Get the Answers for The Sun Mini Crossword April 8, 2024

The Sun Mini Crossword

Test your problem solving skills with the crossword puzzle provided here, if you are stuck, we will help you with the answers.

Solving a crossword puzzle requires special talent. Nobody can solve crosswords in one sitting. It requires patience and you need to learn a lot. What you might think as an answer may not be the answer. So, take your time and think deeply before jumping into a conclusion. Now, let’s solve today’s puzzle.

Hide in the shadows

The Crossword Clue Answer is EPITHET 

Hide in the shadows – EPITHET This clue suggests the act of concealing oneself or staying out of sight, particularly in dim or obscured areas. “Epithet” refers to a descriptive term or phrase used to characterize someone or something, often highlighting a particular trait or quality associated with them.

Descriptive phrase

The Crossword Clue Answer is SKULK 

Descriptive phrase – SKULK This clue describes a type of behavior characterized by hiding or moving stealthily in order to avoid detection. “Skulk” can refer to sneaky or secretive behavior, often associated with trying to remain unnoticed or concealed.

Conducted yourself

The Crossword Clue Answer is BEHAVED

Conducted yourself – BEHAVED This clue refers to the way someone carries themselves or acts in a particular situation. “Behaved” indicates the manner in which one conducts themselves or behaves, suggesting adherence to certain social norms or expectations.

Valuable possession

The Crossword Clue Answer is ASSET 

Valuable possession This clue prompts for an item or resource that holds significant worth or value, often contributing to one’s financial stability or well-being. It suggests an asset or property that can be utilized or leveraged for various purposes. The answer is “ASSET,” indicating something owned or controlled with the potential to generate income or provide other benefits.

Men in shining armour!

The Crossword Clue Answer is KNIGHTS 

Men in shining armor! This playful clue evokes imagery of medieval warriors dressed in gleaming armor, ready to defend their kingdom or engage in chivalrous quests. It hints at a group of historical figures associated with bravery and nobility. The answer is “KNIGHTS,” referring to the medieval warriors known for their code of honor and service to their lord or monarch.

Channel port

The Crossword Clue Answer is LEHAVRE 

Channel port Here, the question directs attention to a specific location along a body of water, suggesting a harbor or port situated along a channel or strait. It implies a point of entry or departure for maritime vessels navigating through a designated waterway. The answer is “LEHAVRE,” indicating a port city located on the northern coast of France, renowned for its maritime significance and historical importance.

Make ends meet

The Crossword Clue Answer is GETBY 

The phrase “Make ends meet” suggests finding a way to manage financially or survive with limited resources. “GETBY” is the fitting answer, representing the act of coping or surviving, often used to describe someone who is able to cover their basic expenses despite financial challenges.

Musical test-piece

The Crossword Clue Answer is ETUDE 

“Musical test-piece” refers to a piece of music composed specifically to develop or demonstrate technical skills on a musical instrument. “ETUDE” is the answer, representing a musical composition designed to help musicians practice and refine their technique, often focusing on specific aspects of playing such as finger dexterity or articulation.

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