Is Cheng Li Hui Married: Who Is Cheng LI Hui Married To? Also Grab Details On Tan Chuan Jin Family, And His Son


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Who is Cheng Li Hui? Who is Cheng Li Hui married to? Did Cheng Li Hui resign? Why did Politician Cheng Li Hui is trending on the internet? If you are also interested, Is Cheng LI Hui Married? Then read this write-up here because people from SingaporeMalaysia, and the United States are trying to know the details about Cheng Li Hui.

Who Is Cheng Li Hui & Her Husband?

Cheng is a former politician and a Member of Parliament; she was the MP from Tampines East Division (from 2015 to 2023). She was a member of the People’s Action Party, and in 2016, she was also the Deputy District Advisor of the Women’s Wing. Although, after the news of her affair with his co-worker Tan Chuan- Jin, people are questioning her marital status. So, to clear the air, Cheng is not married.

Disclaimer: The news about Singapore’s MP Cheng Li Hui’s affair with Tan Chuan- Jin is a sensitive topic, and we are not making any personal comments here. We are just providing information based on online sources.

Tan Chuan Jin Family & More

After the news of Tan and Chen’s affair, they are both trending on social media individually and together. People want to know about the marital status of Tan also. Tan is married and has two children. Despite being married, he has had an extra-marital affair with Cheng since 2020 (approximately).

Tan, a Christian practitioner, served in the military and then started his political career in 2011. From 1987 till February 2011, he served in the military as the Brigadier-General. Details about Tan Chuan Jin Son & more are not available currently. On 17th July 2023, he submitted his resignation from the speaker’s post along with Cheng Li Hui.

More Details About The News

As per sources, Both politicians presented their resignations because of a clause, ‘Propriety and Personal Conduct.’ As per sources, Their resignations were essential to maintain the standard of the Parliament and uphold its values. The statements are made by the Secretary-General (of Prime Minister) Lee. Their seats will be vacant, and other MPs will share the workload.


The article covers the news about Singapore’s politicians. Is Cheng LI Hui Married? No, she is not married, but Tan Chuan Jin is married. Tampines’ MP (East) Cheng Li Hui and Speaker of the House Tan Chuan Jin are in an affair. Thus, to protect the value of the Parliament and their party, PAP, they have resigned. For more details about Cheng, click here. 

Did you know about Cheng and Tan’s affair? Please tell us how this will impact the politics in Singapore.

Must Read Updates on Who Is Cheng LI Hui Married To: FAQs

Q1. Who is Cheng Li Hui?

A1. Cheng was a politician and a former MP from Singapore.

Q2. Who is Tan Chuan Jin?

A2. Tan was a member of the PAP and a speaker in the Parliament.

Q3. What happened with Tan and Cheng?

A3. They have been in extra-marital affairs since 2020. Thus, they resigned recently.

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