Khan Sir Biograpgy:- Real name, age, net worth, wife & his patna connection

Since the introduction of the internet to the world, learning has been revolutionized. Long gone are days when students only learned in a classroom. Now, you can learn anything and everything online all thanks to dedicated teachers like Khan Sir. Khan sir’s real name is Faizal Khan, according to WiKi. Through his online lessons and teachings, Khan Sir has provided learners with an opportunity for empowerment and growth. Khan is preferred by many students for his dedication, innovative teaching, and commitment to quality learning.

Khan Sir biography

Kahn Sir biography is a very famous because he earns fame as an teacher on the YouTube channel. He was born in the year 1988 in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. He is well-known for his ability to sharpen and teach students preparing for exams such as BPSC, CGL, CHSL, Railways, GROUP D, MTS, and UPSC among others. Khan is famous in Bihar and all over India for his unique teaching style. Before 2019 and before his fame, he was running a coaching institute offline. Since he started his YouTube channel, he has been recognized in India. 2019 was the year when Khan decided to start a YouTube channel. To date, he has over 17.8M subscribers.

More about Khan Sir

Kahn Sir is a teacher who prepares students for various government jobs. He employs an entertainment style that makes it easy for students to learn both online and offline. Although Khan is a very famous individual, he has never shared information about his loved ones or family. Although he hasn’t shared information about his real name yet, WiKi indicates that Khan Sir real name is Faizal Khan.

Before he became famous, he started a coaching institute that operated offline. The institute was started in the year 2010. He later started his online coaching page in the year 2019, which became successful. His official page’s name is Khan GS Research Center. Since 2019, he has taught and prepared many students to do exams with a fun teaching style and his Bihari language.

Khan Sir Biography:-


Khan sir Net worth:- $5million

Khan sir Monthly income:- 15 lakh
Khan sir Real Name:- Faisal Khan

Khan sir Age:- 32 years

Khan sir wife name:- N/A
Known as:- Khan Sir
Occupation:- Teacher, YouTuber
DOB:- 12-Dec-93
Popularity:- Unique teaching style
Category:- Trending
Youtube Channel:- Khan GS Research Center
Subscribers:- 20 million+
Quote:- Education is the only way to change your life


What contributed to his success?

Khan sir has managed to attract the attention of many learners across India for his unique teaching. He is gaining popularity day in and day out because of the following reasons

  • He has a comprehensive course directory

This is the number one reason why Khan is very famous among students all over India. His platform offers a variety of courses that covers various academic levels and subjects. From offering learning resources for subjects such as science, English, and mathematics to exam preparation for medicine, engineering, and government jobs. Through his platform, students can now access learning resources according to their needs. This ensures that every learner has an effective and personalized learning experience.

  • Engaging and interactive learning

Khan Sir is also famous for his engaging and interactive learning style. He is one person who knows the benefits of engaging and interactive online learning. Khan’s platform utilizes resources such as animations, videos, interactive exercises, and quizzes to deliver content in a manner that captivates learners. By utilizing auditory and visual elements, Khan enhances retention and comprehension of difficult concepts, making learning easy and enjoyable.

  • Convenience and flexibility

One thing that attracts many learners to Khan’s online learning platform is convenience and flexibility. Students across India and even all over the world can access learning materials and lessons on their own time. This eliminates the strain that students go through in traditional learning schedules. Flexibility in learning allows students to tailor their learning according to their needs and preferences. Khan’s platform has ensured that all learners can have access to the right information as needed.

  • Progress tracking and personalized learning

Emphasizing personalized kind of learning and tracking the progress of his students is also another reason why he is loved by many. Different students prefer different learning styles. Students also have unique learning needs. No one understands this fact more than Khan Sir. Through his personalized teaching style, he can attend to the needs of individual students.

  • Cost-effective

You do not have to break or rob a bank to study or access Khan’s teaching material and resources. Learning online with Khan sir is affordable compared to learning the traditional way. His platform offers various course packages and subscription plans, that allow students to settle for suitable options according to their needs and budget. Khan has made it possible for students to access quality education despite their background and financial capabilities.

  • Support from the community

Khan insists on communism among his students. Through his platform, students can have access to live chats, discussion forums, and online study groups.  Students can exchange ideas, interact with peers and seek support where possible. This is an environment that not only promotes a sense of belonging but also encourages learners to learn from one another. This is the reason people search for Khan sir real name on internet.


Khan Sir is a very famous YouTuber and a teacher in India. He started his channel in the year 2019 to help students have access to learning materials affordably and effortlessly. He has managed to attract the attention of many for his unique style of teaching and commitment to offering quality education to students.


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