Independent’s Concise Solved Clues and Explanations for April 10, 2024

Independent's Concise Solved Clues and Explanations

Find today’s crossword clues and also discover the answers and explanations which make your puzzle solving journey.

We are back with the latest crossword puzzle for you to solve. But this time, you have to use your imagination and think outside the box to figure out the answers. Ready to give it a try? We will give you the clues, and all you have to do is read them and fill in the crossword grid. Okay, let’s start solving!”

Beneath (5)

Answer: APART

Beneath” typically means below or underneath something else. The word “apart” can be interpreted as “a part,” suggesting separation or being apart from something else, which can metaphorically mean being beneath or separated from a main body or group

Allied (5)

Answer: MATEY

“Allied” refers to being in a relationship or association with another party, often for mutual benefit or support. The word “matey” fits this description, as it refers to being friendly or allied with someone, especially in a casual or colloquial manner

Sitting (7)


“Sitting” can refer to being in a seated position or occupying a particular location. The word “abiding” fits this description, as it means remaining in a particular state or location for a prolonged period, similar to sitting or staying in one place.

Seat (5)

Answer: HEART

“Seat” can refer to a place where one sits or the act of sitting. The word “heart” fits this description metaphorically, as it can refer to the center or core of something, akin to a seat being the central part of a chair or the place where emotions or thoughts reside

Leave out (4)

Answer: DROP

“Leave out” suggests omitting or excluding something. The word “drop” fits this description, as it means to let something fall or to omit or exclude it from consideration

Agricultural worker (8)


An “agricultural worker” is someone who is involved in farming or tending to livestock. The word “shepherd” fits this description perfectly, as it refers to someone who herds and tends to sheep, a common agricultural activity.

Organic compound (11)


Organic compound” refers to a chemical compound that contains carbon and hydrogen atoms bonded together. The term “hydrocarbon” fits this description, as it refers to compounds composed of only carbon and hydrogen atoms, such as methane or benzene.

African animal (8)


An “African animal” is an animal species native to the continent of Africa. The word “antelope” fits this description, as antelopes are a diverse group of herbivorous mammals found throughout Africa.

Greek cheese (4)

Answer: FETA

Greek cheese” refers to a type of cheese originating from Greece. The word “feta” fits this description perfectly, as it is a popular Greek cheese known for its crumbly texture and tangy flavor.

Apartments (5)

Answer: HEAPS

Apartments” are residential units within a building that typically consist of multiple rooms for living. The word “heaps” can be interpreted in this context as meaning many or numerous, akin to a heap of things, and it also coincidentally fits the given space.

Drinking vessel (7)


A “drinking vessel” is a container used for consuming beverages. The word “tumbler” fits this description, as it refers to a type of drinking glass with a flat bottom and no handle, often used for serving various drinks like water, juice, or cocktails.

Supple (5)

Answer: GREEN

“Supple” describes something flexible, pliable, or easily bent without breaking. While “green” typically refers to the color of foliage or unripe fruit, it can also be used figuratively to describe something as fresh, new, or flexible, as in “green wood” being freshly cut and thus more pliable than seasoned wood.

Rear of a ship (5)

Answer: STERN

The “rear” of a ship refers to its back or aft section. In nautical terms, this is called the “stern.”

Outcome (6)

Answer: SEQUEL

An “outcome” often refers to the result or consequence of something. In this case, a “sequel” is a follow-up or continuation of a previous event or story, hence representing an outcome that follows from the preceding event.

Fate (7)


“Fate” typically refers to the development of events beyond a person’s control, often seen as predetermined or inevitable. In this context, “failure” represents an undesirable outcome or result, often associated with an unfortunate fate.

Surprise attack (4)

Answer: RAID

A “surprise attack” is a sudden assault launched without warning. The term commonly used to describe such an attack is a “raid,” which involves a swift and unexpected incursion into enemy territory.

Tree (8)


While “tree” might seem straightforward, the question likely hints at a different interpretation. In this case, “landmark” refers to a prominent feature or object in the landscape that serves as a point of reference or significance. Trees, especially large or distinctive ones, can often serve as landmarks in various contexts.

Theatrical production (5)

Answer: REVUE

A “theatrical production” refers to a performance or show presented on stage. In this context, a “revue” is a type of theatrical production consisting of a series of short sketches, songs, and dances, often with a comedic or satirical theme.

Mock (6)

Answer: PARODY

To “mock” means to mimic or imitate someone or something in a derisive or humorous way. A “parody” is a form of imitation or mockery that exaggerates certain aspects of the original work for comedic effect.

Imprison (11)


“Imprison” means to confine or restrict someone’s freedom, typically as a punishment or for security reasons. “Hold captive” is a synonymous phrase, indicating the act of keeping someone detained against their will.

Cleft in a glacier (8)


A “cleft in a glacier” refers to a deep crack or fissure in the ice, typically caused by movement or pressure. Such features are known as “crevasses,” which pose significant hazards to climbers and explorers traversing glaciers.

Intimidate (7)


Intimidate” means to frighten or threaten someone in order to make them do something or to instill fear in them. “Terrify” is a synonym for intimidate, describing the action of causing extreme fear or terror in someone.

Licit (6)

Answer: LAWFUL

“Licit” refers to something that is legal or permitted by law. In other words, it describes actions or behaviors that are in accordance with the law. “Lawful” is a synonym for licit, indicating adherence to the law.

What did you say? (6)

Answer: PARDON

“What did you say?” is a common phrase used to ask someone to repeat what they just said if it wasn’t heard or understood clearly. “Pardon” is another way of asking for clarification or repetition in response to something that was not heard or understood

Cook (5)

Answer: SINGE

“Cook” typically refers to the process of preparing food by applying heat. However, in this context, it likely refers to a specific method or action related to cooking. “Singe” means to burn or scorch something superficially, often used in cooking to lightly burn or brown the surface of food.

Burden (4)

Answer: TASK

A “burden” is something that is difficult to bear or carry, often implying a responsibility or duty that weighs heavily on someone. In this context, a “task” is a specific job or assignment that needs to be completed, which can indeed be perceived as burdensome depending on its complexity or demands.

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