Irish Wish Ending Explained, Cast, Plot, and What is the Real Meaning of Irish Wish?

Irish Wish

Discover the real meaning of Irish Wish, what happened in the movie, and find out at last whom Maddie ends up with.

Irish Wish

The romantic-comedy movie made in America in 2024 named Irish Wish is a beautiful movie with a splash of fantasy Janeen Damian directed it and its story was written by Kirsten Hansen. The well-known actor Lindsey Lohan had her first movie on Netflix this is her second consecutive project with Netflix which is directed by Janeen Damian and produced by Michael Damian and Brad Krevoy. Ed Speleers, Alexander Viahos, Ayesha Curry, Elizabeth Tan, and Jane Seymour also Starred in a backup role in the movie.

Irish Wish Ending Explained

Irish Wish is a newly released romance-comedy movie that was released on Netflix. It has a fantastic ending with a splash of magic, love, and an intolerable amount of chaos. This movie starts with Maddie Kelly, an editor who is uncontrollably in love with, Paul Kennedy her writer but who has no idea about this.

On the day when she finally decides to tell her wholehearted love to Paul, it is too late as he meets Maddie’s Friend Emma Taylor and they two click with each other. Paul and Emma’s wedding is held in Ireland and all members go there Maddie also goes there as she was the bridesmaid and conceals her feelings deep in her heart.

When she arrives there she meets James, a photographer when waiting for the bag when the bag arrives, James and Maddie fight over the bag later, Maddie realizes it is not her after seeing the things inside it. When she was taking the bus to Paul’s estate she met James again.

She goes to the lake in the estate after she goes there which is the place that influenced Paul to write the book. She suddenly changes her mind about being a bridesmaid and wants to become the bride and makes a wish there at that point St. Brigid pops up and tells her that if she sits on that stone chair wish for it he will make it happen.

This is the turning point where all characters get a lesson in the Bizzare ending making them realize what they need exactly in their life, teaches people that they need to face their true value, and see the importance of real relationships over self-absorbed passion.

In Irish Wish With Whom Did Maddie Found Herself

In Irish Wish Maddie is finally reliable and learns a lesson that her desires and her requirements are entirely varied. Even though she desires to be with Paul this couple is not even compatible for 1%. The first thing is that Paul doesn’t even know a bit about Maddie as he knows about Emma and in addition to that these two needs are entirely different.

Second, thing is that even though Paul and Maddie are about to get married Maddie decides not to get married to Paul as she finds out that Paul and Emma even now love each other. This is the whole story of the entire movie then at last at the time of her wedding, she again goes to St. Brigid to reverse her wish.

After realizing that Maddie learned her lesson in due course the celestial being gave in and reversed what happened after the wish,  get her back in time where she was a bridesmaid. After Paul and Emma’s wedding Maddie goes to James realizing that he is the one for her even though he doesn’t remember most of their meetings which makes their bond strong. Whatever maybe after that James and Maddie end up together at last.

Maddie’s Book

At the start of the movie Irish Wish, she is working for Paul as his editor for the books he writes but actually, she is not only an editor but works as a Co-author of his book without getting any credit for that. Most importantly at last it came to light that she was the one who wrote most of Paul’s second book instead of chasing her dream to write her book.

At the end of the movie, Paul asks her to write his next book while he is on honeymoon, she realizes that he has been using her all along so she is not willing to give her credit as co-author as his booking is on sale under his name.

After all this, she tells James when she meets him that she is going to write her novel that she needs to stay in Ireland for some time, and that made her sound that she was confident in her decision. She can easily let James use her as Paul did, but instead of bearing the dishonor she chooses to recognize her talent as a writer, editor, and even as a person.

Even though it’s not given that she will finish her book as it is more complicated in real than imagined. But she had a successful foundation while she was writing Paul’s book.

Problem Arises in Maddie’s and Paul’s Wedding

In Irish Wish at the time of Maddie and Paul’s wedding things have taken the wrong turn. As for Maddie’s mom, she missed her flight, and moreover, she broke her leg. Just before the wedding, Maddie encounters James who tells her that who she wants to make happy doesn’t even know a little bit about her.

When the wedding is about to start she tells in front of everyone that she doesn’t want to marry Paul and she doesn’t love him, Paul holds James responsible for this. This led to a serious issue and conflict burst out, all of them were attacking each other which destructs the wedding.

This act of the scene shows the result of whoever tries to go against fate and wants to do something for their selfish desire. Paul and Maddie were never meant to be together and their wedding showed what would happen if they got together against the nature with help of Irish Wish magic.

Analytically, Paul and Emma have loved each other still. As for Maddie, she could have fallen in love with James and been rejected by him and none of them would have seen the happy ending because of her selfish desire.

Maddie’s Wish

In the movie Irish Wish Maddie first wishes to marry Paul as she has deep feelings for him which shows her selfish desire while trying to destroy her friend and Paul’s happiness. In spite of her work relationship with Paul and Friendship with Emma for her selfish thought to get Paul’s affection, she thinks that she treats him well and loves him wholeheartedly. This shows her selfishness and inconsiderate towards others.

At the end of the movie, Maddie’s second wish comes from her self-awareness and guilt. She recognized at last that her Paul in her imagination made her not see the imperfection in him which led to not being able to have a real relationship with him. After seeing that she has caused harm to Emma Maddie shows Her guilt by reversing the wish she asked for at the start.

What is the Irish Wish’s Real Meaning?

Lindsey’s movie Irish Wish’s ending conveys a clear-cut message about how often people get confused about what they want and what they really need. What  Maddie wanted was not what she needed she wanted to have Paul’s love but the thing is what she needed is that she needed to find her confidence. She needs to clasp her professional career as a writer and editor, she needs to find someone who will love her for who she is instead of seeing her as an object or opportunity to use.

In Irish Wish, Paul needs that he wants to become famous, but the lesson for him is that he should not take advantage of others. He needs to give credit for what others do and stop taking credit in place of others. In conclusion, Irish Wish and St. Brigid is just an opportunity through which all the characters in this movie including Maddie learn their lesson. In one’s life love and self-value are the most important thing.

Irish Wish Plot

When Maddie’s love got engaged with her best friend at first she closed her eyes to her feelings and she stood as a bridesmaid in Ireland. When Emma and Paul are about to get married in a few days she changes her mind and wants to fight for her. So she goes to St. Brigid and wishes for her to marry Paul, and the next day she becomes the bride as she wishes. But when her wedding is closer she recognizes that Paul is not her compatible partner and her soulmate is another different person entirely.

Irish Wish Cast


Actors  Character 
Lindsay Lohan Madeline Kelly aka Maddie
Ed Speleers James Thomas
Alexander Viahos Paul Kennedy
Ayesha Curry Heather
Elizabeth Tan Emma Taylor
Jane Seymour Rosemary Kelly
Dawn Bradfield Saint Brigid
Jacinta Mulcahy Olivia Kennedy
Matty McCabe Kory Kennedy
James Rottger Tom O’Callaghan
Maurice Byrne Sean Kennedy
Aidan Jordan Father Callahan
Dakota Lohan Finn
Tim Landers Murphy
Rachel Benaissa Allegra
Rodrigo Ternevoy Book Clerk
Steve Hartland Liam
Carl Shaaban Jay
Vincent Moran Bus Driver
Charlie Hughes Immigration Officer

Where to Watch Irish Wish?

Viewers can watch the Irish Wish movie on Netflix Subscription or in Theaters.

Irish Wish Release Date

The movie Irish Wish was released on Netflix on March 15, 2024, and on the same day, it had been set to have a limited theater release with many screenings done in Los Angeles, Bay Theater. The premiere screening was attended by the cast in Manhattan at the Paris Theater on March 5, 2024.

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