Irish Times Simplex Crossword Puzzle Answer Finding for April 6th 2024

Irish Times Simplex Crossword Puzzle

We are back again to lead you on how to solve the crossword puzzle for Irish Times Simplex, so that you get to the final answer.

Generally we must have played many kinds of games in our life, so when we do it gives us a kind of relaxed feel. So to add to the list, you can start playing the game called crossword. We are also here to help you understand the clues given with the game, and from which you can associate some clues and play the game. Don’t worry about making mistakes, when you make mistakes only you will learn the game rules and get practice.

For sale to the public

Answer: RETAIL    

“For sale to the public” indicates the distribution method of goods or services directly to consumers. “RETAIL ” perfectly encapsulates this concept, representing the sale of products in small quantities to individual customers, typically through physical or online stores accessible to the general public.

A gathering of people or a fitting together of parts


The clue suggests either a gathering of people or the fitting together of parts. “ASSEMBLY” fits both interpretations, describing either a congregation of individuals for a common purpose or the process of joining or fitting together various components to create a unified whole, such as in manufacturing or construction.

Strong and solidly built

Answer: STURDY    

Describing something as “strong and solidly built” implies durability and robustness. “STURDY ” precisely captures this quality, indicating an object or structure that is physically strong, resilient, and capable of withstanding wear, pressure, or impact without easily breaking or collapsing.

Aesthetically pleasing

Answer: NICE    

The term “aesthetically pleasing” suggests something that evokes positive feelings or admiration due to its visual appeal or attractiveness. “NICE” is a simple yet versatile word that can convey this idea, often used to describe something pleasant, agreeable, or pleasing to the senses.

“If … be the food of love, play on” (Twelfth Night)

Answer: MUSIC    

The quote “If music be the food of love, play on” from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” highlights the profound emotional and cultural significance of music. “MUSIC ” encompasses the art form consisting of organized sounds and rhythms that evoke emotions, convey messages, and enrich human experiences through melody, harmony, and rhythm.

Restless or short-tempered

Answer: IMPATIENT    

The clue suggests a state of restlessness or short temper. “IMPATIENT ” aptly describes this condition, representing a lack of tolerance for delays or a desire for immediate action or results, often accompanied by irritability or frustration when expectations are not met promptly.

Apposite, appropriate

Answer: APT    

Describing something as “apposite” or “appropriate” suggests its suitability or relevance to a particular situation or context. “APT” is a concise term that conveys this idea effectively, indicating something fitting or suitable for a given purpose or circumstance.

Smallest, slightest

Answer: MEREST  

The clue suggests the smallest or slightest degree of something. “MEREST” precisely captures this notion, denoting the most minimal or insignificant amount or quality of a particular attribute or characteristic, emphasizing its extreme smallness or insignificance.

Force upon

Answer: BOTHER    

BOTHER – “Force upon” suggests imposing something upon someone, often unwelcome or annoying. “Bother” fits this clue as it means to cause trouble, annoyance, or inconvenience to someone, aligning with the notion of forcing something upon another.

Equiangular polygon

Answer: ISOGON    

ISOGON – An “equiangular polygon” is a polygon with all angles equal. “ISOGON ” refers to such a polygon, where “iso” means equal and “gon” refers to angles, fitting the clue provided.

Awkward, showing no skill

Answer: INEPT    

INEPT – “Awkward, showing no skill” describes someone lacking proficiency or competence. “INEPT” fits this description perfectly as it means lacking skill or ability, aligning with the clue’s depiction of awkwardness and incompetence.

Unit of electricity, in short

Answer: AMP    

AMP – “Unit of electricity, in short” indicates a brief term for a unit of electrical current. “AMP” is the commonly used abbreviation for ampere, the standard unit of electric current, making it the fitting answer for this clue.

Showing knowledge of events before they take place

Answer: PRESCIENT    

PRESCIENT – “Showing knowledge of events before they take place” hints at the ability to foresee or predict future events. “PRESCIENT” perfectly fits this description, as it means having foresight or knowledge of future occurrences, aligning with the clue’s depiction of premonition.

Parisian river

Answer: SEINE  

SEINE – “Parisian river” directs us to a famous river that flows through Paris. The “SEINE” is the river that runs through the heart of the French capital, making it the suitable answer for this clue. 

Smoke flues

Answer: CHIMNEYS    

CHIMNEYS – “Smoke flues” refers to the structures used to channel smoke from a fireplace or stove out of a building. “CHIMNEYS” fit this description perfectly as they are designed specifically for this purpose, aligning with the clue provided.

French port

Answer: LYONS    

LYONS – “French port” points towards a French city known for its port. “LYONS” (or Lyon in French) is a major city in France located at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers, making it a fitting answer for this clue.

Parts, pieces, portions

Answer: SEGMENTS  

“SEGMENTS” is the answer for “Parts, pieces, portions.” This word denotes divisions or fragments of a whole, indicating distinct sections or components. 

Sloping edges of surfaces

Answer: BEVELS    

“BEVELS” corresponds to “Sloping edges of surfaces.” This term refers to edges that are cut or shaped at an angle other than a right angle, typically to join surfaces or provide a decorative finish.

Appear to be like

Answer: RESEMBLE    

The word “RESEMBLE” fits the clue “Appear to be like.” This suggests similarity or likeness in appearance or qualities, indicating a comparison between two entities.

Had yurts gone up towards the end of the week?

Answer: THURSDAY    

“THURSDAY” is the solution for “Had yurts gone up towards the end of the week?” Here, the question refers to a specific day of the week when yurts were erected, implying the answer is the name of a weekday, namely Thursday.

Shows, signals

Answer: INDICATES    

“INDICATES” is the appropriate response to “Shows, signals.” This term signifies the act of pointing out or suggesting something, typically through signs, gestures, or expressions.

A relatively long narrow piece of something

Answer: STRIP    

The word “STRIP” corresponds to “A relatively long narrow piece of something.” This describes a thin, elongated portion or section of a larger whole, often implying a linear shape or form.

Be extant

Answer: LIVE    

“LIVE” is the answer for “Be extant.” This term suggests being in existence or currently active, indicating vitality or ongoing existence.

Superior to another

Answer: BETTER    

“BETTER” is the solution for “Superior to another.” This word signifies being of higher quality, more advantageous, or more desirable compared to something else.

Pleasure craft


A pleasure craft typically equipped with amenities for leisurely travel on water is commonly referred to as a CABIN CRUISER. This term describes a type of boat designed for recreational purposes, often featuring comfortable cabins and facilities for extended voyages along coastlines or inland waterways.

Referencing, referring to

Answer: CITING    

“Referencing, referring to” implies the act of mentioning or quoting a source to support an argument or provide evidence. “CITING” perfectly encapsulates this action of acknowledging a specific reference or authority within a written work or discourse, ensuring transparency and credibility in the presentation of information.

Much … About Nothing (Shakespeare)

Answer: ADO    

The title “Much … About Nothing” refers to one of Shakespeare’s comedic plays, where “ado” signifies fuss or commotion. In this context, “ADO” represents the busy and humorous entanglements of the characters in the play, emphasizing the frivolity and absurdity of their romantic pursuits and misunderstandings.

It’s suspended for blindfolded children to break open with sticks

Answer: PINATA    

A suspended container filled with candies or treats, typically broken open by blindfolded children at parties or celebrations, is known as a PINATA. This festive tradition involves participants taking turns trying to rupture the pinata with sticks while blindfolded, adding an element of excitement and surprise to the gathering.

Neat and well-kept as a sea-going vessel

Answer: SHIPSHAPE    

Describing something as neat and well-kept, particularly in reference to a sea-going vessel, is synonymous with the term “SHIPSHAPE.” This expression signifies the meticulous maintenance and organization required to ensure a ship’s efficiency and readiness for sailing, reflecting the orderly and pristine condition of its interior and exterior.

He who might do this may be lost

Answer: HESITATE    

The clue suggests uncertainty or indecision, with the implication that someone who exhibits this behavior may become lost. “HESITATE” accurately captures this reluctance or delay in making a decision or taking action, which can lead to missed opportunities or confusion about the appropriate course of action, potentially resulting in being figuratively or literally “lost.”

They believe deities don’t exist

Answer: ATHEISTS    

The clue describes individuals who hold the belief that deities do not exist. “ATHEISTS” is the term used to denote such individuals who reject the existence of gods or divine beings, instead adhering to a worldview based on empirical evidence, rationality, and skepticism regarding supernatural claims.

Sash worn on a Japanese kimono

Answer: OBI  

A sash traditionally worn as part of a Japanese kimono ensemble is referred to as an OBI. This wide and decorative belt is intricately tied around the waist, serving both a functional and aesthetic purpose in accentuating the garment’s elegance and cultural significance.

Blank areas

Answer: SPACES    

“SPACES” is the answer to “Blank areas.” These are regions within a larger area that are devoid of content or filled with nothingness, implying emptiness or absence of substance.

Perceiving by eye

Answer: SEEING    

“SEEING” corresponds to “Perceiving by eye.” This word signifies the act of using one’s vision to observe or comprehend objects, suggesting the visual perception of the surrounding environment.

Light narrow boat

Answer: KAYAK    

The word “KAYAK” fits the clue “Light narrow boat.” This term describes a small, narrow watercraft designed for paddling, typically with a covered deck and propelled using a double-bladed paddle, implying a specific type of lightweight vessel.

Ancient nation on the Nile

Answer: EGYPT    

“EGYPT” is the solution for “Ancient nation on the Nile.” This refers to a historic civilization situated along the Nile River in northeastern Africa, known for its ancient monuments, culture, and rich history.

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