Question: Tie the knot (3)

Answer: WED

The phrase tie the knot refers to the act of getting married or joining together in matrimony. The answer to this clue, WED, succinctly captures the essence of this union, as weddings are often referred to as the celebration of two individuals tying the knot.

Question: L. — Hubbard, Scientology founder (3)

Answer: RON

L. — Hubbard refers to Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. By using the initials L. R., the clue guides you to the answer RON, which is a common short form or nickname for individuals named Ronald.

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