Get the Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword Clue Solution here for April 5th, 2024

So, thinking about how to play the crossword clue Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small puzzle and to get the solution, we will help you with it.

In the Irish Daily Mail newspaper, you can find, The Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword Puzzle. The crossword we are going to play deals with puzzle grids in smaller sizes when compared to the normal ones and is said to be easier also to play. These puzzles take only less time to play, and with that, we can complete playing them quickly. In this kind of puzzle, we can find many people who are beginners and may also include ones who want a short puzzle-solving experience.

Apiece (4)

Answer: EACH

Apiece suggests that something is divided evenly among a certain number of entities, typically denoted by each. So, the answer is EACH, which signifies distribution or division among individual items.

Most severe (5)

Answer: WORST

Most severe indicates the extreme end of a scale, suggesting the highest level of severity. WORST fits this description perfectly, denoting the utmost severity or unfavorable condition.

Notorious emperor (4)

Answer: NERO

This clue refers to a historical figure who was both famous and infamous. NERO was a notorious Roman emperor known for his controversial reign, often associated with tyranny and extravagance.

Japanese verse (5)

Answer: HAIKU

Japanese verse directs attention to a specific type of poetry originating from Japan. HAIKU is a traditional form of Japanese poetry characterized by its concise structure and thematic focus on nature.

Bottle (5)

Answer: CRUET

A bottle typically holds liquid, and a CRUET is a specific type of small bottle often used for oil, vinegar, or other condiments, especially in a formal dining setting.

Sphere (5)

Answer: ORBIT

Sphere prompts us to think about objects in space. With five letters, we’re likely looking for a term associated with celestial bodies and their paths. The answer, ORBIT, perfectly fits, as it denotes the curved path that a planet, satellite, or spacecraft follows around a celestial body due to gravitational attraction.

Intention (3)

Answer: AIM

Intention suggests we’re seeking a concise term related to purpose or goal-setting. The answer, AIM, aligns perfectly with this context. It signifies a specific goal or objective one aims to achieve, reflecting a clear and focused intention.

Competent (4)

Answer: ABLE

Competent hints at proficiency or capability within a certain field or activity. With four letters, the answer must encapsulate this notion concisely. ABLE fits the bill, representing someone or something possessing the necessary skills, knowledge, or qualities to perform effectively.

Prattle (3)

Answer: GAB

Prattle suggests idle or trivial talk, typically in a rapid or unimportant manner. With three letters, we’re looking for a succinct term reflecting this notion. GAB is an apt answer, indicating chatter or conversation, often characterized by its casual or gossipy nature.

Planted (6)

Answer: SEEDED

Planted implies the action of putting something in the ground, typically with the intention of growing it. With six letters, the answer should relate to this process. SEEDED perfectly captures this meaning, signifying the act of sowing seeds in soil to initiate growth or cultivation.

Unit of length (3)

Answer: ELL

An ELL is a traditional unit of measurement for length, particularly in textiles. Originating from Old English, an ell typically equals about 45 inches or 1.143 meters, although its precise value can vary depending on historical and geographical contexts.

— Vine, comedian (3)

Answer: TIM

The answer TIM refers to Tim Vine, a British comedian known for his rapid-fire delivery of one-liner jokes. Vine has gained popularity for his witty wordplay and humorous puns, often performing in stand-up shows and television appearances.

Contend (3)

Answer: VIE

To VIE is to compete or contend with someone in a determined manner. This word often implies a struggle or rivalry, as individuals vie for supremacy or success in various endeavors, such as sports, business, or politics.

Tranquil (6)

Answer: SERENE

SERENE describes a state of peacefulness, calmness, and tranquility. It suggests a serene environment or a peaceful mind, free from disturbances or agitation, fostering a sense of relaxation and inner peace.

Sick (3)

Answer: ILL

Ill signifies a state of poor health or sickness. It commonly refers to physical ailment or disease, indicating that an individual is experiencing symptoms of illness or discomfort, requiring rest or medical attention.

— Kurylenko, actress (4)

Answer: OLGA

Olga Kurylenko is a renowned actress known for her roles in various films and television shows. With a career spanning international cinema, she has garnered acclaim for her performances. The answer to this crossword clue is OLGA, which refers to the actress’s first name.

Bounder (3)

Answer: CAD

In the realm of manners and etiquette, a bounder typically denotes someone who behaves rudely or improperly, often disregarding social norms. The succinct answer to this crossword clue is CAD, capturing the essence of such a character in just three letters.

Seaweed (5)

Answer: ALGAE

Found abundantly in marine environments, seaweed refers to various species of algae that thrive underwater. These organisms play crucial ecological roles and are also utilized in various industries. The answer to this clue is ALGAE, encapsulating the diverse forms of marine vegetation.

Milky drink (5)

Answer: LATTER

A milky drink is a beverage typically made with milk or a milk substitute as its base, often enjoyed for its creamy texture and flavor. Common examples include milkshakes or lattes. The answer to this clue is LATTER, suggesting a drink with a milky consistency.

Skins (5)

Answer: PEELS

Skins could refer to the outer coverings of fruits, vegetables, or even animals. These protective layers serve different purposes, from safeguarding the contents to providing insulation. The concise answer to this crossword clue is PEELS, indicating the removal of such outer layers.

Ruminant (4)

Answer: DEER

Ruminants are animals known for their unique digestive process, typically involving regurgitation and re-chewing of food. The answer, DEER, fits perfectly as deer belong to the group of ruminant mammals, characterized by their multi-chambered stomachs.

Nurses (5)

Answer: TENDS

When thinking of the word Nurses, the image of caregivers attending to patients comes to mind. TENDS succinctly captures this essence, as it means to care for or look after someone or something, aligning perfectly with the role of nurses in healthcare settings.

Probability (4)

Answer: ODDS

Probability deals with the likelihood or chance of an event occurring. In a crossword context, ODDS is the fitting answer, as it refers to the numerical expression of probability, often represented as ratios or percentages, which determines the chances of an outcome.

Confine (6)

Answer: ENCAGE

To confine something means to restrict or limit its movement or freedom. ENCAGE encapsulates this idea, as it specifically denotes the act of confining within a cage or enclosure, providing a clear and concise answer for the crossword clue.

Antennae (7)


Antennae are sensory appendages found in many animals, often insects, that are used for detecting stimuli such as touch, smell, or sound. AERIALS aptly corresponds to antennae, as it refers to similar structures used for receiving or transmitting electromagnetic signals, as in the case of radio or television antennas.

Pudding (7)


Pudding you’re looking for a word that fits the clue and has seven letters. One word that matches this description is CRUMBLE, which refers to a dessert typically made with fruit and a crumbly topping. This word aligns perfectly with the clue provided.

Cultivate (3)

Answer: HOE

For Cultivate in a crossword, you’re seeking a three-letter word related to the act of cultivating land or plants. The answer is HOE, which is a gardening tool used for breaking up soil and removing weeds. Its short length and relevance make it a fitting solution.

Type of flour (9)


Type of flour directs you to find a nine-letter word related to different kinds of flour. The answer here is WHOLEMEAL, which refers to flour made from grinding whole grains, retaining all parts of the grain, including the bran, germ, and endosperm. It satisfies both the length requirement and the thematic connection to flour types.

Rowed (5)

Answer: OARED

When encountering Rowed in a crossword puzzle, you’re prompted to find a five-letter word that fits the context of rowing, likely referring to the action of propelling a boat with oars. The answer is OARED, which describes a boat that is equipped with oars or has been propelled by rowing.

Tease (3)

Answer: RIB

Tease hints at a three-letter word associated with teasing or poking fun at someone in a playful manner. The answer is RIB, which can mean to gently mock or tease someone. Its brevity and relevance make it a suitable solution for the given clue.

Gliding runner (3)

Answer: SKI

The gliding runner refers to an activity often associated with snow-covered mountains. It’s a sport where participants move swiftly over snow using long, narrow pieces of equipment attached to their feet, known as skis. The answer to this clue is SKI.

Disapproving sound (3)

Answer: TUT

When someone makes a disapproving sound, it’s often a quick, sharp noise expressing irritation, dissatisfaction, or reproach. It’s commonly used to convey mild annoyance or disapproval. In this case, the answer is TUT.

Lacking flavour (9)


A lacking flavor denotes something that doesn’t have the characteristic taste or essence it should possess. It describes food or drinks that fail to stimulate the taste buds or evoke enjoyment due to their absence of flavor. The answer fitting this description is TASTELESS.

Existing (5)

Answer: BEING

Existing refers to the state of being present or in existence. It implies that something is currently happening or has being. The answer to this clue is BEING, which captures the essence of existence.

Expelled (7)


When someone is expelled, they are forced to leave a place or organization. It typically involves being removed or ejected from a location, group, or institution due to misconduct or other reasons. The appropriate answer here is EVICTED.

Widened (7)


Widened suggests seeking a term synonymous with expansion or enlargement. In this case, the answer is DILATED, which conveys the idea of something becoming wider or more extensive, often used in medical contexts such as dilated pupils.

Seniors (6)

Answer: ELDERS

Seniors directs attention to a term denoting elderly individuals or those with seniority. The answer is ELDERS, representing individuals with wisdom, experience, and typically advanced age, often revered for their guidance and knowledge.

— Dahl, author (5)

Answer: ROALD

— Dahl, author prompts recognition of a renowned author with a distinct surname. The answer is ROALD, referring to Roald Dahl, celebrated for his imaginative and captivating storytelling in beloved children’s books like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda.

Appropriate (3)

Answer: APT

Appropriate calls for a concise term signifying suitability or aptness. The answer is APT, conveying something fitting or appropriate for a particular purpose or situation, often used to describe choices, remarks, or actions.

— Mack, comedian (3)

Answer: LEE

— Mack, comedian hints at a comedian known by a specific surname. The answer is LEE, representing comedian and actor, Lee Mack, known for his wit and humor in various television shows and stand-up performances

Info (3)

Answer: GEN

Info suggests we’re looking for a three-letter word related to information. A common word fitting this description is GEN, which is a shortened form of general often used to refer to information or knowledge.

Bother (3)

Answer: ADO

Bother we’re prompted to find a three-letter word that means trouble or annoyance. The answer ADO perfectly fits this description, as it denotes a fuss or commotion, commonly used in phrases like without further ado.

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