Gehraiyaan Ending Explained, Cast, Plot, Streaming and More

Two years later in the movie, we see a changed Alisha who has made peace with her past and has a better relationship with her father, Vinod. At Karan’s engagement celebration, Alisha and Tia think about their past together and how knowing the truth has affected their lives.

Gehraiyaan Ending Explained

The climax of the story revolves around whether Zain knew about Alisha and Tia’s secret and if his behavior was influenced by this knowledge. It’s unclear if he was aware, but it seems he didn’t take any action as the property was registered in Tia’s name.

However, the last 30 seconds of the film bring a surprising twist. As Alisha decides to move on from her past, a forgotten reminder of it suddenly appears. The elderly lady who confronts Alisha in the end is someone whom Alisha and Zain had helped during their time together as a couple on a yacht trip.

At the engagement party, Alisha and the elderly lady meet again, and the lady recognizes Alisha and calls her by name. The movie ends without revealing whether Alisha can stop the lady from telling Tia the truth about her and Zain’s past, leaving viewers wondering if the past will catch up with her.



Cast Member Character
Deepika Padukone Alisha
Siddhant Chaturvedi Zain Oberoi
Ananya Panday Tia
Dhairya Karwa Karan Arora
Rajat Kapoor Jitesh
Naseeruddin Shah Vinod
Sahiil Sagar Zain
Vihaan Chaudhary Bejoy Sen
Pavleen Gujral Sonali
Deepak Kripalani Raman Arora
Kanika Dang Neetu Arora


“Gehraiyaan” is a movie about the complicated relationships between its main characters. It follows Alisha Khanna, a yoga instructor dealing with personal and work challenges. She’s trying to create an app and support her unemployed boyfriend, Karan. Alisha also struggles with anxiety from her mother’s suicide and her distant relationship with her father, Vinod.

During a trip to Alibaug with her cousin Tia and Tia’s fiancé Zain, Alisha and Zain bond over their difficult pasts and start a secret relationship. As the story unfolds, Zain invests in Alisha’s app, but Alisha faces a dilemma when Karan proposes to her and later hides a rejection from her.

Things take a dark turn when Zain considers using drugs to end Alisha’s pregnancy. A dangerous confrontation on Zain’s yacht leads to his accidental death. Alisha struggles with the aftermath, including blackmail and family secrets revealed by Tia.The movie ends with Alisha finding peace with her past and rebuilding relationships, highlighting the importance of facing the truth and moving forward.


“Gehraiyaan” was initially planned for release on Prime Video on February 11, 2022. However, due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases, the makers opted to directly release it on the OTT platform. This movie was directed by Shakun Batra. The movie expresses the dynamics of modern human relationships and taking you on a deep journey into their depths.


You can currently watch “Gehraiyaan” on Amazon Prime Video or rent it online through Amazon Video.

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