Irish Daily Mail Cryptic Crossword for Today

Irish Daily Mail Cryptic Crossword

Crack the clues in these crossword challenges and also check the answers and explanations that we have included in this article.

Crossword solvers are mostly interested in solving the Irish Daily Mail Cryptic Crossword. It is special due to its focus on cryptic clues and wordplay. While solving this crossword, you’ll encounter clues that require you to think creatively, and there are also hidden meanings. It’s an easy way to practice your skills and improve your vocabulary as well. So start solving the crosswords and find the answers, but in between, if you get stuck, we have included the answers for better clarity.

Question: Charity’s first proposals for things to hold valuables (7)


Charity’s first proposals for things to hold valuables hints at a word related to containers for valuables that start with the letters of charity’s first letters. The answer, COFFERS, refers to chests or boxes used for storing money or other valuables, aligning perfectly with the clue’s context.

Question: Hoped for doctor with fantastic team (6)


Hoped for doctor with fantastic team suggests a word synonymous with hoped for that combines a term for a medical professional with a word meaning fantastic team. The answer, DREAMT, fits as it means hoped for or desired, and it’s constructed from doctor and fantastic team, reflecting the clever wordplay typical of crossword clues.

Question: Bag tout crumpled in harbour vessel (7)


Bag tout crumpled in harbour vessel prompts us to find a word for a vessel commonly found in harbors that involves an anagram of bag tout within it. The answer, TUGBOAT, fits perfectly as it describes a type of boat used for towing other vessels, fitting the clue’s description of a vessel in a harbor.

Question: Swipe gear (7)


Swipe gear is a clue suggesting a word meaning to swipe or hit with force, possibly involving equipment or gear. The answer, CLOBBER, fits as it means to hit or strike forcefully, aligning with the clue’s context of swiping or hitting, while also being a synonym for gear in slang terms.

Question: Bowler, perhaps, starts to hit another tailender (3)


Bowler, perhaps, starts to hit another tailender (3) hints at a word for a type of headwear that begins with the first letters of bowler and perhaps and relates to hitting another cricket term, tailender. The answer, HAT, is apt as it’s a type of headwear and begins with the letters specified, fitting neatly into the context of the clue’s reference to cricket terminology.

Question: Nine working with ability seen regularly in Northern Irish town (11)


In the Northern Irish town, the ability to work efficiently is regularly observed among the workforce, amounting to nine individuals contributing their skills. This collective effort is encapsulated in the answer, ENNISKILLEN, which highlights the industrious nature of the town’s inhabitants.

Question: Con artist Charles set back work by New Zealand institute (5)


In the intricate world of deceit, a con artist named Charles manages to impede progress at a reputable institute in New Zealand. This setback, identified in the answer PONZI, reflects the manipulative tactics employed by the fraudulent individual, causing disruptions and financial losses.

Question: Change of tune by mass meeting in unobjectionable fashion? (9)


Amidst a mass gathering, a subtle shift in tone occurs, marking a departure from objectionable discourse. This shift, represented in the answer NEUTRALLY, suggests a harmonious and diplomatic approach to addressing differing perspectives within the assembly, fostering constructive dialogue.

Question: Gave up hope with eccentric peer said to follow duke (9)


As despair sets in, a peculiar peer purportedly trails behind a noble figure, the duke, embodying a sense of resignation and hopelessness. This narrative of resignation and loss is captured in the answer DESPAIRED, depicting the emotional turmoil experienced by the individual amidst eccentric company.

Question: Old measure of length? Junior reporter is taken with it (5)


Within the realm of journalistic endeavors, a junior reporter encounters an archaic unit of measurement, symbolizing tradition and historical context. This encounter, symbolized by the answer CUBIT, underscores the intersection of modern practices with ancient measures, reflecting the diverse range of experiences within the field of reporting.

Question: Leave individual gambler and narrowly surpass previous effort? (2,3,6)


Leave individual gambler and narrowly surpass previous effort? suggests finding a phrase meaning to exceed a previous achievement by a small margin. The answer, GO ONE BETTER, reflects the idea of improving upon one’s previous performance by a single step, common in sports and other competitive contexts.

Question: A Spanish gentleman ignoring new fuss (3)


A Spanish gentleman ignoring new fuss hints at a term for a gentleman in Spanish, disregarding the addition of something new. The answer, ADO, is a simple and commonly used word meaning a fuss or commotion, often used in phrases like without further ado, denoting proceeding without delay.

Question: Cut for a man of habit? (7)


Cut for a man of habit? implies a wordplay on a style of haircut often associated with someone who maintains a consistent routine. The answer, TONSURE, refers to a traditional haircut where the hair on the scalp is shaved, commonly associated with monks or individuals dedicated to religious practices.

Question: TV newsreader Jan left appearing with no end of graphics (7)


TV newsreader Jan left appearing with no end of graphics hints at a famous TV newsreader, Jan Leeming, with the additional instruction to remove the last letter from graphics. The answer, LEEMING, refers to Jan Leeming, a British television presenter known for her work on BBC News during the 1970s and 1980s.

Question: Mention of distinguished people in groups of bars? (6)


Mention of distinguished people in groups of bars? suggests a term for mentioning or acknowledging noteworthy individuals within a setting that involves bars. The answer, GRATES, plays on the dual meanings of grates as both metal bars and as a verb meaning to acknowledge or praise.

Question: Navigational guides finally shortened with ease oddly (7)


Navigational guides, commonly referred to as atlases, are finally shortened for convenience, indicated by oddly as the last letters are removed, resulting in a concise and easily accessible resource.

Question: Hidden disadvantage ahead in informal briefing (5,2)


In an informal briefing, there may be a hidden disadvantage lying ahead, suggesting the need to catch up or make up for lost ground to avoid falling behind or being caught off guard.

Question: Defend belief exciting sort of cheering around end of session (5,4,6)


Fight one’s corner. It suggests defending one’s belief or position, indicated by fight. Exciting sort of cheering could represent encouragement or support, and around end of session implies the final part of a gathering.

Question: Selfishness shown by golf circle after finish to hole (3)


Selfishness is succinctly depicted in the realm of golf, where one’s ego may manifest by prioritizing personal interests, exemplified by the circle representing a golf hole and its finish.

Question: Begin to become established (3,2)


The process of becoming established begins with set, indicating the initial stages of solidification or establishment, and progresses to in, suggesting integration or embedding into a particular context or environment.

Question: U.S. lawyer and companion avoid Democrat, one with a lead? (9)


U.S. lawyer and companion avoid Democrat, one with a lead? the answer is DACHSHUND. This playful clue combines elements of politics and pet ownership. A Dachshund is a breed of dog known for its distinctive long body and short legs, often colloquially referred to as a wiener dog.

Question: Japanese mushroom? Cook one kind 50 per cent reduced (5)


Japanese mushroom? Cook one kind 50 per cent reduced the answer is ENOKI. Enoki mushrooms are a type of edible mushroom popular in Japanese cuisine, known for their long, slender stems and small caps.

Question: Iris more liable possibly to acquire book in places for borrowing? (6,9)


Iris more liable possibly to acquire book in places for borrowing? leads to the answer MOBILE LIBRARIES. This clue hints at a service rather than a physical location. Mobile libraries are libraries housed in vehicles, typically vans or buses, that travel to different locations to provide library services and borrowable materials.

Question: Actor Stephen infused with form of zen – or hysteria (6)


Actor Stephen infused with form of zen – or hysteria yields the answer EITHER. This cryptic clue combines wordplay and a double meaning. Stephen hints at the actor Stephen Fry, known for his wit and intellect, suggesting a word related to choice or preference.

Question: Heather is in charge during long period (5)


Heather is in charge during long period (5) gives us the answer ERICA. This clue relies on a play on words. While Heather initially seems like a person’s name, it is also a type of plant. In charge during long period suggests looking for a name that contains Erica, which is a type of heather plant.

Question: Confident Len serves in shift (9)


The confident Len, unfazed by pressure, adeptly serves during his shift, embodying a calm demeanor and steady resolve. His nervelessness underlines his capability and assurance in handling tasks with ease.

Question: Competitive type and expert boarding posh car (5)


A competitive individual, skilled and experienced, swiftly maneuvers and navigates through challenges, akin to the adept movement of a posh car in a race. Their racing prowess reflects a drive for victory and a penchant for excelling in their endeavors.

Question: Like appeal beginning to supply numbers (6)


Like the initial appeal of a product, the beginning of supply lies in the digits, representing the numerical data essential for inventory management and distribution. These digits signify the foundational elements of commerce and logistics.

Question: In which farm animals eat in points of low activity? (7)


In farm settings, animals gather to eat in troughs during periods of low activity, congregating around these feeding points for sustenance. These troughs serve as focal points for nourishment, ensuring animals receive adequate nutrition during lulls in their daily routines.

Question: Break out with point to support English contact sport (5)


A breakout occurs when tension reaches a boiling point, akin to the eruption of a volcano, supported by a focal point, reminiscent of English contact sports like rugby or football. This eruption symbolizes a release of energy and intensity, characteristic of competitive sports.

Question: Tense league in America – and city there (5)


Tense league in America – and city there hints at combining a tense league in America with a city. The city referenced here is Tulsa, which is in Oklahoma, USA. By rearranging the letters, we find the answer, TULSA, fitting the five-letter requirement.

Question: Traditional length of cloth found in dwelling (3)


Traditional length of cloth found in dwelling we’re prompted to identify a traditional length of cloth that could be found in a dwelling. The answer is ELL, which historically referred to a measure of length roughly equivalent to 45 inches. It’s commonly associated with textiles and could indeed be found in traditional dwellings.

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