Get The Independent’s Concise Answers and Explanations for April 9, 2024

Get The Independent's Concise Answers and Explanations

We have the answers and clues for today’s puzzle. If you want to try it, you can use our guide for help.

We are here again with a new crossword puzzle and this time, you need to think creatively to solve these puzzles. Are you ready? We will give you clues, and you just have to read each one and fill in the grid accordingly. That’s how you solve a crossword. Isn’t this exciting? So, let’s get started and have some fun.

Pastry dish (3)

Answer: PIE

A pastry dish that commonly fits this length is a “pie.” Pies are often made with a pastry crust and filled with various sweet or savory ingredients, making them a popular dish in many cuisines.

European country (7)


Moldova is a European country that fits the given length. It is located in Eastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south. Moldova is known for its wine production and rich cultural heritage.

Porridge ingredient (7)


One of the most common ingredients used in making porridge, especially oatmeal porridge, is “oatmeal.” Oatmeal is made by grinding oats into a coarse powder, which is then cooked with water or milk to create a creamy and nutritious breakfast dish.

Snake (5)

Answer: CREEP

The word “creep” fits the description of a snake, as snakes are often associated with slithering or creeping movements due to their lack of limbs. “Creep” can also refer to someone or something moving slowly and stealthily, akin to the movement of a snake.

Deceitful (3-5)


The term “two-faced” is a perfect fit for describing someone deceitful. It refers to a person who presents one side or aspect of their personality or intentions to one group or individual while simultaneously presenting a different side or aspect to another, often with the intention of deception or manipulation.

Look for (4)

Answer: MOVE

When someone is asked to “look for” something, they are typically searching for or seeking out a particular object or information. In this context, the answer “move” makes sense because when you’re looking for something, you often have to physically move around or change your position to find it.

Nonchalance (11)


“Disinterest” can be synonymous with nonchalance. It refers to a lack of interest, concern, or enthusiasm about something. When someone is described as having “disinterest,” it implies they are indifferent or unconcerned about the matter at hand.

Fencing sword (4)

Answer: FOIL

In the context of fencing, a “foil” is a type of sword used in the sport. Foils are lightweight, flexible weapons with a blunted tip, primarily used for thrusting attacks. The term “foil” also refers to the practice of fencing with this particular type of sword

Shell (8)


A “covering” is a term that can describe various types of shells, such as those found on eggs, nuts, or mollusks. It refers to the outer layer or protective casing that encloses or surrounds something.

Sudden flood (5)

Answer: SPATE

A “spate” refers to a sudden, heavy influx or outpouring of something, often used to describe a sudden flood of water. It can also be used metaphorically to describe a sudden increase or surge in other phenomena, such as emotions or events.

Cane syrup (7)


“Treacle” is a type of syrup made during the refining of sugar cane. It is a thick, dark syrup with a strong, sweet flavor, often used as a sweetener in baking or cooking.

Jumper (7)


A “vaulter” is someone who participates in the sport of pole vaulting, which involves using a pole to propel oneself over a high bar. In this context, a “jumper” can refer to someone who vaults over obstacles or heights, making “vaulter” an appropriate answer.

Nocturnal bird (3)

Answer: OWL

An “owl” is a nocturnal bird known for its distinctive hooting calls and keen nighttime hunting abilities. Owls are characterized by their large eyes, sharp talons, and silent flight, making them efficient predators during the night.

Humiliating remark (3-4)

Answer: PUT-DOWN

A “put-down” is a remark or comment intended to belittle or humiliate someone. It typically consists of derogatory or insulting language aimed at diminishing the self-esteem or dignity of the person it’s directed towards.

Lift (US) (8)


In the United States, an “elevator” is commonly used to refer to a lift, a vertical transportation device used to move people or goods between floors or levels of a building. Elevators are equipped with a car or platform that moves along a shaft, allowing for efficient vertical transportation.

Fairground ride (6,7)


A “roller coaster” is a popular fairground ride consisting of a series of cars attached to a track with steep inclines, sharp curves, and sudden drops. Riders experience rapid changes in speed and direction, often accompanied by thrilling sensations of weightlessness and excitement.

Imitation (4)

Answer: ECHO

An “echo” is a sound reflection that occurs when sound waves bounce off a surface and return to the listener’s ears with a delay. In a figurative sense, “echo” can refer to imitation or repetition of someone else’s words or actions, often with a slight delay or variation.

Magnanimous (5)

Answer: LOFTY

“Lofty” is a suitable answer for describing someone or something as magnanimous. It denotes a high or elevated position, whether in physical height or metaphorical stature. In this context, “lofty” reflects the noble and generous qualities associated with being magnanimous.

US state (6)

Answer: HAWAII

Hawaii” is a US state located in the central Pacific Ocean. It consists of islands renowned for their stunning natural beauty, tropical climate, and vibrant culture. The state of Hawaii comprises eight main islands, with Honolulu being its capital city

Value (5)

Answer: EXTOL

“Extol” is a verb that means to praise highly or to speak or write about someone or something in a very favorable manner. When you value something highly and publicly acknowledge its worth or excellence, you are essentially extolling its virtues.

Hot green chilli pepper (8)


A “jalapeno” is a type of hot green chili pepper commonly used in Mexican cuisine. Jalapenos vary in heat level but are generally considered moderately spicy. They are often used fresh, pickled, or smoked in various dishes, adding flavor and heat to salsas, sauces, and other recipes.

Part of a church (7)


A “tribune” is a part of a church, specifically a raised platform or gallery at the side or end of a church used for the clergy or singers. It’s often located near the altar or choir area, providing an elevated space for specific church functions or performances.

Population count (6)

Answer: CENSUS

A “census” is an official count or survey of a population, typically conducted by a government. It involves collecting demographic information about individuals within a specific geographic area, which is then used for various purposes such as resource allocation, planning, and policy-making.

Insurgent (5)

Answer: REBEL

A “rebel” is someone who participates in or supports an uprising or revolt against authority or established norms. They resist or challenge the control or influence of those in power, often seeking political or social change through acts of defiance or rebellion

Rub out (5)

Answer: COVER

To “cover” can mean to rub out or conceal something, such as a mark or mistake. In this context, “cover” refers to the act of erasing or hiding something, either physically or metaphorically, by placing something else over it.

Undergarment (4)

Answer: SLIP

A “slip” is a type of undergarment worn beneath outer clothing, particularly dresses or skirts. It is typically made of lightweight fabric and serves to provide modesty, prevent see-through, and sometimes smooth out the silhouette of the wearer’s clothing.

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