Katiana Kay Net Worth, Onlyfans, Boyfriend, Career [2023]

Best known on Instagram by the handle @katiana, Katiana Kay is one of the sexiest Instagram models and influencers in 2022. She recently has hit 751K followers on this platform thanks to her high-end erotica modeling pictures and more. To the reader’s surprise, Katiana Kay started her Instagram account in January 2021. In just a span of a year and four months, Miss Kay is ready to hit 1 Million very soon. Without a doubt, she has a bundle of talents and body figures to become one of the most sizzling Instagram models.

However, fans want to know more about Katiana Kay than scrolling down through her picture feed on several platforms. This is why, today, as a courtesy, we present to you a complete guide on Katiana Kay (@katiana). Let’s get started:

Who is Katiana Kay? 

Born in 2002 on 23rd February, Katiana Kay has recently turned 20 years old. She is a modeling professional on Instagram as well as on other platforms such as OnlyFans. Originally, Katiana comes from Arizona, where she was born and brought up. In order to build her career far-fetching in modeling and obtain popularity on social media, she moved to Miami in Florida. It is one of the most big-time entertaining cities in Florida. On Instagram, Katiana Kay often shares her pictures while timing out and having fun at Miami beaches, football courts, high-end hotels in the city, and so on.

Here’s a fun fact: do you know? Katiana Kay initially kickstarted her career as a social media personality on TikTok. She was prominently acknowledged on TikTok for her erotic style and dancing videos. Today, she has grown on multiple platforms, including YouTube, only fans, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

We strongly believe that the accumulation of over 750K followers on social media has not been easy on Katiana Kay. Yet, of course, she is enjoying her popularity to no end. You will also be astonished to acknowledge that Katiana’s only fans account is 100% free to subscribe to.

She is a clever and talented content creator. Is that all we know about Katiana? Well! The answer is no. There’s more. Let’s take a glance:

How old is Katiana Kay (@katiana) on Instagram?

Currently, Katiana Kay, a popular model on Instagram, is 20 years old. She turned 20 years old on 23rd February 2022. According to her TikTok profile, she has upto 3.6 Million followers and thousands of views on her videos on the mentioned platform. She started her TikTok account back in 2018 when she was only 16 years old. She has come a long way since then. Her Instagram account is fairly new and only kickstarted in 2021.

Where is Katiana Kay from? What is her ethnicity? 

To begin with, as mentioned above, Katiana Kay was the first-born girl to her parents in Phoenix of, Arizona, USA. According to the inside details, Katiana Kay is mixed in the context of ethnicity. Her parents are Mexican and Colombian. Henceforth, she is also popularly known as American-Mexican Model. On the contrary, her nationality is American, as she was born in America.

Many fans do not know this. However, Katiana Kay is bilingual. She can speak both English and Spanish languages as she has been brought up by her parents, who are of mixed race.

How tall is Katiana Kay? 

For the most part, Katiana Kay is 5 feet and 2 inches tall only. In her Instagram pictures, she is often seen wearing high heels. Instagram models and only fans posers like Katiana herself in 2022 have broken stereotypes related to short women. She is only 5’2″ tall or 1.58 meters (158 centimeters).

On several platforms, her height is mentioned as 5’1″. That is a considerably small distinction.

What is Katiana Kay’s body figure? 

Without a doubt, Katiana Kay is one of the sexiest models you will see on Instagram. She is often well-dressed with a pinch of erotica. Are fans eager to know her body figure (measurement)? To the reader’s shock, Katiana is a perfect 36-24-36. It is considered a perfect body figure when it comes to modeling.

In the context of body weight, she is only 48 Kgs / 102 lb approximately. Her most attractive features include brown eyes, light brown hair complexion, wheatish skin complexion, and full lips.

What is Katiana Kay’s educational background? 

Katiana has completed high school and graduated from Arizona before moving to Miami for a full-time career in modeling. She knows two languages — English and Spanish.

Has Katiana Kay undergone plastic surgery?

Having such a perfect figure and facial features, fans are eager to know if Katiana’s “perfection” is made-up? Well! The answer is yes. After catching the attention of thousands of TikTok viewers, Katiana Kay had plastic surgery in 2021-2022 (ending months). According to the inside details, she had facelift surgery, boobs enhancement surgery, booty enhancement surgery, as well as lip enhancement surgery.

Not only this, but our research also revealed that Katiana Kay was admitted to the hospital sometime back because of a horrible car accident. Thankfully, Katiana had a full recovery from the accident, it seems!

What is Katiana Kay’s Net Worth? 

It is no surprise that Katiana Kay has millions of followers on social media, including TikTok. It is considered her main source of income. Apart from this, she is also a businesswoman. That’s right! Inside details disclosed that Katiana owns an e-commerce business that is fairly new. On the contrary, she also indulges in modeling contracts.

According to the celebrity net worth estimation 2022 by our researchers, Katiana Kay’s Net Worth stands at 2 Million USD approximately. In 2020, her Net Worth was only $1 Million, which was boosted thanks to her business quickly. Apart from this, she also earns money via youtube, which has 25.1K subscribers.

Not only this, but she also runs another channel on youtube by the name “Will and Katiana.” Will is Katiana Kay’s boyfriend. Currently, their channel has 86.4K subscribers and over 17M viewers on youtube shorts.

Hence, we can only assume that a part of her income comes from YouTube. Therefore, Kataina Kay seems to live a luxurious lifestyle in Miami, Florida, USA. Last but not least, she also indulges in paid advertising through her well-grown Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Who is Katiana Kay’s Boyfriend? 

Ten months ago, Katiana Kay, along with her boyfriend, William Goodall, created a youtube channel by the name: of Will and Katiana. There, the couple revealed their relationship. We can only presume that they had been dating for a while before creating the channel. They are quite famous for their “couple goals” relationship videos on social media.

According to the inside details, William is 22 years old TikTok star himself. He was born in the lucky year 2000. To the reader’s surprise, apart from running a youtube channel, William Goodall is also a creative thinker. He is the CEO of Good Global Group, as disclosed by his LinkedIn Profile. Further ahead, he is also a supporter of “cannabis smoking.” He recently Kickstarter his online business called “Bay Smokes” which sells cannabis online.

He originally comes from North Carolina’s small town called Raleigh. Currently, Katiana and Will are living together in Miami. Katiana’s boyfriend, Will’s company, sells Vape Carts, gummies, and other tobacco products online.

Not many details about Will are known yet. But stay tuned on this page as we will give you updates on Katiana’s boyfriend very soon.

Has Katiana Kay married? 

The answer is no. Katiana Kay has never married up until now. She is in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend, Will. You can check their videos on https://www.youtube.com/c/WillKatiana.

The couple has been living together for 10 months now, as disclosed in their YouTube vlogging videos. On the one hand, where Katiana is growing her popularity online, Will is focusing on his cannabis business online. In the future, fans may see these two tie knots together. Let’s keep our fingers crossed on this one.

How rich is Katiana Kay’s boyfriend? 

For the most part, it is quite clear that both Katiana and her boyfriend, Will Goodall, live a luxurious lifestyle in Miami. According to the inside research, Katiana spends the maximum of her time in the Gym. She goes there to work out 5 times a week. On the other hand, Will Goodall is not much interested in Gym or workouts, as suggested by his lean physique.

The couple mostly focuses on their career. Katiana’s Net worth is $2 Million as of 2022. But, William Goodall’s net worth has not revealed by the star yet. We can only assume that they live together and share expenses.


Since her growth as a popular social media personality, fans’ feeds light up with Katiana’s posts. However, one day, Katiana posted something that took the internet by extreme heat. According to the backstory of the post on the TikTok video in question, Katiana Kay is getting constant questions about her age. In order to confront the fans, she uploaded a video saying that she is only 19 years old and does not care for any rumors regarding her age.

However, in the respective video, fans come to notice various bruises and marks on Katiana’s thighs. It created concern about violence among the fans. As the comments begin to rise up on the video, fans come to the conclusion that William Goodall (her boyfriend) might be abusing her.

Concerned fans asked Katiana Kay to wear a “blue dress” if she is in danger and cannot speak directly in videos. To the fans’ surprise, she wore blue in the next post. However, later on, Katiana Kay confirmed that her boyfriend, William is not abusing her. Indeed, her scared and fearful behavior in the video was due to traumatic events in the past.

In another video, she also delivered the idea to her fans that her boyfriend is making her wear a vulgar dress. However, later on, she captioned, “it’s ok, he wears skirts for me too.”

So, the answer is no. Katiana Kay is not facing domestic violence by her boyfriend of any kind. You can relax.


We hope that you are happy to know your favorite Katiana Kay supermodel from a microscopic view. For more information on sizzling social media personalities on Instagram, keep us in your bookmarks if you have any additional information about Miss. Kay or any queries regarding her, you can drop (?) emoji below. Thank you.


Full Name Katiana Kay
Profession Social Media Personality

Instagram Influencers

Paid Advertiser

Model (American + Mexican)

Height  5 feet 2 inches (5’2’’ tall) — 158 centimeters
Weight  48 kg (in 2020) — 60 kg (in 2022, after enhancement surgery)
Complexion Fair (Wheatish)
Hair Color Brown (Light)
Eyes Color Brown (Dark)
Body Measurement 36 – 24 – 36 
Plastic Surgery YES (Boobs & booty enhancement, Lip fillers, Facelift)
Born in  Phoenix, Arizona, USA 
Born on  February, 23rd, 2002
Age  20 years old
Lives in  Miami (Florida)
Parents name  Not Available
Nationality American
Ethnicity  Mexican + Colombian 
Boyfriend William Goodall 
Net Worth  $2 Million (as of 2022)
Instagram handle  @katiana (751K followers)
TikTok Handle  @katiana.kay (3.6 Million Followers)


Twitter Handle @katianakayy (175K followers)
OnlyFans Account  @katianakayfree (154.6K fans)
Marital status  Unmarried 
Relationship status  In a live-in relationship
Zodiac Sign  Pisces
Religious belief  Christianity
Prefered Color Blue & White
Favorite Singer Micheal Jackson 
Favorite TV stars  Robert De Niro and Keira Knightley
Favorite Holiday locations  New York


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