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This crossword provides us clear and concise clues so that puzzle lovers of all skill levels can solve this.

The Independent’s Concise crossword is here for you. This is a puzzle that is simple and satisfying. This has clear clues and it is perfect for puzzle lovers of all skill levels. You will find enjoyment after solving each clue because solving crosswords always brings us satisfaction.

Give weapons to(3)

Answer: ARM

The clue suggests providing weapons, which aligns with the meaning of “arm” as a verb, meaning to equip or supply with weapons. In this context, “arm” is also a noun, referring to a weapon or a branch of the military.


Answer: ARDOUR

“Zeal” implies passion, enthusiasm, or fervor. “Ardour” is a synonym for zeal, meaning intense emotion or enthusiasm, particularly in pursuing something. The length of the answer matches the number of letters in the clue, further confirming its suitability.



Appended” implies something added or attached to something else. “Attached” is a suitable word that means connected or joined to something else, often at the end. The eight letters in “attached” correspond with the number indicated in the clue.

Skin disorder(4)

Answer: ACNE

The clue suggests a common skin issue. “Acne” is a fitting answer, denoting a skin disorder characterized by pimples, blackheads, and inflammation. The length of the answer matches the number of letters indicated in the clue.

Type of race(5-7)


The clue suggests a specific type of race. “Cross country” fits the description, referring to a race typically held over natural terrain rather than a track. The answer comprises two words, with the first word indicating “cross” and the second word indicating “country,” matching the given clue’s format.

Snack food(6)

Answer: CRISPS

The clue implies a type of snack. “Crisps” is a suitable answer, referring to thin slices of potato or other vegetables that have been deep-fried or baked until crispy. The word length matches the number of letters indicated in the clue.


Answer: SISTER

The clue indicates a familial relationship. “Sister” is a fitting answer, denoting a female sibling. The word length corresponds with the number of letters given in the clue.

With arms and legs outstretched(6-6)


The clue suggests a specific posture or position. “Spread-eagled” describes someone lying with their arms and legs stretched out in different directions, resembling the spread wings of an eagle. The hyphenated format and the word length match the format provided in the clue.

Colony of bees(4)

Answer: HIVE

The clue suggests a group or residence of bees. “Hive” is the appropriate answer, indicating the structure where bees live and store honey. The word length corresponds to the number of letters provided in the clue.

A baker’s dozen(8)


The clue hints at a numerical concept associated with bakers. A “baker’s dozen” traditionally refers to thirteen items instead of the usual twelve. “Thirteen” is the numerical representation of this concept, fitting the clue’s format and meaning.

Went without food(6)

Answer: FASTED

The clue suggests abstaining from eating. “Fasted” is a suitable answer, indicating the act of refraining from food for a period of time, often for religious, health, or personal reasons. The word length aligns with the number of letters provided in the clue

Friend (Informal)(3)

Answer: PAL

The clue indicates an informal term for a friend. “Pal” fits this description, representing a close or familiar companion. The word length matches the number of letters provided in the clue.


Answer: ATTIC

The word “loft” typically refers to an upper story or space in a building, often just below the roof. Another word for this is “attic,” which is a space in a house just below the roof and typically used for storage.

Areas of grassland(7)


This clue is describing expanses of land covered with grass. The answer, “meadows,” fits perfectly as meadows are indeed areas of grassland, often characterized by lush vegetation and used for grazing animals or as recreational spaces.

Difficult and tiring(7)


The word “arduous” means exactly this—something that is difficult, strenuous, or requiring a lot of effort. It perfectly captures the idea of something being hard to do or tiring due to its challenging nature.


Answer: DRAWN

“Haggard” describes someone who looks exhausted, worn-out, or tired, often due to illness, fatigue, or stress. “Drawn” is an apt synonym for this state, as it conveys the idea of someone’s appearance being strained or lacking vitality, much like someone who is haggard



To “disconcert” someone means to disturb or unsettle them, often by surprising or confusing them. The answer, “unnerve,” fits this definition well. When someone is unnerved, they are indeed disconcerted or made uneasy by something unexpected or unsettling.

In this way(4)

Answer: THUS

This clue is asking for a phrase or term that means “in this manner” or “like this.” The answer, “thus,” perfectly fits the bill. “Thus” is an adverb that means in this way or as a result of this.

Exact copy(7)


This clue is describing something that is an identical reproduction or duplication of something else. The word “replica” is a perfect match. A replica is indeed an exact copy of an object, often created to resemble the original in every detail.

Given a calming drug(7)


This clue is suggesting the administration of a substance that has a sedative effect, typically used to calm or tranquilize someone. The answer, “sedated,” aligns perfectly with this description. When someone is sedated, they are given a drug to induce a state of calmness or drowsiness, often used in medical contexts or to calm anxious individuals

Became separated(5,2)


This clue is describing an action where two or more individuals or entities were once together but have now gone their separate ways. The answer, “split up,” perfectly captures this idea. “Split” means to divide or separate, and “up” implies the direction or action of separating from each other.


Answer: ERECT

This clue is asking for a verb that means to construct or create something, often a structure. The answer, “erect,” fits this definition precisely. When you erect something, you are building or putting it up, typically in an upright position.

Operatic song(4)

Answer: ARIA

In the realm of opera, a specific type of song is known as an “aria.” An aria is a solo vocal piece performed by one of the characters in an opera, typically showcasing their emotions or thoughts.


Answer: DWELL

To “reside” means to live or dwell in a particular place. The word “dwell” is an apt synonym for this, as it also means to live in a place or to inhabit a particular location.

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