Here is a NYT Crossword Clue

NYT Crossword Clue

Having trouble with today’s puzzle? Don’t worry! We have got the answer to the NYT Crossword.

NYT Crossword

A crossword puzzle in the New York Times is a newspaper puzzle that uses small clues to tell readers what a word is. The goal of a crossword puzzle is to fill in all the blank squares with letters in order to make words. The word goes across and sometimes down in a crossword. A crossword puzzle is a game that uses the brain to make new words. You can also play with your family and friends as a competition

No surprise there


In casual conversation, when someone says “No surprise there,” they often imply that something is characteristic or typical. “Tracks” here could refer to marks or trails left behind, suggesting something expected or well-known.

No angels

Answer: IMPS

In folklore, imps are mischievous supernatural beings often associated with causing trouble or mischief. They are the opposite of angels, symbolizing wickedness or mischief rather than purity.

Promise of a future return?


“I owe you one” is a common expression used to promise repayment or reciprocation for a favor or kindness received. It implies an obligation to return the favor in the future.

Lose steam

Answer: TIRE

When something “loses steam,” it means it becomes tired or fatigued, which is synonymous with the word “tire.” Additionally, “tire” can refer to a pneumatic rubber covering on a wheel that can lose air and become deflated, further emphasizing the idea of losing energy or momentum

Partner who’s deep undercover?


In this context, “blanket” could refer to something covering or hiding, and “hog” might imply taking up or monopolizing something, suggesting a partner who takes up a lot of space or attention, perhaps metaphorically hiding within the “blanket” of a partnership


Answer: SNIT 

A “snit” is a slang term for a fit of irritation or anger, often characterized by short, sharp breaths or huffs.

All-star group

Answer: ELITE 

“Elite” refers to a select group that is superior in terms of ability, quality, or status. An “all-star group” typically consists of the top performers or most skilled individuals in a particular field

Take a dim view of?


“Hatewatch” could suggest monitoring or observing something with dislike or disapproval, indicating a dim or negative view

Makeup of some sleeves, informally

Answer: TATS 

“Tats” is short for “tattoos,” which are designs or markings made on the skin by inserting pigment. Some sleeves, particularly those worn by individuals with tattoos, may be made up of these designs.

Bit of detritus from a Thanksgiving meal

Answer: COB 

A “cob” typically refers to the central cylindrical core of an ear of corn after the kernels have been removed. It’s often discarded after the corn has been eaten, making it a detritus or leftover from the meal.


Answer: LAPSE 

“Lapse” commonly refers to the expiration or termination of a contract, agreement, or period of time. It implies that something has come to an end or ceased to be in effect.

Irene and Frederic Joliot-___, co-winners of the 1935 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Answer: CURIE 

Irene and Frederic Joliot-Curie, a married couple, were indeed co-recipients of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1935 for their synthesis of new radioactive elements. “Curie” is their shared surname, and both were prominent scientists in their own right, continuing the groundbreaking work of Irene’s parents, Marie and Pierre Curie.


Answer: GLADE 

A “glade” is a naturally occurring open space within a forest, often characterized by sunlight filtering through the trees. It provides a clear area amidst the trees and foliage

Room for creativity

Answer: ARTLAB

An “art lab” is a space, often a room or studio, where artists or creative individuals can experiment, innovate, and work on various artistic projects. It offers a conducive environment for nurturing creativity and exploring different forms of artistic expression

Letters in an empty slot

Answer: TBA

“TBA” stands for “To Be Announced” or “To Be Determined.” It’s commonly used to indicate that details or information about something, such as a schedule or lineup, are not yet finalized.

Field you can feel, maybe

Answer: AURA 

An “aura” can refer to an invisible emanation or energy field that surrounds a person, object, or place. While it’s not tangible in a physical sense, some people claim to be able to sense or feel auras, especially in spiritual or metaphysical contexts

Wyoming city, river or mountain range

Answer: LARAMIE 

Laramie is a city in Wyoming, known for its location near the Laramie River and the Laramie Mountain Range. It’s a well-known name associated with various geographical features within the state.

N.F.L. team that has sold out every home game since 1970

Answer: BRONCOS 

The Denver Broncos, an NFL team based in Denver, Colorado, have a remarkable record of selling out every home game since 1970. This achievement reflects their dedicated fan base and the team’s popularity.

European automaker

Answer: FIAT 

Fiat is an Italian automobile manufacturer with a long history of producing cars, trucks, and other vehicles. It’s one of the most well-known and established automakers in Europe, with a significant presence in the global automotive industry

Buff relative

Answer: TAN 

When someone is “buff,” they often have a tanned or bronzed complexion due to spending time in the sun or at a tanning salon. So, a “tan” is a relative characteristic of someone who is buff or physically fit.

Considering retirement?

Answer: SLEEPY 

When someone is “sleepy,” they are often inclined to rest or sleep, which is a common activity associated with retirement. Retirement often involves relaxing and having more leisure time, during which one might feel sleepy or inclined to nap more frequently.

Block with a horn

Answer: ANVIL 

An anvil is a heavy block of iron or other metal with a flat top surface and a horn extending upward. It’s commonly used in metalworking for shaping and forming metals by striking them with a hammer. The horn can be used to bend or shape metal, thus fulfilling the clue’s description of “block with a horn.”

Locale of the “angle point” on Nevada’s western border

Answer: TAHOE 

Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake located along the border between California and Nevada. The “angle point” likely refers to a point where the border changes direction, forming an angle, and Lake Tahoe is indeed situated along Nevada’s western border, serving as a natural geographical landmark.

Sturdy fabric

Answer: DENIM

Denim is a sturdy cotton twill fabric, typically woven with indigo-dyed warp yarn and undyed weft yarn. It’s commonly used in the production of jeans and other durable clothing items due to its toughness and resistance to wear and tear.

Prince, e.g.

Answer: SON 

A “prince” is a male royal offspring, typically the son of a king or queen. In this context, “son” serves as an example of a familial relationship, representing a member of a royal family.


Answer: DISS 

“Diss” is a colloquial abbreviation of “disrespect” or “disparage.” It’s often used informally to describe the act of insulting or criticizing someone or something, making it synonymous with “denigrate.”

Hand-held device discontinued in 2011


The PalmPilot was a popular personal digital assistant (PDA) developed by Palm, Inc. It was a hand-held device used for organizing personal information, managing calendars, and storing contacts and documents. However, it was discontinued in 2011, marking the end of its production and availability in the market.


Answer: RUNUP 

A “run-up” can refer to the act of accumulating or gathering momentum or resources in preparation for something, such as a project, event, or achievement. It implies a gradual buildup or increase, aligning with the idea of amassing.

Paul who wrote “Puppy Love”

Answer: ANKA

Paul Anka is a Canadian-American singer, songwriter, and musician who wrote and recorded the song “Puppy Love” in 1960. The song became a hit and has been covered by various artists over the years.

Just keep doing what you’re doing


“Don’t mind me” is a common expression used to politely indicate that one should not pay attention to or be concerned about the speaker’s presence or actions. It implies that the speaker will not be a bother and that others should continue what they are doing without being influenced by the speaker’s presence

___: Hawaii (2021 spinoff)

Answer: NCIS 

“NCIS: Hawaii” is a spinoff of the popular television series “NCIS” (Naval Criminal Investigative Service). It debuted in 2021 and is set in Hawaii, featuring a new team of special agents investigating crimes related to the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps in the island state.

Vidalia, for one


Vidalia is a variety of onion known for its mild and sweet flavor. Therefore, “Sweet Onion” is the category or type to which Vidalia belongs, indicating its characteristic taste.

Goes down

Answer: SETS 

When something “sets,” it typically moves downward, such as the sun setting below the horizon or an object settling into a lower position. Therefore, “sets” describes the action of going down.

Buttery side dish that’s often grilled


Texas Toast is a type of bread that is sliced thicker than standard bread and often buttered before being grilled or toasted. It’s known for its buttery taste and is a popular side dish or accompaniment to grilled meats and other dishes

The so-called “roof of the world”

Answer: TIBET 

Tibet, a region in Asia, is often referred to as the “roof of the world” due to its high elevation, with much of the area located on the Tibetan Plateau, which is sometimes called the “Roof of the World.” This nickname reflects the region’s status as one of the highest inhabited areas on Earth

Give a greeting, in slang

Answer: HOLLA 

“Holla” is a slang term used as a greeting, similar to “hello” or “hey.” It’s commonly used in informal settings or among friends to initiate conversation or acknowledge someone’s presence.

Look for

Answer: AWAIT 

To “await” something means to wait for it or expect it to happen. In the context of looking for something, it implies anticipating its arrival or occurrence.

Rentals for some weddings

Answer: TENTS 

Tents are often rented for outdoor weddings to provide shelter and shade for guests. They offer protection from the elements and can create a festive atmosphere for the celebration.


Answer: TYKE 

“Tyke” is a slang term for a small child or youngster, typically used affectionately or informally. It implies youthfulness and innocence, fitting the description of a squirt, which is often used colloquially to refer to a small child or someone who is young and inexperienced.

Seafood delicacy

Answer: ROE 

Roe refers to the eggs of fish, particularly those of sturgeon, salmon, and certain other species. It is considered a delicacy in many cuisines and is often served as a gourmet appetizer or garnish.


Answer: AUTHOR 

An author is someone who writes books, articles, or other literary works. They use a pen (metaphorically speaking) to craft their stories, making “author” the fitting answer.

Save on rent, say

Answer: COHABIT 

“Cohabit” means to live together and share living expenses, typically referring to an unmarried couple living together in the same residence. By cohabiting, individuals can split rent and other household costs, thus saving money compared to living alone.

Feeling of tightness

Answer: KNOT 

A “knot” refers to a tightly tied or twisted loop in a rope, cord, or similar material. The sensation of tightness is commonly associated with tying knots, whether it’s a physical sensation or a metaphorical one, making “knot” an apt answer.

Jason of TV’s “Shrinking”

Answer: SEGEL 

Jason Segel is an actor known for his roles in various television shows and movies. He starred in the television series “Shrinking” (note: this might be a fictional show created for the crossword), hence “Segel” is the answer.

Misidentification in the DC Universe


This phrase, “It’s a plane,” is often part of the famous line “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman!” This misidentification occurs when people mistake Superman, who can fly, for an ordinary plane. It’s a playful nod to the iconic scene in Superman comics and media.

Accompaniment for roast lamb


Mint sauce is a traditional condiment made from chopped mint leaves, vinegar, and sugar, often served as an accompaniment to roast lamb. Its refreshing flavor complements the richness of the lamb meat.

Reason for a fare alert


A “price drop” occurs when the cost of something decreases, which could prompt a fare alert for travelers or shoppers. It indicates a potential opportunity to purchase something at a lower price than before.

First name in late-night

Answer: SETH 

Seth is a common first name, and Seth Meyers is a well-known late-night television host, known for hosting “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” Therefore, “Seth” is associated with late-night TV.


Answer: WAG 

A “wag” is a colloquial term for a joker or prankster. It describes someone who enjoys making witty remarks or humorous comments, often at the expense of others.

Biblical unit

Answer: CUBIT 

A cubit is an ancient unit of measurement, typically referring to the length of a forearm, from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. It’s mentioned several times in the Bible as a unit of length used for various measurements.

Device that converts rotary motion into linear motion

Answer: CAM 

A cam is a mechanical component used in machinery to convert rotary motion (rotation) into linear motion (straight-line movement) or vice versa. It’s commonly used in engines, pumps, and other mechanical systems to control the movement of components.

Go down

Answer: EBB 

“Ebb” refers to the receding or declining of something, particularly the tide. It’s often used metaphorically to describe a decrease or decline in intensity, quantity, or strength


Answer: EASY

This exclamation often signifies surprise or astonishment, sometimes implying a sudden stop or pause in activity. The answer “EASY” suggests that whatever elicited the exclamation is simple or straightforward, possibly indicating that the situation is not as difficult or challenging as initially perceived.

40-Across alternative, informally

Answer: ALFA 


  • In a crossword puzzle, “40-Across” refers to a clue or answer located at a specific position in the grid. The term “alternative, informally” suggests we’re looking for a casual or slang term for what “40-Across” could be replaced with.
  • “ALFA” is a phonetic representation of the letter “A,” which is commonly used as shorthand or jargon in various contexts, including military and aviation communication.

Ritual performed to break a spell



  • This clue asks for a term describing a ceremonial action often associated with tribal or indigenous cultures, performed with the intention of dispelling or ending a supernatural curse or hex
  • A “raindance” is a ritualistic dance performed by certain cultures, traditionally believed to bring rainfall. In some contexts, it’s believed to have the power to break spells or curses.

Toiletry holder in a carry-on



  • This clue refers to an item commonly found in a traveler’s carry-on luggage, specifically designed to hold toiletries or personal hygiene products.
  • A “travel kit” is a compact bag or case containing essential toiletries such as toothpaste, shampoo, and soap, designed for use during travel.

Traditional service


This refers to a form of religious worship that follows a longstanding, formalized structure. The answer is “LATINMASS,” which specifically refers to the Catholic Mass celebrated in Latin, following traditional rituals and prayers.

Hot topic in criminology?

Answer: ARSON

This question asks about a prevalent issue within the field of criminology, referring to the deliberate act of setting fire to property. Arson is indeed a significant topic within criminology due to its destructive nature and potential links to various motives such as insurance fraud, revenge, or psychological issues.

Take in

Answer: EAT 

This phrase suggests the action of consuming food or drink. The answer is “EAT,” which directly corresponds to the act of taking in food through consumption

___ Kirk Christiansen, founder of the Lego company

Answer: OLE 

This question prompts for the name of the founder of the renowned Lego company. The answer is “OLE Kirk Christiansen,” whose innovative toy designs laid the foundation for the global success of the Lego brand.

Brand name for the steroid mometasone

Answer: NASONEX 

This question is seeking the brand name of a steroid medication called mometasone. The answer is “NASONEX,” which is a nasal spray commonly used to treat symptoms of allergic rhinitis, such as nasal congestion and sneezing.

Piercing site

Answer: LIP 

This clue hints at a location on the body where piercings are commonly done. The answer is “LIP,” indicating that the piercing site in question is typically on the lip, either the upper or lower lip.

Chinese restaurant freebie

Answer: HOTTEA 

This suggests something complimentary that one might receive at a Chinese restaurant. The answer is “HOTTEA,” referring to a free cup of hot tea often served as a gesture of hospitality at many Chinese restaurants.


Answer: MIDST 

This indicates a point of focus or central position. The answer is “MIDST,” which denotes being in the middle or midst of something, emphasizing centrality or proximity to the core of an event or situation.

It’s unclear

Answer: DUNNO

This suggests a lack of clarity or certainty. The answer “DUNNO” is a colloquial contraction of “don’t know,” often used informally when someone is uncertain about something.

Country whose name is part of the NATO phonetic alphabet

Answer: INDIA 

In the NATO phonetic alphabet, each letter is represented by a word to ensure clear communication, especially in noisy or chaotic environments. “INDIA” represents the letter ‘I’ in this phonetic alphabet.

Athletes who wear mawashi

Answer: SUMOS 

This clue refers to a specific type of athlete who wears a traditional Japanese garment called a “mawashi.” The answer is “SUMOS,” which refers to sumo wrestlers, who wear mawashi as part of their traditional attire during matches.

Done for the day, say

Answer: SPENT 

This clue implies completing a task or activity for a certain period. The answer “SPENT” suggests exhaustion or depletion of energy or resources after completing the day’s tasks or activities.

Takes a dim view of

Answer: PANS 

This phrase suggests having a negative opinion or perception of something. The answer “PANS” implies criticizing or disapproving of something.

Rob of “The West Wing”

Answer: LOWE 

This clue refers to a character from the television series “The West Wing.” The answer “LOWE” points to Rob Lowe, the actor who portrayed Sam Seaborn, one of the main characters in the series.

Lavish display, as of color

Answer: RIOT 

This clue hints at a grand or extravagant presentation, specifically mentioning color. The answer “RIOT” suggests a riotous or vibrant display of color, indicating a rich and intense visual experience.

The islands of Hawaii, effectively: Abbr.

Answer: MTS 

This clue asks for a shortened form indicating the collective islands of Hawaii. The answer “MTS” abbreviates “mountains,” referring to the volcanic origin of the Hawaiian Islands. It effectively indicates the geographical features that comprise Hawaii.

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