Get the Answer For Today’s NYT Mini Crossword April 11, 2024​

Today's NYT Mini Crossword

Having trouble in finding the answer for today’s NYT Crossword puzzles, get the hints to solve the puzzle from April 11, 2024.

NYT Mini Crossword

​NYT Mini Crossword The New York Times mini crossword is a quick and easy-to-use daily puzzle. It is designed for quick fun and quick mental stimulation. Puzzle players solve clues to complete the grid, testing their vocabulary and solving skills in an easy-to-understand format.

The shortness of the puzzle makes it ideal for a quick break or daily mental exercise. The mini crossword is also a great way to build community. Players can share a love of wordplay and solve the puzzle together.

“Beat it!”

Answer: SCAT

The phrase “Beat it!” is often used as a command to someone to leave or go away. In the context of a crossword puzzle, the answer would be a synonym for “go away” or “leave quickly.” The word that fits here is “SCAT,” which means to leave hurriedly, especially to flee from danger or to depart quickly.


Answer: HOLY

The clue indicates that the answer is a synonym for “sacred,” meaning something regarded with reverence and respect. In a religious or spiritual context, this term refers to something holy or divine. The word fitting this description is “HOLY.”

How anchovies are typically preserved

Answer: INOIL

Anchovies are often preserved in a certain substance to maintain their flavor and extend their shelf life. In this context, the answer refers to the common method of preservation used for anchovies. They are typically packed or stored “INOIL,” meaning they are submerged or immersed in oil for preservation.

Pasta that’s totally tubular

Answer: PENNE

The clue hints at a type of pasta that is characterized by its tubular shape. In the world of pasta varieties, some types are indeed tubular in shape, and the one that fits this description is “PENNE,” which is a type of cylindrical pasta with ends cut at an angle.

Beat it!

Answer: EGG

In this context, “Beat it!” could be interpreted as a directive to whisk or stir something vigorously. When cooking, one might be instructed to “beat” ingredients such as eggs to incorporate air or blend them thoroughly. Therefore, the answer would be “EGG,” as beating eggs is a common culinary practice.

Send via FedEx

Answer: SHIP

The clue suggests a method of sending or delivering something, specifically using a well-known courier service. When sending packages or items via FedEx, one is essentially “SHIPPING” them. Therefore, the answer is “SHIP.”

“Cup or ___?” (ice cream shop question)

Answer: CONE

This clue refers to a common query one might hear at an ice cream shop when choosing how to serve the ice cream. The options are usually a cup or a type of cone. The missing word here is “CONE,” which completes the question often asked as “Cup or cone?”

All by yourself

Answer: ALONE

This clue indicates being alone or without companionship. When someone is “ALONE,” they are indeed by themselves, without others around.

Arranging in a knot

Answer: TYING

This clue suggests the action of tying something in a knot, implying a process of fastening or securing. The word that fits this description is “TYING,” which means arranging or fastening objects together by twisting or looping them into knots.

One of 14 on a “roly-poly” bug

Answer: LEG

This clue refers to a specific body part of a “roly-poly” bug, also known as a woodlouse or pill bug. These bugs are characterized by their segmented bodies. Among these segments, they typically have 14 “LEGS” in total, which help them move and navigate their environment.

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