Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword Clue

Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword Clue

Do you need help with solving the toughest clues of today’s Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small crossword? Our page is your destination for all the solutions you are looking for.

Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword

Playing crossword puzzles has become a major hobby nowadays for puzzle lovers. People who love challenges will love the Irish Daily Mail Mailword Small Crossword puzzle as it contains interesting and challenging crossword puzzles. Deep thinking and concentration are the keys to playing this crossword puzzle game. If you cannot solve the puzzle in the middle, No worries! We are making the process easy for you by giving the correct answer below.

Narrow boat (4)

Answer: PUNT

A narrow boat typically refers to a small vessel designed to navigate narrow waterways such as canals or rivers. The word PUNT fits perfectly, as it describes both a type of boat and fits the four-letter requirement of the clue.

Slides (5)

Answer: VEERS

When something slides, it moves smoothly and often uncontrollably in a particular direction. The answer VEERS encapsulates this idea, as it denotes a sudden change in direction, fitting the five-letter requirement of the clue.

Maori dance (4)

Answer: HAKA

The Maori people of New Zealand are known for their traditional dance called the Haka. This dance is often performed as a form of ceremonial challenge or expression, and the word HAKA is a precise four-letter fit for the clue.

Craze (5)

Answer: QUIRK

A craze typically refers to a sudden and widespread enthusiasm or obsession for something. The answer QUIRK captures this concept, as it can denote an eccentric behavior or idiosyncrasy that becomes popular, matching the five-letter requirement.

Awry (5)

Answer: BADLY

When something goes awry, it means it has gone wrong or deviated from the intended course. The word BADLY aligns with this meaning, as it denotes a situation or action that has turned out poorly or unfavorably, fitting the five-letter requirement of the clue.

Crooked (5)

Answer: FALSE

Crooked prompts us to think of a word that means the opposite of straight or aligned. The answer, FALSE, refers to something that is not true or accurate, fitting the definition of crooked in a figurative sense.

— Hur, 1959 film (3)

Answer: BEN

The clue — Hur, 1959 film directs us to a three-letter word that completes the title of a 1959 movie. The answer, BEN, completes the title Ben-Hur, a classic film known for its epic story set in ancient Rome.

Lubricates (4)

Answer: BUYS

Lubricates suggests finding a word associated with making something smoother or reducing friction. The answer, BUYS, may initially seem unrelated, but it fits the clue when considering the phrase greases the wheels, where buys could imply facilitating or smoothing a process.

Underwear (3)

Answer: BRA

Underwear leads us to think of a garment worn beneath outer clothing. The answer, BRA, is a type of undergarment specifically designed to support and cover the breasts, fitting the clue perfectly.

Remove (6)

Answer: SUNDER

Remove indicates finding a verb that means to take something away or separate it from its surroundings. The answer, SUNDER, aligns with this definition, as it means to split or divide apart, effectively removing one part from another.

Swerve (3)

Answer: DIP

Swerve challenges you to find a word that describes a movement away from a straight path in three letters. DIP fits perfectly, suggesting a quick downward motion, akin to the sudden deviation of a swerve.

Fanatic (3)

Answer: FAN

In Fanatic you’re asked for a word that embodies an intense devotion or enthusiasm in just three letters. FAN captures this essence succinctly, representing someone deeply passionate about a particular interest or cause.

Rim (3)

Answer: HEM

When prompted with Rim the task is to identify a word related to the edge or border of something, using only three letters. HEM fits the bill, evoking imagery of the edge of fabric or the border of a circular object like a rim.

— Blow, artist (6)

Answer: SANDRA

— Blow, artist you’re presented with a challenge to identify a famous artist with six letters whose last name contains the word blow. SANDRA provides the solution, referring to Sandra Blow, a renowned British abstract painter.

— Gardner, actress (3)

Answer: AVA

— Gardner, actress the task is to name a famous actress with just three letters in her last name. AVA is the answer, referring to Ava Gardner, a celebrated Hollywood star known for her roles in classic films.

Brother of Cain (4)

Answer: SETH

In the biblical narrative, Seth is famously known as the brother of Cain, both sons of Adam and Eve. Seth is often regarded as the third son of Adam and Eve, succeeding Abel after his tragic demise at the hands of Cain.

Russian space station (3)

Answer: MIR

MIR was a renowned Russian space station that orbited the Earth for over fifteen years, from 1986 to 2001. It served as a symbol of Soviet and later Russian space exploration prowess, hosting numerous scientific experiments and international collaborations during its operational lifespan.

— Klum, model (5)

Answer: HEIDI

Heidi Klum is a prominent German-American supermodel, businesswoman, television personality, and fashion designer. With her distinctive charm and elegance, she has become a household name in the fashion industry and beyond.

Danish currency (5)

Answer: KRONE

The Danish Krone, abbreviated DKK, is the official currency of Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands. It has been in circulation for centuries, reflecting the economic stability and strength of the Danish economy.

Expect (5)

Answer: BEFIT

To befit something is to be appropriate or suitable for a particular situation or purpose. It implies an alignment or accordance with expectations or standards.

Port in Yemen (4)

Answer: ADEN

Located in southern Yemen, Aden is a prominent port city on the Gulf of Aden. Its strategic location has made it historically significant for trade and maritime activities in the region.

Type (5)

Answer: GUISE

Type here refers to a particular style or appearance. In five letters, GUISE perfectly encapsulates the idea of a manner or appearance in which something is presented or seen.

Compass point (4)

Answer: LAST

A compass point refers to one of the cardinal or ordinal directions. In this case, LAST represents the direction of west, as it’s the last cardinal point when moving counterclockwise around the compass.

Discreditable (6)

Answer: UNDONE

When something is discreditable, it means it’s capable of undermining one’s reputation or credibility. UNDONE fits this description, suggesting something that has been ruined or compromised.

Photographic equipment (7)


A straightforward clue, CAMERAS refers to the essential equipment used for taking photographs. With seven letters, it perfectly matches the description of devices used to capture images.

Japanese city (7)


Sapporo is a city in Japan known for its vibrant culture and the annual Sapporo Snow Festival, which attracts visitors from around the world. This clue directs us to a seven-letter city in Japan, and Sapporo fits perfectly.

Is no longer (3)

Answer: WAS

Was is the past tense of the verb to be. In just three letters, it succinctly conveys the idea of something that existed or occurred in the past but is not ongoing.

Light conversation (5,4)


Small talk refers to casual, informal conversation about unimportant or superficial topics. The clue prompts us to find a term consisting of five letters and then another term with four letters, which when combined, appropriately describe light conversation.

Long rope (5)

Answer: LASSO

A lasso is a long rope with a loop at one end, commonly used for catching livestock, especially horses and cattle. This clue hints at a five-letter word for a long rope, and lasso perfectly fits the description.

Squid’s fluid (3)

Answer: INK

Squids and other cephalopods are known for releasing ink as a defense mechanism to confuse predators. With just three letters, ink succinctly describes the fluid associated with squids.

Pastry item (3)

Answer: PIE

Pastry item hints at a sweet treat commonly enjoyed for dessert or as a snack. The answer PIE fits perfectly, as pies are often filled with fruit, custard, or savory ingredients encased in a flaky pastry crust.

Proverb (3)

Answer: URN

Proverb directs us to a short, traditional saying that offers wisdom or advice. The answer URN may seem puzzling at first, but it aligns with the popular phrase You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs, highlighting the necessity of sacrifice for achievement.

Memorable phrase (5,4)


Memorable phrase suggests a well-known expression or quote that sticks in the mind. The answer SOUND BITE perfectly fits this description, as it refers to a short, impactful statement or clip often used in media to convey a message succinctly.

Harden (5)

Answer: PRESS

Harden prompts us to think of a word meaning to become firm or solid. The answer PRESS makes sense, as pressing can be a method used in cooking to firm up ingredients or create a cohesive texture.

Fashionable (1,2,4)

Answer: A LA MODE

Fashionable indicates a term related to style or trendiness. A LA MODE fits the bill, as it refers to something served with ice cream, typically adding a touch of sophistication or modernity to a dish.

Infers (7)


The word Infers refers to making deductions or conclusions based on evidence or reasoning. In a crossword context, it hints at using clues to derive an answer. The answer FANCIES fits perfectly, as it means imaginative or fanciful ideas, aligning with the process of inferring.

Mother, e.g. (6)

Answer: PARENT

Mother, e.g. suggests looking for a term that represents a category or type. In this case, Mother serves as an example of a broader category. The answer PARENT fits this description, as a parent can encompass both mothers and fathers.

Lowest point (5)

Answer: FLOOR

Lowest point directs attention to finding a word that signifies the bottom or nadir of something. The answer FLOOR corresponds perfectly, as it represents the lowest surface within a room or building.

Witch (3)

Answer: HAG

With just three letters, the clue Witch indicates a short, concise term for a female practitioner of magic. The answer HAG fits this description, as it commonly refers to an old, ugly woman, often associated with witchcraft in folklore.

Farm animal (3)

Answer: TOM

Given the brevity of the clue Farm animal, it suggests a short word for an animal commonly found on farms. The answer TOM fits, as it refers to a male turkey, often raised on farms for meat.

— Fleming, 007 creator (3)

Answer: IAN

For Fleming, 007 creator the answer is IAN. Ian Fleming was the creator of James Bond, agent 007. This question refers to a famous author known for his spy novels, particularly the James Bond series.

Uncooked (3)

Answer: RAW

Regarding Uncooked the answer is RAW. This term describes food that has not been cooked or processed in any way. In culinary contexts, it typically implies the freshness and natural state of ingredients before preparation.

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